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This article is about the VOCALOID2 software known as voicebanks, dubbed Append. If you are looking for the VOCALOID characters then click here.


After Miku Append began, Rin and Len (鏡音リン・レン・アペンド) were confirmed to have appends being worked on.

August 17, 2010[]

On the 17th of August, work began on Rin's "Sweet" append.[1] On the 18th, it was announced that construction of the Len Append α had been completed, and with help of Kagamine fans public testing would begin in the next few weeks.[2] A series of "soft" β samples would be shown.[3] On the 20th of August, Wat reported work had began on a "Len_soft" vocal.[4]

There was indecisiveness on if one of Len's Append would end up as "Power" or "Solid".[5] Wat reported having to work out the nuances of "Len_Soft".[6] Work had started on Len's vocal, which was recorded in Jan 2010, and was being gathered through trial and error.[7] Rin's "power" was being pulled into β.[8] Rin "Sweet" was being worked upon towards β.[9] Work begun to check the Len "Moody" α vocal a week after this was done.[10]

Work was being done on 2 Len Append vocals, "Power" and "Moody", "Power" especially had some nuances to work out.[11][12] The bass was being trialed using VSQ files for the α Len Append.[13] Asami Shimoda was due for another recording session the following day.[14] Volunteers were required for VSQ testing and the following month (September) was set on improving the vocal with help from the general producers.[15] Wat noted the voice of Rin was still experimental and that "Sweet" was still in α.[16][17] The price of the packaging and its release had yet to be decided at this point and this was still being discussed.[18] Len's "Power" append was not yet ready for public viewing[19] It was mentioned that news on Len Append would begin in the following week.[20] Wat mentioned Rin's "Sweet" append was brought up to level surprisingly fast.[21]

September 2010[]

A Len Append was being adjusted due to a problem with a vowel[22] that Wat had reported earlier,[23] and "Tired" also needed adjustments.[24] Rin's "Power" was mentioned as having to be balanced out, to achieve a result similar to Miku Append "Solid".[25] Wat mentioned working on Rin "Sweet" which had a gentle voice and Len's "Serious" which was like the male version of Miku Append "Dark".[26] Len's vocal was checked so it would have a great change from "Act 1" and "Act2".[27] A Len Power β sample was produced to show Len in his unaltered form, another to check his expression. Power was decided to be brought forward based on feed back.[28] This confirmed the 3 Appends for Len was "Power", "Moody" and "Serious".[29] It was also mentioned that the separation between "Power" for Rin/Len and the other appends was the direction of these two vocals were the same as their normal vocals, Wat stated the other 4 Append vocals would be the "real Appends".[30][31]

October 1, 2010[]

On the 1st of October, a short demo of Len power β was produced to help adjust the treble on, another was produced to check the tone of voice.[32][33] A demo of Rin and Len's "Power" Append was prepared.[34] Rin's "Power" had adjustments done so songs could be published with it.[35] In relation to Rin's "Sweet" and Len's "Serious" (working names), there was a high amount of rumours that they had to get rid of one.[36] Smoothness on Rin and Len's "Power" was being worked upon.[37] Len's "Power" needed its treble fixed.[38] After a showing, "Sweet"'s perfection was reported to be at 70%, though the accuracy of the vocal was still not enough.[39] Len's "Power" annoyances were inferior to "Sweet"'s, but they were still quite rough.[40] "Sweet" consonants were adjusted.[41] Rin's "Tired" Append was under consideration to be renamed "Warm" for its all-round "warm" feeling.[42] Later it was confirmed that two of the vocals were being renamed (Tired -> Warm, Moody -> Cold).[43] The balance of consonants were being adjusted on "Warm" to balance out their second part.[44][45][46][47]

November 2010[]

In November, Wat mentioned the intention of the Appends was to have two "twin" voices (Power, Power), a mirror pair (warm, cold) and a contrasting pair (sweet, Len's vocal was still in process and there was a possibility it would be called "bitter", though Wat was considering "serious").[48]

