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This article is about the VOCALOID2 software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the VOCALOID characters then click here.


Crypton Future Media intended to produce a VOCALOID with a young teen girl's voice at first following Hatsune Miku, but there was also demand for a boy's voice, so Crypton Future Media hired a voice actress who could produce both. Kagamine Rin was the first voicebank developed and introduced to the VOCALOID consumer market on November 8, 2007.[1] However, the package included two voicebanks: one for Rin and another for Len both provided by the seiyū Asami Shimoda (下田 麻美 Shimoda Asami), Kagamine Len was unveiled after Kagamine Rin on December 3, 2007.[2] The package was the same price as Hatsune Miku, even though there were two voicebanks in the box.[3][4]

According to Asami Shimoda, Len's voice was achieved by singing within her chest, while Rin's at the top of her head.[5][6]

Product InformationEdit



R-Side (Kagamine Rin)[7] Crypton
L-Side (Kagamine Len) Crypton
(Kagamine Rin/Len) Crypton

System RequirementsEdit

  • Computer: Pentium4 2 GHz / Athlon XP 2000+
    • (Recommended: Pentium4 2.8 GHz / Athlon 64 2800+)
  • OS: Windows XP (32bit) / VISTA (32bit)
  • RAM: memory 512MB or more
    • Recommended: 1GB or more
    • Real-time VSTi is recommended when using more than 2GB
  • Other: At least 2GB of hardrive space
  • Interface: VST / ReWire / stand-alone

Voicebank LibrariesEdit

After the release of "Act2", this software became referred to as "Act1" by both Crypton Future Media and Vocaloid fans.[8]

The default voice for this package is "Kagamine Rin" and users have to manually select the Kagamine Len vocal.


Product Information
  Trial/Demo Vers?: No
Package details as noted:

The Kagamine's were released as a more advanced VOCALOID package than Hatsune Miku, yet carried on the concept ideas, this time by releasing a package containing 2 voicebanks for contrasting male and female results. Since they were sold together as a pair at the same price as Hatsune Miku, the Kagamine package was considered a bargain. Their vocal results are obtained from voice acting, therefore do not intentionally produce professional singing result and making both Rin and Len Character Voice type VOCALOIDs.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Both Rin and Len are "power" vocal types.
  • Due to its flexibility the vocals could to be used for a high variety of songs.
  • Compared to Hatsune Miku, the Kagamine package was overall ranked as a lesser quality product.
  • This particular package had a reputation for being difficult to work with, leaving ranked as a med-expert level vocal.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • As with Miku before them the Kagamines had issues with vowels, but the pair were much worst at handling vowels then Miku and they both had few decent vowel connections.
Software issues as noted:
  • Crypton Future Media received many complaints from producers who had high expectations after Hatsune Miku's release, due to the amount of issues with Rin and Len's vocals. As a result this package is notorious as one of the lowest quality releases for VOCALOID2. Despite just how many issues were known for the pair, precisely pinpointed problems are much harder to determine with the issue being they are commonly known for their reputation and not for their faults.
    • One of the more well known ones is that would sound more like wind instruments such as trumpets then vocal singing vocals on notes of certain length.
    • Tone collapsing was common, though not uncommon among early VOCALOID2 vocals.
    • Their vocal typing had issues with Vocaloids engine and future "Power" types, such as MEIKO V3 "Power" were wary of repeating their legacy. Vocaloid had issues even within their favoured vocal ranges of controlling their singing abilities could be unstable and rough. The VOCALOID3, however, had the ability to handle the vocals much better overall due to improvements then VOCALOID2.

Individual VocalsEdit

Product Information
  Genre: Electro-pop, Enka, Pop, Rock  Optimum Range: F#3 ~ C#5  Optimum Tempo: 85 ~ 175 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 90 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 11, B ~ 9, Total ~ 20
Package details as noted:

Rin is designed to be a deep sounding teenage female, and the female counterpart for the Len vocal also supplied within the package.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • She handles faster paced songs better than Len.
  • Harmonizes with Kagamine Len better than most other vocals.
  • Rin's pronunciations are sharp compared to Kagamine Len's.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • Her vowel sounds are choppy and overall lack smoothness. A number of vowel related sounds are absent.
  • She hardly pronounces her consonants.[9]
Software issues as noted:
  • According to Asami Shimoda, some say Rin's voice echoes within their head and makes them feel dizzy.[10]
Voicebank sample

Kagamine Rin VOCALOID2

Rin Kagamine act1

Product Information
  Genre: Dance, Enka, Pop, Rock  Optimum Range: D3 ~ C#5  Optimum Tempo: 70 ~ 160 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 90 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 14, B ~ 9, Total ~ 23
Package details as noted:

Len is the male counterpart to the Rin vocal and like her is intended to sound "deep" in tone. He is a young boy sounding singer and the vocal range is in the Soprano scale.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • His voice has a slight "lisp" sound which separates his vocals overall from Rin's.
  • He can harmonize with Rin relatively easier than most VOCALOIDs due to having similar vocal capabilities.
  • His vocal range capabilities are also slightly larger than Rin.[11]
  • At a known optimum vocal range of #C5 Kagamine Len has the highest male vocal within the VOCALOID 2 range, however, take in mind that he was voiced by a female vocalist.
  • Compared to the Rin vocal, Len is often weaker on higher notes
  • Len is often considered more difficult to work with than his counterpart, Rin. [12]
  • He is better at slower songs compared to Rin.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • His vowel sounds are choppy and overall lacked smoothness with a number of vowel related sounds being absent.
Software issues as noted:
  • A particular noted weakness of Len's voicebank is that he is limited in his capabilities of matching masculine vocal tones, owed to his voice provider being female. Therefore, he cannot produce a satisfactory low masculine vocal tone.[13]
  • According to Asami Shimoda, there are some complaints towards the VOCALOID within the Japanese fandom on how they sound. Some say Len's high vocals do not appeal to those not fond of the pair.[14]
Voicebank sample

Kagamine Len VOCALOID2

Len Kagamine act1


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