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Image of "Liar/Creep-P"
Song title
  • "Liar"
Published December 10, 2012, with 3,000+ YouTube views
  • Creep-P (music, lyrics)
  • HowlTheWolf (illust)

Background[edit | edit source]

Okay, so wrote this song awhile back.

I was gonna make Mayu sing it, but I got lazy.

So I used Tonio!
—author's comment

"Liar" is a song featuring Tonio by Creep-P. The song was given no downloads, and was meant to be an album-exclusive song.

Succeeding versions[edit | edit source]

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Translation Usotsuki / Liar
xExmwxEx (lyrical adaptation), HowlTheWolf (illust)
Categories VOCALOID cover, Alternate language
A Japanese version of the song featuring MAYU.
Mathematicus' Rearrangement
The Missing Ones Deluxe.jpg
Mathematicus (arrange)
Categories Arrangement
A remix of the song featured in The Missing Ones (Deluxe Edition).
MONBOM's Cover
The Missing Ones Deluxe.jpg
Categories UTAU cover
A cover with Creep-P's UTAU, MONBOM, featured in The Missing Ones (Deluxe Edition).

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Breathe it in, and let it out
Scream out your name, then I'm done
That's when I say we are through!!

I saw you with another
I was done with what's after
What we've been through know it's a lie now

What's been said, and what's been done
Stop it here and stop your fun
Now I know how you feel!!

Such a sinner. Such a liar
And lost the key to my heart
Now, be glad you tore us apart

She's a liar...
She betrayed me...
Burned in fire
Now I'm set free...

Screamed out your name
I cannot breathe
Now I'm ashamed
This wasn't foreseen

Cough it out and spit it out
Stop the lies and tell the truth
Look at me straight in the eye

Choked up to forget about me

All of these little white lies
All of the serious lies
What did I do to you?

What is this d▬mn mystery?
What is your hearts centerpiece?
was it my heart or something else?

She's a liar...
She betrayed me...
Burned in fire
Now I'm set free...

Screamed out your name
I cannot breathe
Now I'm ashamed
This wasn't foreseen, this wasn't foreseen

Below is an official Japanese translation: via Producer. Amendments may have been made to the original translation.
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
吸い込んでと suikon de to
吐いて haite
名前を呼んで namae o yon de
それで sorede
「途絶えた」と言う "todae ta" toiu
あなたを見た anata o mi ta
他者と tasha to
それからは sore kawa wa
うんざり unzari
二人の時 ninin notoki
嘘だけともう知ってる uso dake to mou shitteru
言ったこと itta koto
したことも shi ta koto mo
止めてよ、ここで tome te yo, koko de
楽しさも止めて tanoshi sa mo tome te
今、あなたの気持ちを分かる ima, anata no kimochi o wakaru
罪人 zainin
偽者 nisemono
心の鍵を失くした kokoro no kagi o shitsu kushi ta
別れさせたよかった wakaresase ta yokatta

彼女を嘘吐き kanojo o uso haki
僕を裏切った boku o uragitta
火気で差した kaki de sashi ta
今は逃げた ima wa nige ta
名前を呼んだ namae o yon da
息が出ない iki ga de nai
恥ずかしい hazukashii
見通せなかった mitoose nakatta

咳け seke
そして吐け soshite hake
嘘を止めて uso o tome te
話し出せ hanashidase
直視して chokushi shi te
許されない yurusare nai
忘れられない wasure rare nai
僕を忘れるショック boku o wasureru shokku
小さい白い嘘 chiisai shiroi uso
重った嘘も omotta uso mo
何が悪かった? nani ga warukatta?
ひどい不思議なんですか? hidoi fushigi na n desu ka?
あなたの心にも、 anata no kokoro ni mo,
僕のか?別のか? boku no ka? betsu no ka?

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