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Konki-P (根気P) is a Vocaloid producer who likes musical dramas. She produced many cover songs used in several musical dramas.

She uses her own pictures in her videos. Most of Konki-P's works involve Kaito. Notable works include Kaito and Meiko's cover of "A Whole New World", and "Memory" sung by Kaito.

She later gained the "Legendary Vocalo Musical Master", "Legendary Miki Master", and of course, "Legendary Kaito Master" tag.

STATUS:January 2008 → Present
URL(s)Twitter Nico Nico
PLAYLIST(s):(Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "KAITO ga Kita Space Hit Parade" (Jan.18.2008)
  2. "Requiem - Lacrimosa" (KAITO) (Mozart) (Jan.21.2008)
  3. "WE WERE DANCING" (from "Анна Каренина") (Jan.28.2008)
  4. "Meguri Aete Yokatta" (Song of Stardust Revue) (Feb.09.2008)
  5. "Ningyo-hime" (from "Chobits") (Feb.18.2008)
  6. "Requiem - Lacrimosa (Vocal Quartet ver.)" (Mozart) (Mar.08.2008)
  7. "Aozora ni Naru" (from "Kamen Rider Kuga") (Mar.24.2008)
  8. "Yami ga Hirogaru" (from "Elizabeth") (May.06.2008)
  9. "under the darkness (OP size)" (KAITO) (from "Kichiku Megane") (Aug.01.2008)
  10. "under the darkness (OP size)" (Gackpo) (from "Kichiku Megane") (Aug.01.2008)
  11. "Requiem - Lacrimosa" (KAITO Gackpo) (Mozart) (Aug.06.2008)
  12. "Koi no Vacances" (Song of W) (Aug.19.2008)
  13. "Nanahikari Sandogasa" (from "Metal Macbeth") (Oct.08.2008)
  14. "Kami wa Shinda" (from "Dance of Vampire") (Oct.22.2008)
  15. "3-nen G-gumi Shougun Sensei" (from TVCM) (Nov.04.2008)
  16. "Oppai koso Roman" (from "Hana no Kurenai-Tengu") (Nov.13.2008)
  17. "Long Long Ago, 20th Century" (from "Kamen Rider Black") (Dec.16.2008)
  18. "Valentine Kiss" (Song of Sayuri Kokushou) (Feb.11.2009)
  19. "Memory" (from "CATS") (Mar.24.2009)
  20. "WHITE NIGHT" (from "VJEDOGONIA") (Jun.22.2009)
  21. "Koi no Fuga" (Song of W) (Jul.13.2009)
  22. "Amethyst Remembrance" (from "Yami no Matsuei") (Aug.05.2009)
  23. "Eternally" (Coproduction) (Oct.27.2009)
  24. "Koi no Kayoubi" (Song of Yuzu) (Dec.09.2009)
  25. "A Whole New World (Japanese ver.)" (from "Aladdin") (Feb.14.2010)
  26. "Beauty and the Beast" (KAITO, MEIKO) (collab w/ Nanameue-P) (Feb.27.2015)
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