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Album title
  • "kagamination"
Published June 15, 2011, for ¥2,000


"kagamination" is a compilation of album of a number of producers, such as mothy, Hitoshizuku-P, cosMo, Owata-P and more, also a number of well known illustrators, such as Tama, Zashiki Usagi-P, Soriku, and more.

At first the album was intended to be released on May, however due to the earthquake incident in March of 2011, it was delayed with only 6 tracks available on the album on kagamination -ZERO-. One month later, the complete version "kagamination" was released on June for VOC@M@S 12.

A sequel was also in production due oin October 2012 entitled "kagamination LOVERS" with over 50 illustrators (some new, some old), and the producers' list was to be announced in late August 2012. It is assumed to be cancelled.

The CD comes with a 20 pages full-color booklet, and this is one of the largest Kagamine compilation album, with over 30 producers, and 30 illustrators (it makes a total of 60 producers).

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Track listing[]

Disc 1[]

1."kagamination HEART"Ann-Melts PKagamine Rin and Len4:47
2."ハート通信 (Haato Tsuushin)" (Heart Transmission)Healing-PKagamine Rin and Len4:32
3."ボーナスステージ (Bonus Stage)"Owata-PKagamine Rin and Len4:07
4."ココロオト (Kokoro Oto)" (Heart Sound)mayukoKagamine Rin and Len 
5."五番目のピエロ (Gobanme no Pierrot)" (The Fifth Pierrot)mothyKagamine Len Append Power4:28
6."最悪のカーニバル (Saiaku no Carnival)" (The Worst Carnival)Live-PKagamine Rin3:55
7."カンジョウ七号線 (Kanjyou Nanagousen)" (Seven-Ring Road)cos kKagamine Len 
8."空想飛行 (Len in the Sky with Diamonds) (Kuusou Hikou)" (Flying in a Daydream)komsoyaKagamine Len3:45
9."私に不可能はない! (Watashi ni Fukanou wa Nai!)" (Nothing's Impossible for Me!)korumi and Buriru-PKagamine Rin3:37
10."Re:Noah"Shuujin-PKagamine Rin Append5:55
11."現状維持バイアス (Genjouiji Bias)" (Status Quo Bias)innisfree and snowy*Kagamine Len3:29
12."戦場のボーカロイド (Senjou no Vocaloid)" (Vocaloid on the Battlefield)Jun-PKagamine Rin4:09
13."イデアリスム・デフラグメンテーション (Idealism Defragmentation)"ke-jiKagamine Len4:46
14."ハミングバード (Hummingbird)"oOraikaOoKagamine Rin and Len4:07
15."魔法の鏡 (Mahou no Kagami)" (Magic Mirror)Hitoshizuku-PKagamine Rin and Len5:31

Disc 2[]

1."鏡音MAD狂信道 (KAGAMINE MAD Kyou-Shin-Tou)" (KAGAMINE MAD Road to Fanaticism)cosMocosMoKagamine Rin and Len3:47
2."Petabyte"Wonderful☆OpportunityWonderful☆OpportunityKagamine Rin and Len Append Power 
3."Pray"MasakiMasakiKagamine Len Append Power5:09
4."sigh"iroha(sasaki)iroha(sasaki)Kagamine Rin Append Sweet4:10
5."最後のワルツ (Saigo no Warutsu)" (The Last Waltz)Captain MiraiCaptain MiraiKagamine Rin and Len4:21
6."タップ アンド ビート (Tap and Beat)"Lelele-PLelele-PKagamine Len4:36
7."Jack and Jill"Sasasa-PSasasa-PKagamine Rin and Len 
8."女の子はいつだってあざといのです! (Onna no Ko wa Itsu Datte Azatoi no Desu!)" (Girls Are Always Clever!)Katahotori-PKatahotori-PKagamine Rin Append4:07
9."はなくらべ (Hana Kurabe)" (Comparing Flowers)150P150PKagamine Rin Append Power and Sweet 
10."manuscript.org"Hikkie-PHikkie-PKagamine Rin1:52
11."-memoria leoria-"Val-PVal-PKagamine Rin and Len3:19
12."ゆらぎの宇宙、恋と未来 (Yuragi no Uchuu, Koi to Mirai)" (Trembling Cosmos, Love and the Future)Hayakawa-PHayakawa-PKagamine Len Append4:50
13."・・・忘れそう (...Wasuresou)" (...Seems Like I'll Forget)Crystal-PKID-PKagamine Len Append Power4:35
14."不朽胎の孤独 (Fukyuutai no Kodoku)" (Solitude in the Eternal Womb)Mandala-PMandala-PKagamine Rin 
15."アプリオリ (A Priori)"Ahirugunsou-PAhirugunsou-PKagamine Rin and Len 
16."ギフト (Gift)"Worldwide-PWorldwide-PKagamine Rin5:02

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