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Image of "Lead Princess of the Color Stealing World Series"
Series title
  • "色偸るセカイの鉛姫'"
  • Romaji: Irodoru Sekai no Namari Hime
  • English: Lead Princess of the Color Stealing World
Published November 20, 2013
  • nyanyannya (music, lyrics, video)
  • Yokanko (illust)
  • Hara (tuning, video)
  • Lunachu (guitar)

Background[edit | edit source]

The story centers around Lydia, the princess of lead. Despite the fact that she is always wearing colourful dresses, she cannot see colours because her eyes are made of lead. On the night of a parade, Lydia made a wish to see the colours of the event, which was fulfilled at the expense of draining the rest of the world from its color. It turns out that a demon granted her wish, and it bargains that it will return the colours back to the world only if Lydia gives it her most precious thing in exchange. The problem here is that she doesn't know what the thing she holds the most dear to her is, and so she goes out to find it.

She ends up at a place called Kadoh-anna-ruk-A , where her search to find the thing she treasures the most seems to start.

Kadoh-anna-ruk-A Saga: Main Article

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main cast[edit | edit source]

  • Lydia (portrayed by Kagamine Rin):

The protagonist of the series. Completely colorblind due to her eyes being made of lead, Lydia longed for the ability to see in color.

Her most beloved thing is unknown. The point of her journey is to discover what it is so she can exchange it for the colors drained from her world.

  • Empress Philo (portrayed by Kagamine Rin):

It is unknown, as of now, if empress Philo is the empress of Kadoh-anna-ruk-A or another emprire.

Her most beloved thing is love.

  • Cash (portrayed by Kagamine Len):

Cash is an employee of Club Majesty, a place where people use money to sell their souls and be "happy" forever.

His most beloved thing is money.

  • Auditor Fräulein Chikita Biblioteka (portrayed by MEIKO):

A senior auditor. She believes the law is just and will do her best to prove when someone is lying in court.

Her most beloved thing is the law.

  • Witch Laika Magic (portrayed by Hatsune Miku):

A kindhearted and hopeful witch, she was part of a revolution along with Sonia. She seemed to have a comfortable life before the revolution.[1]

Her most beloved thing is the soul.

  • Dr. Huang Funk Beat: (portrayed by KAITO):

Doctor Funk Beat is, what at first glance seems to be, a happy go lucky doctor that claims he can give everyone happiness but in reality gives everyone something for them to cope with their misfortune, makes them believe in their hallucinations, such as becaming a famous star just because they think they are one,[2] or gives them medicine,[3] and makes them think that it's happiness.[4] He himself seems to like seeing his patients suffer.

He seems to be aware of princess Lydia since he calls for her in his character song as if she is one of his patients.[5][6] When he finally meets her he helps her with her goal but doesn't seem to like her, and despises the fact that she acts like a tragic heroine.[7]

He has a lot of weird creatures in his lab. One of them is Genyas who seems to be his pet. He, Bluenote, Justin, and Peace are acquaintances; they all went to Arc-Jormu University together, and took part in a war when they were younger. He seems to find Father Blue Note annoying.

His most beloved thing is

  • Sister Sect Rouge (Toto (Death God) of Rouge) (portrayed by Megurine Luka):

A death god pretending to be a nun to get others to workship her. She seems to know of the Fräulein and Club Majesty[8]

Her most beloved thing is belief.

Other characters[edit | edit source]

  • Father Sect Noel Bluenote (portrayed by KAITO):

The only one that seems to be able to see through the sister's rouge. Has a strong believe in God and claims he can save the sister but gives up and asks for her to save him [9]. He used to be a hairdresser before devoting himself to God.

He, Funkbeat, Justin, and Peace are acquaintances, they all went to Arc-Jormu University together, and took part in a war when they were younger. He seems to find Funkbeat annoying.

  • Sofia (portrayed by Kagamine Rin):

A strong fighter and one of the people that started the revolution, in which her and Laika where in.[10] She is willing to sacrifice both herself and other's lives to achieve her goal.

  • Lev (portrayed by KAITO):

One of the leaders of the revolution.

  • Auditor Justin J.Justify (portrayed by Camui Gackpo):

A junior auditor. He thinks the law is not just and doesn't seem to listen to the Fräulein despite the fact that she's his senior.

He, Funkbeat, Bluenote, and Peace are acquaintances, they all went to Arc-Jormu University together, and took part in a war when they were younger.

  • Peaceful (portrayed by Hiyama Kiyoteru):

He, Funkbeat, Bluenote, and Justin are acquaintances, they all went to Arc-Jormu University together, and took part in a war when they were younger.

  • Key:
  • You Xian:
  • Vonton:
  • Weathercock:
  • Fräulein Macchiato

Songs[edit | edit source]

Character Songs[edit | edit source]

All tracks written by nyanyannya.

