Below is a list of job plug-ins for VOCALOID™. Each of these plug-ins is designed to enhance the VOCALOID software usage in some way, from minor to major.


This feature of the software was introduced starting from VOCALOID3 and Yamaha also features their own plug-in store, where users of the software can purchase these plug-ins. Plug-ins, however, are not necessarily supported by Yamaha themselves and are maintained by their programmers who made them. With that in mind, it is worth noting that ones in particular that are not made by Yamaha and may not be 100% guaranteed to work with all features of the software, or in fact other plug-ins for the software. Many of the plug-ins developed by the Yamaha Corporation are free, therefore these additional plug-ins are often worth trying out.

Despite their usefulness, a few of the plug-ins may be covered by software DAW or other audio-enhancing software. Therefore, they are not always useful for the specific Producer working with the software, and VOCALOID is perfectly usable without the aid of these plug-ins. Some plug-ins are already included with the VOCALOID3 editor despite appearing in the VOCALOID STORE and therefore are a part of the standard VOCALOID package.

It is not just Yamaha producing plug-ins for VOCALOID3, and there are currently other unofficial plug-ins being produced. Caution may be needed to be expressed with these plug-ins due to being made without Yamaha's consent.

Job Plug-ins are absent as a function in VOCALOID5.

List of Job Plug-insEdit

Do note that Vocal libraries voicebanks themselves are also counted as a type of Plug-in for the software; however, they are not listed here, as they are listed as "Vocal Library Plug-In" rather than "job plug-in".

Plug-ins which are featured as part of the regular VOCALOID3 software will be listed on the VOCALOID3 page. Some plug-ins are not listed in certain language versions of the VOCALOID STORE, so producers may not be able to purchase these without looking at the specific version to find them.

Many plug-ins are designed to recreate vocal effects without the need of a separate DAW for the same task. This allows VOCALOID to use those effects smoothly within the software.

Parameter manipulationEdit




VocaListener is a singing synthesis system that automatically estimates parameters for singing synthesis from a user's singing voice with the help of song lyrics.[1] Its creators are Tomoyasu Nakano and Masataka Goto. VocaListener is the most anticipated of the plug-ins as its existence was known and demonstrated since VOCALOID2. Originally it was set up to work with NetVocaloid and would work with VOCALOID™.[2] It would work with Japanese VOCALOIDs, though English demonstrations of some of the services did exist.

AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) developed the system in which users can adjust the limits to where the original singer can normally sing to where the VOCALOID can better match the original singer's inflections and details to the point of sounding like the original singer.


Vocalistner VOCALOID3 details

In demonstrations, Hatsune Miku and the Append voicebanks were used not only separately but blended together; this added many layers to the singing output that a single voicebank alone could not achieve, resulting in a much more human-like tone.

  • Demonstrations of the follow VOCALOIDs: Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin(Act1), KAITO, MEIKO, Kagamine Rin(ACT2), Kagamine Len(ACT2), Gackpoid, Megurine Luka, Megpoid, Kiyoteru Hiyama, Kaai Yuki, SF-A2 miki, Hatsune Miku(Append), Lily, VY1, Gachapoid, Nekomura Iroha, Utatane Piko, Kagamine Rin(Append), Kagamine Len(Append), VY2

VocaListener was never made available for download. This version was restricted to research groups only.


VocaListener2 was announced in July, 2010. The "2" has since been dropped from the name.

Net Vocalistener was also going to be packaged with VY2; however, for various reasons, the idea was abandoned.[3]

VocaListener was released as a plug-in for VOCALOID3 on October 19.[4][5] It currently only supports the Japanese language.

The plugin was upgraded for the VOCALOID4 engine and an upgrade for owners of the VOCALOID3 version was offered at a price.[6]

This plug-in cannot be used for VOCALOID5.[7]

One of the problems with this plug-in was noted as its price, with users noting that even discounted at ¥20,000 when it went on sale, it was considered still too expensive. There were alternatives available that were either free or much cheper. Thus, very few Japanese producers purchased this plug-in.[8]



This is a special plug-in only able to be purchased with ZOLA PROJECT. It is designed only to work with their vocals and allows the 3 to sing in unison as a chorus.


Sachiko comes with its own Plug-in called "Sachikobushi". This adjusts VSQx files to make her sing like her provider. While this only works with her software, the created VSQx files can be used on other VOCALOIDs, though the results may not be satisfactory.


This is a plug-in that comes with the Fukase package. "Electronica-Tune" allows a vocal to add distinct pitching effects to the voice such as a robotic sound. The plug-in works with other VOCALOIDs and is a essentially a easy tool to make robotic-like vocals without the troubles caused by drawing the same effect free hand. The result is a voice that sounds "auto-tune" like but does not produce the same results.



Changes a Japanese VSQx to a Spanish VSQx. Made by Voctro Labs, this is downloadable from the Voctro-Labs website instead of the YAMAHA Shop.[9]

There are two versions of this plug-in. The first is designed for Bruno and Clara and the second for MAIKA.[10] MAIKA's version takes into account her extra phonetics.


Another plug-in by Voctro Labs, this time for English. Designed only for use with MAIKA, it too can be downloaded from their website.

Double DurationEdit

Doubles the duration of all notes and events in the songs. Made by Voctro Labs, this is downloadable from the Voctro-Labs website instead of the Yamaha Shop.[11]


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