Len "Power" promised a good quality treble conversion.[49] Each sound was being tested for their subtle differences.[50] Vowel-Vowel transitions were also adjusted.[51] "Power" was created with strong constaneants.[52] Kagamine "Cold" was mentioned to give a cold atmospheric feeling similar to Rin's "Warm" Append. Wat was also was working on "Power" the bass of which gave a strong breath, providing some 'sex appeal'.[53][54] During production of "Len Serious", Wat noted he should be doing a "whisper".[55] Wat noted there was too many similarities to Luka's vocal and his bass needed adjusting, his voice also suffered from many annoyances and could not go below C2 well.[56][57]

Wat noted it was hard working out the vocals themselves, but easy and great fun to get tones out of the singer, making him feel like he was working with a human. He had to adjust each vocal respectively.[58] However, this time he did not have time to deliberately adjust certain aspects due to the consonant system. He was hoping aspects could be given more power.[59]

On the 16th of November, Wat announced Kagamine Len Append "Cold".[60] This vocal was designed for moody music.[61] Wat mentioned having to be careful with Len during recording, because he wasn't just a male vocal.[62][63] Wat created a soft voice for him that he described as "sexy" and "beautiful". He switched to automatically begin recording the voice during the "test" stages.[64] The next Append was worked upon in Mid-November 2010.[65][66]

In November demos were posted of beta vocals.

December 27, 2010[]

The append was officially released on December 27, 2010. The total number of voicebanks for each one is 6. There are 3 voicebanks being assigned to each Kagamine that had been created from vocal performance of their voice providers.[67] Rin's appends are "power", "warm", and "sweet". Len's appends are "power", "cold", and "serious".[68][69]

Sample demo songs have been given out on Crypton's official page and their official YouTube channel online.

Final Retirement[]

At the end of 2015, it was announced that from March 31, 2016, VOCALOID2 was being retired and no new serial codes were be issued by Yamaha.[70]

Production Information[]


First set[]


"Len_Soft" test Crypton
Rin "Power" Crypton
Len "Moody" α (bass test) Crypton
Rin "Sweet" α Crypton
Power Len β Crypton
Power Len β Crypton
悪ノ召使 (Aku no Meshitsukai) (Power Len β) Crypton
(Rin Power) YouTube
イケ恋歌 (Ike Renka) (Power Len β) Crypton
(Rin Sweet β) YouTube
Get Wild (Len Append "Cold") YouTube
Again (Rin Power β) NicoNico
(Len and Rin Power β) NicoNico
スタートライン (Rin Power) Crypton
Pulse (Len Cold) Crypton
Supersensitive Crypton
人魚姫 (Rin Sweet) Crypton
Sanity (Len Serious) Crypton
ツキノウタ (Len Power) Crypton
おとのかけら (Len Power) Crypton

Second set[]


わすれんぼう (Wasurenbou) (Rin Power) Crypton
右肩の蝶 (Migikata no Chou) (Rin Power) Crypton
Migikata no Chou (Len Power) Crypton
soundless voice (Len Power / Cold) Crypton
リンレンラリリン (Rin Power / Sweet, Len Power / Serious) Crypton
悪ノ娘 (Aku no Musume) (Rin Power / Warm) Crypton
Aku no Meshitsukai (Len Power / Cold) Crypton
アウトオブエデン (Out of Eden) (Len Power) Crypton
サンドスクレイパー -砂漠の特急線- (Sandscraper -Sabaku no Tokkyuusen-) (Len Power / Serious) Crypton
リン廃宣言 (Rin Warm) Crypton
Darkness Six (Len Power) Crypton
僕は灰猫 (Len Power / Cold) Crypton
よつばのクローバー (Yotsuba no Clover) (Rin Warm / Sweet) Crypton
炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai) (Rin Power) Crypton
送墓唄 (Hakaokuri no Uta) (Rin Power / Sweet, Len Power / Serious) Crypton
君に捧ぐファンタジア (Kimi ni Sasagu Fantasia) (Len Power / Cold / Serious) Crypton
迷子ライフ (Maigo Life) (Rin Power) Crypton
紡唄 -つむぎうた- (Tsumugi Uta) (Rin Sweet, Len Power) Crypton
ハローノストラ (Rin Power / Warm / Sweet) Crypton
レンラクマダー? (Renraku Madaa?) (Len Power) Crypton
囚人 (Shuujin) (Len Power / Cold / Serious) Crypton
Ike Renka (Len Power) Crypton
下剋上(完) (Gekokujou (Kan)) (Rin Power / Warm / Sweet, Len Power / Cold / Serious) Crypton
Imitator (Len Power) Crypton
Transmit (Rin Power / Warm / Sweet) Crypton
Seeker (Rin Power) Crypton
パラジクロロベンゼン (Paradichlorobenzene) (Len Power, Rin Power) Crypton
ナゾトキ (Nazotoki) (Len Power) Crypton

