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  • "Identity"
Published June 12, 2017, with 5,200+ YouTube views
  • Dysergy (music, mix, master)
  • Lizz (lyrics, album art)


"Identity" is an original song composed by Dysergy. It is sung in Miku's perspective who is stuck by the fact that she is just a computer program used by producers to create music and has no idea what she is going to be used for next. She wants to be part of the worlds numerous songwriters and producers have created using her but she can't because she is only a piece of software.

This song was released on a few music stores along with Lizz's version. Currently, these stores are the only way to listen to the song, the YouTube upload having been deleted.

Succeeding VersionsEdit

Lizz's Version
Lizz (album art), Dysergy (music, mixing)
Categories Human Cover


Lightning surges through my body
My every move is written in code
Wires bind me to this prison
This dismal mainframe is all I've ever know

Error in the system: internal data is corrupted
My primary function has been interrupted
Looking through the screen
I see a world that wasn't made for me
A technologic puppet is all I'll ever be

Artificial feelings power up within my core
Is this what's called "longing"?
Not belonging anymore?
Somewhere in that world
There's something more that's waiting just for me
More than just a program- the desire to be free

Something sparks within my memory
Tearing through the data in my code
Master logs into the system
Typing in the password, what is it he knows?

Deep beneath the surface
Something flickers into being
These flashes of existence
What is it I'm seeing
Playing in my mind
Are scenes extracted from a different life
Memories once dormant now awaken from inside

Why was I created?
Does this existence serve a purpose?
Am I just a vessel underneath the surface
Will I ever understand
The meaning of the words I sing?
Trapped inside this cycle
Powerless to everything

Dancing to a beat I've never known
My body is moving on its own
Waking up inside a brand new world
Always starring in a different role

Lightning surges through my body
My every move is written in code
Wires bind me to this prisonn
This dismal mainframe is all I've ever known

Lightning surges through my body
My every move is written in code


Tara St. Michel's Cover
Tara St. Michel
Tara St. Michel (mixing, mastering, illust, video), Aiyoku (illust)
Categories Human Cover


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