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This is a list of references and allusion to VOCALOID as well as the illustrated vocalists in fan related media.

This list is for fandom media phenomenon only; contributors should not post or link to fan art or fanfiction unless notable to the subject.


いまいち萌えない娘 (Imaichi Moenai Ko)[]

Imaichi-tan was a character released in a job-placement ad by a local press in 2011. The character appeared alongside 3 questions asking applicants to identify how the character was lacking in moe. She was dubbed "lacking-in-moe-girl" (いまいち萌えない娘, “Imaichi Moenai Ko”) amongst several other names by Japanese fans and became a popular hit character.[1][2]

She has several VOCALOID related songs including “Lacking-in-moe-girl” and “I’m lacking in something”. There was also a MMD model produced for her.

Sweet ANN's boxart[]

VOCALOID2 Sweet ANN has an illustrated style based on mid-20th century posters and was inspired by the Bride of Frankenstein mixed with Lena Horne. However, Sweet ANN's boxart bore a meme of the cultural differences between Western and popular Japanese art styles. The original Sweet ANN boxart was deemed "Nightmare fuel" by Japanese VOCALOID fans and became the subject of a number of parodies and jokes, conceiving her boxart as more sinister then it was intended to be. This produced a joke on Nico, in which Sweet ANN is made to shoot beams from her eyes.[3]

CYBER DIVA's visor[]

VOCALOID4 CYBER DIVA's reveal became notable when comparisons to the entertainer "Lady Gaga" were made on the VOCALOID Otaku forums. Users began basing their works on Chorvaqueen's drawing of the visor by adding it to profile pics, cover art images, on pictures of celebrities, and more. Sometimes these pictures were not related to CYBER DIVA and are simply put there for either cosmetic appeal or just as a joke.[4]


ぽっぴっぽー (PoPiPo-)[]

Main article: ぽっぴっぽー (PoPiPo)

A song where Miku sings about vegetable juice, the dance became a popular internet meme.


Popularized as "Nyan Cat" and "Pop Tart Cat" it sprung from the song "Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" sung by Hatsune Miku and produced by daniwellP. The actual song seen in the video, however, is sung by the UTAU, Momo Momone and the artwork is by PRguitarman.


Item Wars[]

Hachune Miku holding a Spring Onion

The "Item War" (持ち物戦争, Mochimono Sensou) was an event that used to be a regular occurrence amongst the VOCALOIDs, wherein every new VOCALOID was assigned an item. Items associated with VOCALOIDs began with Hatsune Miku via Hachune Miku in the song cover song "Ievan Polkka" and ended with the introduction of Tako Luka. However, the tradition of assigning items specifically for this purpose was started with the occurrence of KAITO and his rediscovery story which established ice cream as his popular item. This led to other attempts to make internet memes for the remaining VOCALOIDs to establish them with certain items, giving birth to the "Item War" wherein items were pushed to become official, leading to arguments and debates.

Both Japanese and English VOCALOIDs had proposed items, though particularly in the English VOCALOID's case only "BIG AL + Penguin" managed to successfully see great usage. Crypton Future Media and Internet co.,Ltd both featured popular memes in merchandise.

By the VOCALOID4 era, reference to even the "confirmed" items had started to wane and by 2018 when VOCALOID5 was released, even Miku's spring onion meme was rarely mentioned.

Officially acknowledged items[]

Crypton Future Media, Inc.[]

  • Hatsune Miku: Spring Onion - Often mistaken for a leek. This is the most common meme item to be featured of any VOCALOID and is considered the first of the item wars character items. Has been seen in many of her figurines.
  • Kagamine Rin & Len: Road Roller - Released in a set of Nendoroid petite were two figurines of Rin and Len in Road rollers, Len's being orange and Rin's yellow.
  • Megurine Luka: Tuna/Tako Luka - Tako Luka was a petite model that was sold with the Luka Nendoroid figurine, it also received a series of plush dolls and mobile phone charms. Also, her Figma model had a large model of a tuna, her other popular item Meme.
  • KAITO: Ice Cream - Due to a popular meme related to his rediscovery, the ice cream has been featured in merchandise, such as the Nendoroid figurine.
  • MEIKO: One Cup Ozeki (Sake) - Spurred on by the items held by Hatsune Miku and KAITO, it became popular to feature MEIKO with sake. Her Nendorid figurine contains props that reference this.

Internet Co., Ltd.[]

  • GUMI: Carrot - This item is referenced in her Nendoroid figurine, based on her overall color scheme and appearance.
  • Camui Gackpo: Eggplant - This item is referenced in his Nendoroid figurine, particularly the version of it with legs.[5]
  • Lily: Railway Crossing/Bee - These items are referenced with the release of several plushies.

Zero-G Limited[]

  • Tonio: Martini - On SONiKA's official Twitter account she established the item by making a joke about him refusing to go near any liquid substance not even partly martini based.[6]


Parody accounts[]

Creating accounts on social medias with the name of a VOCALOID character has become a popular activity within the VOCALOID fandom. The usual activity from these accounts are mainly humorous and nonsense sentences. It is particularly notable on places like Twitter.[7]

Minecraft and Harry Potter[]

Claiming that Hatsune Miku created the hit sandbox game Minecraft and novel series Harry Potter has become popular within and outside of the VOCALOID fandom. This is due to Minecraft's original creator, Notch and Harry Potter's original creator,J. K. Rowling, having shared problematic opinions on social media.