System Requirements[]

  • have installed and activated the "Kagamine Rin & Len act2"
  • The free space of 8GB or more hard disk
  • 512MB of RAM or more
  • DVD-ROM drive (for installation)

All other recommendations are identical to the original VOCALOID2 "Kagamine Rin/Len Act2 product".



Product Information
  Trial/Demo Vers?: No
Package details as noted:

The Appends are designed to be a "expression of colour" for the pair and, like the two original Kagamine vocals, not based on a professional singer's results. The vocals themselves do not maintain a natural tone of voice. Len's vocals are intended to simulate more "manly" tones than Rin's, while Rin's Appends are softer/gentler compared to Len's.[71]

Vocal traits as noted:
  • The vocals within the package are split up between Rin and Len, each having 3 Appends.
  • All produce smoother results than either of the two previous Kagamine packages. They were also rated as one of the easiest VOCALOID2 vocals to repair the faults of tone. This distinction was shared with the Hatsune Miku Append, Iroha Nekomura and VY1.[72]
  • Compared to the Hatsune Miku Append vocals, there are no vocals sharing the same optimum range and tempo as the two previous packages, this makes the package overall harder to use
  • Like the Hatsune Miku Append, the vocals are partnered up between Rin and Len's Appends. What separates them from the Miku appends is intention of each vocal paring and they provide a pair of vocals that compliment each other (both "Power" vocals), mirror each other ("Warm" + "Cold") and Contrast each other ("Sweet" + "Serious").
  • The two "POWER" vocals are more like an "Act3" and can fully replace the previous "Act1" and "Act2" vocals as suitable alternatives.
Software issues as noted:
  • To install the software Kagamine Rin & Len act2 is needed ; installation is not possible with the original vocals.
  • Despite the package having 3 vocals for each, 2 of Len's vocals suffer from very limiting vocal ranges, making Rin's Appends overall superior.
  • Due to past reactions to Hatsune Miku Append, some producers choose to skip the Kagamine Append. Despite being much higher quality compared to the previous Act1 and Act2 releases, producers were reluctant to buy either of the two Append voicebanks. Part of that was due to the reputation of those voicebanks, part was due to reactions of the Miku Append release and part was due to being much less popular then Miku overall.


Product Information
  Genre: Rocks, Pops, Dance musics, Enka  Optimum Range: F3 ~ B4  Optimum Tempo: 65 ~ 170BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 105 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 11, B ~ 8, Total ~ 19
Package details as noted:

RIN DB 1 POWER makes up for her relatively high amount of glitches in her ACT1/ACT2 releases. This is the closest voice to the normal Rin vocal within the Append package. It was designed to compliment the Len "Power" vocal. It is intended to be a forceful sounding vocal to give off strong sounding lyrics.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • This vocal has strong consonants, but compared to Len's "Power" is softer in tone.
  • On lower notes, her voice can become formatted like Gachapoid or Tone Rion, giving an unpleasant "froggy" effect.
Software issues as noted:
  • During development, Wat himself noted this voice is almost identical to Rin's normal voice, with the most major trait separating the two being the clarity of Power.[73] As a result, it has a less expressive quality than the other 2 Rin Append vocals.
  • Her vocal range is much more limited than the Len "Power" vocal.
Voicebank sample

Kagamine Rin V2 Power

Product Information
  Genre: Soft rocks, Ballades, Pops, Folks  Optimum Range: F3 ~ B4  Optimum Tempo: 60 ~ 160 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 100 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 11, B ~ 8, Total ~ 19
Package details as noted:

RIN DB 2 WARM is considered the "mirror" version of Len's "Cold" vocal. It is meant to have a happy, relaxing feeling about it and has a whisper-like tone, giving the impression of tiredness.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Rin's "Warm" Library is meant to bridge the vocal gap between her "Power" and "Sweet" libraries, giving a balance of strength and softness.
  • The tone gives this vocal an acoustic-like quality.
  • This is the weakest voicebank in terms of smoothness for Rin out of the Appends.
  • Her softness can lead to clicking or metallic consonants and she sometimes suffers the dreaded "rasp" soft VOCALOID banks may have.

