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Kasukabe Tsumugi (春日部つむぎ) is a prototype Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by the Yamaha Corporation in collaboration with KasukabeTsumugi Project and the Virtual YouTuber Kasukabe Tsukushi. She was released via a limited lottery application in September 2023 for the VOCALOID β-STUDIO VX-β engine. Previously, she received in November 2021 a Japanese talk voicebank for the VOICEVOX speech-synthesis software.[1]

Her voice is provided by the Japanese Virtual YouTuber Kasukabe Tsukushi (春日部つくし; Kasukabe Tsukushi) from Virtual Saitama (バーチャル埼玉; Bāchuaru Saitama). As a Virtual YouTuber, Tsukushi made her debut in February 2018 and was formerly part of company Activ8's in-house agency upd8 (which also managed Kizuna Ai before she got her own standalone company) before its cease of operations in December 2020.[2]


Kasukabe Tsumugi was created as the cousin of the Virtual YouTuber Kasukabe Tsukushi. She was born in the Saitama Prefecture like her cousin.




Kasukabe Tsumugi has a rather scruffy looking appearance. She has messy platinum blond hair tied in a single pigtail on her left. She loosely wears a light brown school jacket covered in pins and band aids which is somewhat draped under her left shoulder. The jacket also has a black with pink borders armband on her right side. She has a yellow scrunchie on her right wrist over her jacket. Her shirt is a dark grey dress shirt which is not tucked into her skirt and unbuttoned slightly at the top. She also has a slim and very loose golden tie with another band aid at the bottom. She has a dark pink plaid short skirt with a pinkish off-white border towards the bottom. She wears black dress shoes and white legwarmers that go up to her knees. Her nails are painted cyan and she wears a silver necklace. She also has light blue eyes.

For her VOCALOID β-STUDIO design, her jacket is taken off and tied around her waist, while the scrunchie is nowhere to be seen.


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Kasukabe Tsumugi
Kasukabe Tsumugi, a talking vocal.
Kasukabe Tsumugi β
Kasukabe Tsumugi β, a prototype AI singing vocal described as a bright and gentle voice.[3]

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