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This article is about the VOCALOID2 software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.


Planning of the first three AH-Software Co. Ltd. vocals began in 2007. [1]

Her voice is taken from recordings of an actual elementary school student. However, the name of the one who offered the voice for Yuki is still unknown.[2]

In 2019, for Yuki's 10th anniversary, more details about the voice provider was revealed. At the time, she was only in fourth grade when she voiced Yuki in the summer of 2009. Before recording, she contracted a form of influenza which may have influenced the voicebank's "husky" sound.[3][4]

Global Export[]

AH-Software recently announced that they would be selling their VOCALOIDs in Germany, with Yuki being destined to be the first sold there.[5]

Final Retirement[]

At the end of 2015, it was announced that from March 31, 2016, VOCALOID2 was to be retired and no new serial codes would be issued by Yamaha.[6]

Product Information[]



± (Plus Minus) YouTube
Vocaloid Grade School Student YouTube
Try Again NicoNico YouTube
プチ魔女ラナちゃん Official Site (archived)

System Requirements[]

  • Computer;2000 + more than Pentium4 2 GHz/Athlon XP
    • recommended Pentium4 2.8 GHz/Athlon 64 2800 + or more
  • OS(Recommended in the case of stand-alone Vista / 7) Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Available only 32Bit OS version
  • required hard disk space
    • Kaai Yuki: 1GB or more
  • RAM memory;(The 1GB recommended) 512MB or more
    • VOCALOID2 VST instrument when using Real-time recommended 2GB or more
  • Other;DVD-ROM drive / sound card / Internet connection environment (activation time)
  • Interface; VST, ReWire, stand-alone


Product Information
  Optimum Range: F2 ~ C4  Optimum Tempo: 50 ~ 150 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 100 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 12, B ~ 8, Total ~ 20
  Trial/Demo Vers?: Yes  Starter Available?: Yes
Package details as noted:

Yuki and Kiyoteru were designed to be VOCALOIDs that had human-esque traits about them. Yuki is designed to sing childrens songs and has an innocent, soft and cute voice.[7] However, she was not voiced by a professional child singer and does not produce professional singer results. She is still a faithful CV vocal, and gives an accurate portrayal of a child voice.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Her child-like voice makes her unique among the VOCALOID 2 voicebanks and allows for a soft, sweet style of song without being too "Loli" sounding.[8]
  • She was the youngest sounding vocal released during the VOCALOID 2 era and is only "child" vocal in VOCALOID2 voiced by a child.[9]
  • Her voice is very soft, leading to her higher notes losing some clarity compared to her lower notes but it gives her voice has a realistic and natural tone.
  • Due to not being from a professional singer, her voice has no ascension and lacks power. Expression is difficult and the voice is more limited in its roles for music.[10]
  • Ten years after Yuki's release, her voice provider confirmed that she was recovering from influenza at the time of recording which likely attributes to Yuki's "huskiness".[3]
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • She has strong consonants. Some users say the beginning consonant sounds get shorter as well as with other AH-S vocaloids.[11]
Voicebank sample


A trial version has been released of this product.


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