Voicebank sample

Kagamine Rin V2 Warm

Product Information
  Genre: Bossa Nova, French Pops, Ambient music, Electronica  Optimum Range: G3 ~ C5  Optimum Tempo: 55 ~ 155 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 100 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 11, B ~ 7, Total ~ 18
Package details as noted:

RIN DB 3 SWEET vocals has the same direction as the Hatsune Miku Append "Sweet" vocal, hence it is meant to be a soft quiet vocal. This vocal is also designed to be a contrast to Len's "Serious" vocal. It is a "whisper" type vocal.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Rin's "Sweet" voice is the quietest of her appends, and is good for slow, peaceful songs; such as lullabies and ballads.
  • Its pronunciations are bright and it pronounces phonemes fast.
  • Due to her being the quietest, the VOCALOID engine (2 or 3, depending on the user) may sometimes cause volume irregularities with her consonants.
  • She is not the smoothest Append in terms of singing vocals themselves (POWER is the smoothest)
  • Has the greast vocal range of the Appends by far.

Voicebank sample

Kagamine Rin V2 Sweet


Product Information
  Genre: Rocks, Pops, Dance musics, Enka  Optimum Range: A2 ~ D4  Optimum Tempo: 65 ~ 170 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 105 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 11, B ~ 7, Total ~ 18
Package details as noted:

LEN DB 1 POWER is able to give the sufficient sounding male voice his ACT1/ACT2/other Appends could not provide. It was designed to compliment Rin's "Power" vocal. The vocal tone is that of a forceful vocal to give strong sounding lyrics.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Compared to Rin's "Power" it is intended to be a more "solid" vocal with a chunky sounding tone.
  • Suffers from low-to-high octave transition, he sounds less masculine in the higher octaves and more feminine.
  • It is overall the smoothest and strongest of his append libraries.
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • This vocal has strong consonants.
Software issues as noted:
  • As noted by Wat, this vocal had the same direction as the original Len vocal. As a result, it has a less expressive quality than the other 2 Len Append vocals.
Voicebank sample

Kagamine Len V2 Power

Product Information
  Genre: Soft rocks, Ballades, Pops, Folks  Optimum Range: B2 ~ C4  Optimum Tempo: 60 ~ 160 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 100 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 9, B ~ 5, Total ~ 14
Package details as noted:

LEN DB 2 COLD is the mirror vocal to Rin's "Warm" Append. It is also supposed to be a moody "atmospheric" vocal. It uses soft pronunciation that is not too loose.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • "Cold" has a more 'open' tone than "Serious", but is softer than "Power".
  • Len's "Cold" Append serves as a bridge between his "Power" and "Serious" Appends.
  • According to Wat, during development, it is quite natural around the E2 octave[74] and is like a combination of Miku's "Dark" and "soft" append.[75]
  • This is the weakest of the Append voicebanks for Len in terms of easy transactions between a few vowels.
  • It also has the smallest vocal range.

Voicebank sample

Kagamine Len V2 Cold

Product Information
  Genre: Post Rocks, Phsyke, Ambient music, Ambient dub, Electronica  Optimum Range: A2 ~ C4  Optimum Tempo: 55 ~ 155 BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 100 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 10, B ~ 6, Total ~ 16
Package details as noted:

LEN DB 3 SERIOUS is meant to be a contrasting vocal to Rin's "Sweet" vocal.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • "Serious" has a natural breath-sound, and is considered the most 'emotional' of Len's Append voicebanks.
  • Len's "Serious" Append can handle softer and slower songs better than "Power" or "Cold".
  • Wat felt during development this vocal had a lot of closeness to Luka's voice.
  • "Serious", being a 'whisper' voicebank, has the potential to suffer from raspiness.

Voicebank sample

Kagamine Len V2 Serious