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Kanimiso-P (カニミソP), or mathru, is the author of Gackpo's hit song "Dancing Samurai," and has received the title of "Legendary Gackpo Master" on NND. He is known for creating songs that are catchy and produce a brainwashing effect.

"Kanimiso", his producer name, comes from a Miku song he made. He even creates ballads with nice melodies and simple lyrics. Kanimiso-P is also known for the terrible artwork that appears in some of his videos.

He also won in a Gackpo song producing contest with the song 'Episode.0.' He received the prize of ¥300,000, as well as the honor of having GACKT, Gackpo's voice provider, sing his song in an upcoming album.

He has also released works in the VOCALOID-P data series.

STATUS:May 2008 → Present
OFFICIAL:Blog: Mathru
URL(s)Channel: NND, YouTube,

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

PLAYLIST(s):Playlist / NND Mylist
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Soba ni Itekureta ne" (Miku) (May.21.2008)
  2. "Mimikku" (Miku) (May.27.2008)
  3. "ocean" (Miku) (Jun.03.2008)
  4. "Kanimiso" (Miku) (Jun.03.2008)
  5. "Kagerou" (Miku) (Jun.09.2008)
  6. "Horizon" (Miku) (Jun.22.2008)
  7. "Dancing ☆ Samurai" (Gackpo) (Jul.31.2008)
  8. "Drive" (Gackpo) (Aug.01.2008)
  9. "Jack Knife" (Gackpo) (Aug.18.2008)
  10. "Soba ni Itekureta ne (Self cover)" (Miku) (Aug.31.2008)
  11. "Maa Ocha Demo Nomou yo" (Miku) (Oct.13.2008)
  12. "Uroko Road" (Len) (Nov.03.2008)
  13. "Santa Claus ga Yattekuru" (Miku) (Dec.10.2008)
  14. "Yuki no Furu Machi" (Gackpo) (Dec.14.2008)
  15. "Ichi Fuji Ni Taka San Nasubi" (Gackpo) (Jan.10.2009)
  16. "Electro Queen" (Luka) (Jan.30.2009)
  17. "Beautiful Sunrise" (Song of Studio Apartment) (Luka) (Mar.01.2009)
  18. "Baton Pass" (Gackpo) (Mar.14.2009)
  19. "Kagerou" (Luka) (Mar.19.2009)
  20. "SHOOTING STAR" (Gumi) (Jun.27.2009)
  21. "Attractive Rainbow" (Gumi) (Jul.25.2009)
  22. "Episode.0" (Gackpo) (Jul.30.2009)
  23. "Bushidou Romantica" (Gackpo) (Jul.31.2009)
  24. "Ichi Fuji Ni Taka San Nasubi 2010" (Jan.01.2010)
  25. "Soba ni Itekuretane (Remake)" (Jan.18.2010)
  26. "Kimagure Format" (Miku Append) (Apr.30.2010)
  27. "Megu-tan Hoshibito" (Gumi) (Jun.22.2010)
  28. "Hatarakitakunaidegozaru" (Gackpo) (Jul.30.2010)
  29. "Fairy ☆ Feather" (Miku) (Sep.01.2010)
  30. "Take Shitau-dō ~It was the way of the SAMURAI~" (Gackpo) (Jul.13.2011)
  31. "Wa na-geuta" (Gackpo) (Jul.28.2011)
  32. "Supernova Remnant" (Miku) (Oct.04.2011)
  33. "LoveDroid" (Gumi Append) (Oct.14.2011)
  34. "Junjō ☆ Fighter" (Gumi) (Nov.19.2011)
  35. "Brown" (Gachpoid, Gackpo) (Nov.18.2011)
  36. "Saikin Osen -Bacterial Contamination-" (Miku) (Feb.03.2012)
  37. "Mangekyou" (Gackpo) (Jul.12.2012)
  38. "Bousou Kansen - The Outbreak -" (Miku) (Jul.16.2016)

Songs / Featured Works[]

ダンシング☆サムライ (Dancing☆Samurai)

Uploaded 2008.07.31 Featuring Camui Gackpo
Music Kanimiso-P Main article ダンシング☆サムライ (Dancing☆Samurai)
Lyrics Kanimiso-P
Video Kanimiso-P
Dancing Samurai is one of Gackpo's most famous songs with over 2,000,000 views. It was made famous by fanmade PVs.


Favicon-nn.pngofficial, SSW upload
Uploaded 2009.07.30 Featuring Camui Gackpo
Music Kanimiso-P Main article Episode.0
Lyrics Kanimiso-P
Video Kanimiso-P
Entry and winner of GACKT's competition. It has reached over 400,000 views

ブラウン (Brown) (Kanimiso-P song)

Uploaded 2011.11.18 Featuring Camui Gackpo, Ryuto
Music Kanimiso-P Main article ブラウン (Brown) (Kanimiso-P song)
Lyrics Kanimiso-P
First work using Gachapoid. This song has reached over 20,000 views.

細菌汚染 (Saikin Osen)

Favicon-nn.pngofficialblue version
Uploaded 2012.02.12 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Kanimiso-P Main article 細菌汚染 (Saikin Osen)
Lyrics Kanimiso-P
Video Deino
This song has reached over 1,700,000 views.


Uploaded 2012.10.14 Featuring GUMI
Music Kanimiso-P Main article LoveDroid
Lyrics Kanimiso-P
Video Kanimiso-P
Official demo for V3 GUMI (Power)



Blank CD case.png
Title LoveDroid    
Producer Kanimiso-P  
Release Date 2013.02.27  


Blank CD case.png
Blank CD case.png
Bushidou -It is the way of the Samurai-
Producer Kanimiso-P Kanimiso-P
Release Date 2012.08.11 2012.12.05