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Image of "Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package"
Song title
  • "Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package"
Published February 28, 2015, with 93,300+ YouTube views and 17,800+ SoundCloud views

Background[edit | edit source]

i've had really bad writing block for the past few months Please Save Me From This Mortal Organic Flesh

no ok this is based off how I acquired V4

fun story
—Author's comment

Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package is a song featuring YOHIOloid and CYBER DIVA by GHOST. The song is said to be based on the producer's true experience of purchasing VOCALOID4 software.

The producer went to purchase the software on the Japanese store but didn't know the Japanese language to read the website. They resorted to using Google Translate to help them navigate the shop until they got to a page that they thought was the downloadable version of the product.

When they got to the point where they had to create an account to purchase the software, it asked for their personal information. There, they knew that the site only shipped to Japanese users and each field needed a valid Japanese address, name, etc. From there, they used random Japanese characters to create a name and used Google to create a fake Japanese address and phone number to be able to pass through registration. They came to find out later that they were on the product page for the physical copy of the VOCALOID4 editor, rather than the download page.

As a result, the name and address they created was a person named "Korozashisakae" who lived in Sunny Apartment, Room 203 in Tokyo. However, the site caught on that the address never existed and they managed to cancel the order and have their money refunded to them, as well as acquiring the downloadable version of the VOCALOID4 software.

Since the song was inspired by this experience, they created a scenario of a man named Korozashisakae receiving a package of their VOCALOID4 editor should he actually exist.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Singer + Color

in sunny apartment 203
sleeping peacefully is me
just another normal day
in the life of
something causes me to stir
wake up from your slumber
the doorbell's calling out to me
hey, it's mr. mail man

the mail man handed me a box
saying it was sent to me
much to my curiosity
it was sent by nobody
mr. mail man, what is this?
all he did was laugh and smile
what could be inside the box
mail man said was sent to me?

what if it contains an alien
sent by the Mothership to kill all humanity?
what if it's disguised as an octopus
holy s▬t this could be real

what the hell should i do with this
Mysterious Package????
oh for all i know this'll surely get me killed!!
and everybody's gonna
blame it on the guy next door
please don't frame him
he's a very nice man..........

oh god save me
the octopus is gonna kill us
mr. mail man why do you despise me so???
even michael jackson cannot
save the world from demise
say your final praers
we're all gonna die today

hey now boy whats caught your attention
a state of suspension, a horrid illusion
whats this bout "we all gonna die"?
yall cryin and ya don't kno y
get your head outta your ass
4 the love of god just put it to rest
now im here on the scene
and ill exit the scene
take my words 2 heart boy remember them pls

in sunny apartment 203
crying loudly It Is Me
aliens are whispering
"d▬mn you boy now set me free"
i can't take it anymore
get this ufo away from me
it's scaring me :(

what if it's equipped with laser beams
what if it can defy gravity
what if it knows all there is to know
then it'd know my bank account

what the hell should i do with this
OOHHH for all i know
this'll surely get me killed
and everybody's gonna
blame it on the guy next door
Please Don't Frame Him
he's a very nice man

o h g o d save me
the octopus is gonna kill us
Mister Mail Man
why do you despise me so........................
even MJ cannot save the world from demise
say your final prayers
we're all gonna die today

shut the f▬k up already
CYBER WOMAN?????????
ur hurting my feelings :(
i rly do not appreciate u hurting my feelings............
ur so mean...
i kno

wwhhaaatttt the hell should i do with this
mysterious ufo????????
i could cry myself to sleep.........
and then i'll wake up all the neighboors
@ 3am
they'll be rly mad????
they'll come banging on my door

oh god?? save me????????
the guy next door is gonna kill me
Mr. Guy Next Door
pls i'm sorry don't be mad :(
even Michael Jackson™ cannot
dry these forlorn tears of mine...............
r.i.p. in peace
we're all gonna die today

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