Kotsuban-P (骨盤P)'s first upload of vocaloid work was in Sep.25,2007. However, this author has deleted works uploaded before "Setsugetsufuuka" from NicoNicoDouga by herself. This author's first hit song "Stargazer" became a base of many second created works.

Works (Upload date) ; (YouTube Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)

  1. "encore (Full)"(Oct.04.2007)(deleted from Nico)
  2. "endroll"(Nov.11.2007)(deleted from Nico)
  3. "after the end (endroll long)"(Dec.04.2007)(deleted from Nico)
  4. "Setsugetsufuuka"(Dec.31.2007)
  5. "Ougonno Road Roller Densetsu"(Jan.05.2008)
  6. "Stargazer"(Jan.20.2008)
  7. "Karasu to Usagi"(Jun.10.2008)
  8. "StargazeR"(Jun.21.2008)
  9. "Electric Angel/u"(Jul.25.2008)
  10. "after the end (retake)"(Aug.20.2008)
  11. "Niconi Kanshite Ganbaru"(Jan.18.2009)
  12. "Don't say "lazy""(from "K-ON!")(Apr.09.2009)
  13. "Karakuri Ageha"(Jul.17.2009)
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