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This is an informative article about the LOLA software for the first VOCALOID engine.


Lola was released along with fellow VOCALOID, Leon, by Zero-G Limited. She received much better reviews than her male counterpart, and they were exhibited at the Zero-G Limited booth during Wired Nextfest. The VOCALOIDs won the 2005 Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award, despite mixed reviews on both. At the time of their release, Lola and Leon had no rival software to contend with and were the first Vocal synthesizers to be released of their nature. However, Leon and Lola failed to impact the American market due to their accents.[1][2]

A Japanese electro-pop artist, Susumu Hirasawa, used VOCALOID Lola in the original soundtrack of "Paprika" by Satoshi Kon.[3] Susumu Hirasawa announced that "If users can edit her perfectly, she can be a professional (singer). She can sing in soprano or whatever if they edit her overwhelmingly" on his blog. Since Susumu Hirasawa did not reveal which VOCALOID he used for a quite some time, except the fact it was a female VOCALOID, many producers speculated it was Crypton's Meiko. However, later he mentioned in a magazine interview that it was Lola.


In 2008, Leon, Lola and Miriam were put back on sale for the first time in several years, this was thanks to the interest in Vocaloid.

Final Retirement

In mid December 2013, Zero-G's regular newsletter reported that on the 31st of December 2013 Leon, Lola and Miriam would receive permanent retirement and would be removed from sale.[4]

Demo songs


Little Bird (Real singer on lead vocal) Zero-G
Dupdah (Leon/Lola) Zero-G
Falling (Leon/Lola) Zero-G
Freaky Sheep (Leon/Lola) Zero-G
Introducing Lola Zero-G
Lola Is Here Zero-G
Forever (Leon/Lola) Zero-G
Without You (Real singer on lead vocal) Zero-G
Sweet Dreams Zero-G
Bach Vowels Zero-G
Knightmare Theme Zero-G


Please note that the VOCALOID version 1 products LEON, LOLA, and MIRIAM are not fully compatible with Windows 7 or later.

  • Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • Pentium III, 1 GHz or faster
  • 512MB of RAM or more
  • 32 bit (does not work on 64 bit systems)
  • 700 MB or more of hard disk space
  • SVGA display (1024x768)
  • Sound card with a Microsoft DirectSound compatible driver
  • A LAN/network card must be installed, or a USB network card must be connected to the USB port.

  • Windows XP
  • Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz or faster
  • 32 bit
  • 1 GB of RAM or more

Voicebank Libraries



Lola's VOCALOID interface

Like all VOCALOID vocals, Lola has her own version of the VOCALOID interface.


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