When I opened up the blue curtain, I saw plains of silvery white…
Fluffy snow was flying and white plume of breath was rising in the cold and clean air.
KARENT presents ゆきのねいろ feat. 初音ミク (KARENT presents Yuki no Neiro feat. Hatsune Miku, officially anglicized The Melody of Snow) is a winter-themed compilation album by KarenT that was released in limited quantities in commemoration of Snow Miku 2013. It features the voices of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, and Kagamine Rin. An official album track listing is available on KarenT.

Melody of Snow
Released February 5, 2013
Producer Various
Price N/A
Illust. yuukichi
Label KarenT
Track list
1. Counterclockwise
ryuryu feat. Hatsune Miku
2. 廃都アトリエスタにて
Haito Atoriesta Nite / In The Ruined City
cosMo feat. Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin
3. うさぎのウシャンカ
Usagi no Ushanka / Ushanka Rabbit
Atsuzou-kun feat. Hatsune Miku
4. snow draws
enoyak feat. Hatsune Miku
5. スノーマン
Snow Man
musikadelik feat. Kagamine Rin
6. Bonus track: 白い雪のプリンセスは Orchestra ver.
Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa / The Snow White Princess is
Akifumi Tada feat. Kagamine Rin (original by Noboru↑-P)
KARENT presents TIME TO SAY HELLO! feat. Hatsune Miku
Singin' out to the Summer Sky
KARENT presents Singin' out to the Summer Sky

Album crossfadeEdit


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