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Irona-P (いろなP), otherwise known as 167, is a producer that debuted in February 2009. He remained active until 2012. His most popular work "Hello Good-bye has reached the Hall of Fame.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
ハートビート (Heartbeat) Hatsune Miku February 27, 2009 music, lyrics
ハローグッバイ (Hello Good-bye) Hatsune Miku May 23, 2009 music, lyrics
ラヴニール (L'avenir) Hatsune Miku November 23, 2009 music, lyrics
さくら (Sakura) Hatsune Miku March 8, 2010 music, lyrics
七色フォーカス (Nanairo Focus) Hatsune Miku Apr 28, 2010 music, lyrics
Shelley Hatsune Miku Aug 31, 2010 music, lyrics
星降る夜に (Hoshi Furu Yoru ni) Hatsune Miku Dec 25, 2010 music, lyrics
愛の花束 (Ai no Hanataba) Hatsune Miku Apr 05, 2011 music, lyrics
夏風 (Natsu Kaze) Megurine Luka Jul 15, 2011 music, lyrics
Painful World Hatsune Miku Mar 18, 2012 music, lyrics



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
さくら (Sakura) Hatsune Miku March 24, 2010 music, lyrics
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