K★GIG -KAITO GIG 2015 Paradise Stage- is a KAITO compilation album, released in VOCALOID PARADISE Kansai 4. It consists of 12 tracks by various notable producers. The songs vary in genres such as techno, pop, classical, and more.

A crossfade of the album could be heard here.

K GIG 2015-Compilation
Released March 08, 2015
Producer Various
Price ¥2,222
Illust. Yuzuki
Label Individual/independent
Track list
Tetsubun-P feat KAITO
2. 僕を好きな君を君は好きになる
Boku o Sukina Kimi o Kimi wa Suki ni Naru
(ω・ミэ )Э feat KAITO
3. 星ツナギ
Hoshi Tsunagi
Ginrin-P feat KAITO
4. LED
Iwashi-P feat KAITO
5. 原動ブースター
Gendou Booster
hal-P feat KAITO
6. Abigail
Ebot feat KAITO
7. 星と命のめぐり歌
Hoshi to Inochi no Meguri Uta
Intro-P feat KAITO
8. Wing of Wind
Urara-P feat KAITO
9. イエローベイビー
Yellow Baby
SigotositeP feat KAITO
10. いつかの終着駅
Itsuka no Shuuchakueki
BasscanP feat KAITO
11. Never Forget ~K~
Shinjou-P feat KAITO
12. Bug Luv
3106. feat KAITO

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