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Image of "Ich Habe Keine Angst"
Song title
  • "Ich Habe Keine Angst"
  • English: I'm not scared
Published May 13, 2016, with 170+ YouTube views
  • Middernachtt (music, lyrics, illust)


「No matter which language I speak, you never seem to understand.」

Hiya! This time I made a song about a little German boy. He's scared and lonely, but he doesn't cry out for help. Instead, he sings that he is not scared. Fake it until you make it.

"Ich Habe Keine Angst" is an original song by Middernachtt featuring OLIVER, Fukase and ARSLOID along with YOHIOloid and Utatane Piko in the chorus.


Running past all of my faceless fears
STARS combine to make everyone here
Show me how all of this ends right now

Japanese (日本語歌詞) / German / Spanish Romaji (ローマ字)
Ich habe keine Angst, I said, “ich habe keine Angst”

What a waste
A human piece of trash
Can’t you see?

Ich habe keine Angst, ehrlich?
Ich sehe in der Nacht die Sterne
Wohin gehen meine Ängste?
Woher kommst du?
Ich will schreien

Möchtest du auch sehen sie?
Den Junge tötet der Mann
Ich habe keinen Wert
Warum gehst du? Ich will auch gehen

Can you see anyone here than us?
Tracking down your score, freeing us for sure
Why do you chase us relentlessly?
Why do you judge us based on our beliefs?

You are not an innocent child
Break apart
I’ll kill you with your STAR

A mí me falta una fe
No quiero ver este tú
¿Te gustaría jugar con él?
A él le gust aver contigo
¿Qué estás hacienda luego?
Ahora yo lo comprendo
No quiero ver eso
¿Comprendes? Mi salvación es ____

Mi salvación es****

壊れた僕 kowareta boku
壊れた世界にいる kowareta sekai ni iru
どこへ行くの? doko e yuku no?
もう死にたくない mou shinitakunai

I covered my eyes to block you out
I didn’t want to see us fall down
The stars will carry us through the night
Midd!Way to hope

I am nothing close to a monster
I simply embraced my true colours
You just cannot ever understand
STARS watch over us craving our breath

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