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Kihee (喜兵衛) was once a bassist in a band and he produces songs in various genres. His song Aquarium sung by Luka, has over 100,000 views.
STATUS:April 2008 → Assumed active
Kihee Profile.png
GENRE:Rock, Pop, Balled, Jazz
OFFICIAL:Webite: Kihee.com
URL(s)Youtube Twitter Piapro
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga Playlist 1) Niocnico Playlist 2
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Itsuka Mata" (Apr.27.2008)
  2. "Tsuyogari" (May.09.2008)
  3. "Aoi Natsu no Koi no Uta" (May.13.2008)
  4. "Nagi" (Jun.27.2008)
  5. "Subarashiki Kono Sekai" (Nov.03.2008)
  6. "starlet" (Nov.27.2008)
  7. "stairway to somewhere" (Feb.15.2009)
  8. "if" (Luka) (Apr.06.2009)
  9. "Aozora Jump Up!" (Miku) (Jun.01.2009)
  10. "Aquarium" (Luka) (Jan.21.2010)
  11. "bullet" (Luka) (Sep.11.2010)
  12. "marble" (VY1) (Nov.06.2010)
  13. "Daybreak" (Iroha) (Jun.01.2011)
  14. "double moon-Iroha's first anniversary remix" (Iroha) (Oct.22.2011)
  15. "Haruka Kanata He" (Yukari) (Feb.04.2012)
  16. "Data-to-la" (Yukari) (Feb.10.2012)
  17. "Juzudama" (Yukari) (Dec.30.2012)

Songs / Featured Works[]


Uploaded 2009.04.06 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Kihee Main article if
Lyrics sista
Video Elmou (illust)
This song has enetered the Hall of Fame.

amorphous -アモルファス- (amorphous -amorufasu-)

Uploaded 2009.12.29 Featuring Megurine Luka, Kagamine Len
Music Oreginal-P (music), Kihee (guitar) Main article amorphous -アモルファス- (amorphous -amorufasu-)
Lyrics Oreginal-P (lyrics), toya, Yunagi & asmP (lyrics asssistance)
Video kikurage (video)


Uploaded 2011.03.24 Featuring Hatsune Miku (+Append), Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, GUMI, Kaai Yuki
Music rerulili (compose, arrange, guitar solo, tuning), Ronchino=Pepe (compose), Toku-P (piano solo), tomoboP (mastering), Kihee, baker, Live-P, Owata-P, Nem, Kagome-P (tuning) Main article Mr.Music
Lyrics rerulili, Ronchino=Pepe, Kagome-P
Video that (video)
One of rerulili's most notable songs. It has entered the Hall of Legend.

シンガソン (Sing a Song)

Uploaded 2013.05.12 Featuring Hatsune Miku, GUMI, IA, Kaai Yuki, Kagamine Len, Lily, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, Nekomura Iroha, Yuzuki Yukari
Music rerulili (compose, mix, tuning), Various (tuning), ZimuinG (piano) Main article シンガソン (Sing a Song)
Lyrics rerulili, Pekomi
Video Makinosena (video)
This song has entered the Hall of Fame.