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Kurozumi-P (くろずみP) is a producer known for making rock songs using various Vocaloids, such as Hatsune Miku, Lily, Rin/Len and VY1. Kurozumi-P's most notable works are: Black Executor by Rin/Len and Dystopia's Collapse by Luka and Lily. Kurozumi-P has deleted their videos and retired.

In August 2013, he run a new Youtube account and begin to producing Vocaloid songs again.

STATUS:August 2010 → Present
GENRE:Rock ; Folk
OFFICIAL:Blog: KurozumiP (deleted)
URL(s)Twitter (deleted) Nico Nico (deleted) YouTube (deleted)

YouTube Piapro

PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico Douga List) (deleted)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Lily" (Lily) (Aug.13.2010)
  2. "Lily -long ver-" (Lily) (Aug.17.2010)
  3. "Even So, I..." (Lily) (Aug.17.2010)
  4. "Existence" (Lily) (Aug.20.2010)
  5. "E." (Lily) (Aug.27.2010)
  6. "Humanity Rejection Syndrome" (Miku) (Aug.31.2010)
  7. "Nostalgic Story" (Miku, Luka) (Sep.06.2010)
  8. "Gothic Circus" (Miku, Luka) (Sep.02.2010)
  9. "Waltz" (Miku) (Sep.16.2010)
  10. "Lily (Remake)" (Lily) (Sep.14.2010)
  11. "CLOSE" (Luka) (Sep.20.2010)
  12. "Departure" (Miku) (Sep.23.2010)
  13. "Igoist" (Luka) (Sep.26.2010)
  14. "Judgement" (Miku) (Oct.04.2010)
  15. "Round Law" (Luka) (Oct.04.2010)
  16. "Nostalgic Story" (Lily) (Oct.07.2010)
  17. "E. -another end-" (Luka) (Oct.08.2010)
  18. "MIRROR" (Luka) (Oct.13.2010)
  19. "INORGANIC SCREAM" (Miku) (Oct.22.2010)
  20. "Empty Heart" (Lily) (Oct.25.2010)
  21. "Camellia" (VY1) (Oct.29.2010)
  22. "Blue Duct" (Miku) (Nov.04.2010)
  23. "ICD-9" (Miku) (Nov.08.2010)
  24. "HERO" (Luka) (Nov.17.2010)
  25. "Sacrifice" (Lily, VY1) (Nov.20.2010)
  26. "Tears" (Lily, VY1) (Dec.02.2010)
  27. "Humanity Rejection Syndrome" (Miku) (Dec.04.2010)
  28. "Lonely Cry" (Lily) (Dec.09.2010)
  29. "NEEDLESS" (Miku) (Dec.17.2010)
  30. "Merry X'Mas" (Miku, Luka) (Dec.23.2010)
  31. "Snow Color" (Luka) (Dec.30.2010)
  32. "MARIA" (Luka) (Jan.09.2011)
  33. "DEAD END" (VY1) (Jan.15.2011)
  34. "Reason" (Lily) (Jan.17.2011)
  35. "Smile Girl" (Luka) (Jan.29.2011)
  36. "ICD-9" (Lily) (Feb.09.2011)
  37. "Lost Memory" (Miku) (Feb.19.2011)
  38. "Black Executor" (Rin, Len) (Mar.02.2011)
  39. "Ash" (Luka) (Feb.08.2011)
  40. "Existence -another-" (Lily) (Mar.09.2011)
  41. "20" (Luka) (Mar.25.2011)
  42. "Hello" (Gumi) (Mar.31.2011)
  43. "Hanaichimonme" (VY1) (Apr.21.2011)
  44. "Glass Flowers" (Miku) (May.02.2011)
  45. "Unknown" (Luka) (May.11.2011)
  46. "you" (Lily) (May.18.2011)
  47. "Alice in Wonderland" (Miku, Luka) (May.26.2011)
  48. "Beatrice" (Gumi, Lily) (May.30.2011)
  49. "XI" (Gumi) (Jun.06.2011)
  50. "Vestige" (Lily) (Jun.06.2011)
  51. "Romeo" (Len) (Jun.20.2011)
  52. "Juliet" (Rin) (Jun.20.2011)
  53. "Electro Star" (Gumi) (Jun.25.2011)
  54. "Suicide Game" (Gumi) (Jul.02.2011)
  55. "VeCTOR" (Luka) (Jul.14.2011)
  56. "White Moment" (Lily) (Jul.18.2011)
  57. "DiVE to SUBSPACE" (Miku) (Aug.30.2011)
  58. "Beauties of Nature" (VY1) (Aug.31.2011)
  59. "Dystopia's Collapse" (Lily, Luka) (Sep.29.2011)
  60. "Red Princess" (VY1) (Nov.21.2011)
  61. "Humanity Rejection Syndrome" (Miku) (Dec.16.2011)
  62. "Voice of Reminiscince" (Rin, Len) (Dec.27.2011)
  63. "Artificial Fantasia" (Miku) (Jan.07.2012)
  64. "Lala" (Lily) (Feb.11.2012)
  65. "Withdrawal Girl" (Gumi) (Feb.29.2012)
  66. "Sakasakurage" (Miku) (Mar.17.2012)
  67. "Infinity Labyrinth" (SF-A2 Miki) (Mar.25.2012)
  68. "Yozakura Story" (VY1) (Apr.30.2012)
  69. "I know..." (Luka) (Jun.01.2012)
  70. "Re Birth" (Lily) (Aug.25.2012)
  71. "Artificial Diva" (Gumi, Lily) (Oct.11.2012)
  72. "Crazy theater" (Mayu) (Jan.24.2013)
  73. "take.0" (Lily) (Aug.25.2013)
  74. "Kimi to Mite Ita Sekai (IA) (Oct.1.2013)

Songs / Featured Works

追憶の声 (Tsuioku no Koe)

Uploaded 2011.12.27 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Kurozumi-P Main article 追憶の声 (Tsuioku no Koe)
Lyrics Kurozumi-P
Video Chouya


Uploaded 2012.02.11 Featuring Lily
Music Kurozumi-P Main article Lala
Lyrics Kurozumi-P
Video Chouya
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