Jun-P (ジュンP, zyun-P) is famous as the author of "Kokoro/Kiseki". "Kokoro/Kiseki" was made as an answer song to Rin's famous original song "Kokoro" (made by Toraboruta-P) with approval of Toraboruta-P. The song received the most view counts as the second creation of "Kokoro".

However, his works do not get so many view counts except "Kokoro/Kiseki". Many of his works have a strong characteristic personality.

STATUS:February 2008 → Present
GENRE:Rock; Pop; Ballad
OFFICIAL:Blog: Zyun110
URL(s)Piapro Twitter Nico Nico
PLAYLIST(s):(YouTube Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Aozorani Haruiro" (Feb.14.2008)
  2. "HOPEFUL!" (Mar.01.2008)
  3. "the strawberry song" (Mar.15.2008)
  4. "REAL" (Mar.31.2008)
  5. "Kokoro/Kiseki" (Mar.31.2008)
  6. "memories" (from "One piece") (May.23.2008)
  7. "Lost" (Jul.07.2008)
  8. "Sanpo" (Jul.13.2008)
  9. "Saihate (Rin & Len)" (Aug.05.2008)
  10. "MidSummer!" (Aug.21.2008)
  11. "Nagaruru Toki" (Sep.02.2008)
  12. "last night" (Nov.23.2008)
  13. "Es/CT" (Dec.08.2008)
  14. "last night (Extra complement ver.)" (Dec.08.2008)
  15. "Kyouwa Kurisumasu" (Dec.22.2008)
  16. "Megurine-luka" (Jan.30.2009)
  17. "Shitagokoro" (Apr.07.2009)
  18. "dig-dug! (Short ver.)" (May.27.2009)
  19. "dig-dug! (Full ver.)" (Jun.09.2009)
  20. "Rin War" (Jul.11.2010)
  21. "AGAIN" (Feb.05.2011)
  22. "Love Revolver" (Apr.30.2011)
  23. "Twin's Paradox" (Jan.16.2012)

Songs/Featured WorksEdit

ココロ・キセキ (Kokoro・Kiseki)

Uploaded 2008.03.31 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Jun-P Main article ココロ・キセキ (Kokoro・Kiseki)
Lyrics Jun-P
Video Jun-P
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.


Riplles Cover Zyun-P
Title RippLes
Love revolveR cover Zyun-P
Love revolveR
Producer Jun-P Jun-P
Release Date September 6th 2009 May 8th 2011
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