1."エンプレス=ディスコ (Empress=Disco)"Kagamine Rin3:40
2."クラブ=マジェスティ (Club=Majesty)"Kagamine Len3:37
3."フロイライン=ビブリォチカ (Fräulein=Biblioteca)"MEIKO3:22
4."シング=ライカマジク (Sing=Like a Magic)"Hatsune Miku3:35
5."ドクター=ファンクビート (Doctor=Funk Beat)"KAITO3:30
6."ディサイド! (Decide!)"Kagamine Rin4:23
7."シスター=セクトルージュ (Sister=Sect Rouge)"Megurine Luka3:35
8."ジャスティン⇒ジャイブ⇒ジャスティファイ (Justin ⇒ Jive ⇒ Justify)"Camui Gackpo3:28
9."ノエル・デ・フィガロ (Noel de Figaro)"KAITO3:30
10."ピース・メイカー (PEACE MAKER)"Hiyama Kiyoteru3:23
11."ラ・ミュゼット・オー・クロックワーク (La Musette O'Clockwork)"VY14:05
Total length:45:08

Story songs[edit | edit source]

All tracks written by nyanyannya.

1."ああああああああああああ (Aaaaaaaaaaaah)"Kagamine Rin3:26
2."A-MAZЗing"Kagamine Rin4:16
3."明日ハ素晴ラシ (Asu wa Subarashi)" (Tomorrow is a beautiful day)Kagamine Len4:23
4."カドワナルカ綺想 (Kadoh-anna-ruk-a Kisou)" (A place called "Kadoh-anna-ruk-a")Kagamine Rin4:43
5."色偸るセカイの鉛姫 (Irodouru Sekai no Namari Hime)" (A lead princess in a colorless world)Kagamine Rin3:28
6."ハジマリノイロリターナー (Hajimarinoi Returner)"Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len3:33
7."Funk beat≠Junk beat"KAITO2:55
8."ハイパーゴアムササビスティックディサピアリジーニャス (Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappearing Genius)" (Hyper Gore Musasabi Stick Disappearing Genius)KAITO3:33
9."エル・タンゴ・エゴイスタ (El Tango Egoista)"Megurine Luka, KAITO3:17
10."赫焉のフィロソフィア (Kakuen no Philosophia)" (Philosophia of Radiance)Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku, KAITO3:17
11."DIZZ Yøu XXX IT?"KAITO (V1), KAITO (V3)3:47
12."DIZZ Yøu Øwe ME?"Camui Gackpo, Hiyama Kiyoteru3:17
13."フェアウェルレディ (Farewell Lady)"Kagamine Rin3:26
Total length:48:04

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The series is supposed to be played as if it's a Musical.
  • The squirrel-like creature that Dr. Funk Beat has is called Genius.
  • For Sing=Laika Magic: while the title in karenT is indeed “Sing=Like a Magic”, “Kakuen no Philosophia” shown the title as “Sing=Laika Magic” in latin alphabet, and the witch’s name is confirmed as Laika. Both interpretations are considered correct.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. "Even though, I didn’t even fully understand the cost of a slice of bread" is a lyric Laika has from the song Philosophia of Radiance.
  2. "A famous actor, That’s your conscience, there's no way it could hurt right? " is a lyrics from Doctor Funk Beat's character song
  3. "To that kind of you I give some medicine ", is a lyric doctor's character song
  4. "Lots of idiot souls line up, and say the same way "Please give me happiness right now"", is a lyric from Funk beat≠Junk beat, 『the whereabouts of happiness (cloud nine)』 being stingy is nonsense" is a lyrics from the dr.'s character song.
  5. "Trapped princess (damsel in distress) it’s finally your turn" is a lyric the dr.'s character song
  6. He seems to like to call her a damsel as in both the dr.'s character song and Hyper Gore Flying Squirrel Stick Disappear-y Genius the original Japanese lyrics "Trapped princess" and "Lead princess" are pronounced as damsel
  7. " “Kind?” are you still talking such nonsense? “Then why?” you ask? Because I simply can’t stomach that coaxing face of yours acting like a tragic {heroine} of couuuuurse" is a lyrics from Hyper Gore Flying Squirrel Stick Disappear-y Genius
  8. "I can take care of all cases—even money-worshipping devils or law maniacs." is a lyric from her character song, シスター=セクトルージュ (Sister=Sect Rouge) money and souls beign Club Majesty, and as an employee, Cash's, most beloved thing and law being the Fräulein's most beloved thing, and job.
  9. "I don’t believe you if you say you can save me" is a lyric the sister has from the song El Tango Egoista and right after that lyric the father responds with "–So please save me" , in the same song.
  10. the revolution doesn't have an official name as of now. (2018.08.03)
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