Lili Minco, also known as MincoP, is a producer who is most known for her illustration works, but occasionally tunes for songs. Her art is praised in the fandom for the cute style.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[bb][yt][sc][5s] "66CCFF" Luo Tianyi September 22, 2012 illustrator
[bb][yt][yt] "Mòrì DISCO" (末日DISCO) Luo Tianyi December 14, 2012 illustrator
[bb][yt] "Míngrì DISCO" (明日DISCO) Luo Tianyi December 26, 2012 illustrator
[bb][yt][yt] "Mèngxiǎng→World→Gēchàng" (夢想→World→歌唱) Luo Tianyi February 5, 2013 illustrators
[bb][yt][yt] "I LOVE U" Luo Tianyi April 19, 2013 illustrator
[bb][yt] "CONNECT ~Xīn de Liánjiē~" (CONNECT~心的连接~) Luo Tianyi June 26, 2014 illustrator
[bb][yt] "Yīcúnzhèng" (依存症) Luo Tianyi August 5, 2015 illustrator
[bb] "Xīn Jiā Xīn" (心加心) Luo Tianyi May 19, 2016 illustrator
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