Legend of Vocaloid is the working title for a new line-up of classic vocals featuring singers who are deceased.


Since the release of MIRIAM, YAMAHA has been hinting at attempting to bring back the vocals of dead singers. The "Legend of Vocaloid" is the first step towards this. However, this process is only possible thanks to new technological developements. The aim is to be able to bring back the vocals of legendary singers such as Elvis Presley, although as of note the software is currently not close enough to achieving this to be able to attempt English vocals.[1]

The first of these vocals was Ueki-loid for the VOCALOID3 engine who posesses the voice of the late singer, Ueki Hitoshi. The vocal was commissioned by his family. So far, there is no indication that any of these vocals will ever be released and commercial usage will be of limited licensing with permission from those concerned with the vocals development. An album by the name of "Legend of Vocaloid - Ueki-Loid" was also set for release, however, due to complications, it was never released and no further mention of this project has been made. Later, the album "Co Gal" using hide would instead become the first commercial release of a song containing a decease singers voice using Vocaloid technology instead.


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