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Linux MultiMedia Studio or LMMS, is a free digital audio workstation (DAW) alternative to proprietary software such as FL Studio, Cakewalk, and GarageBand. It is distributed free of charge, unlike FL Studio and Cakewalk, and it is also free as in freedom, meaning anyone can see or modify the source code. It is available for various distributions of Linux, and despite its name, also for BSD, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X (with some limitations).


LMMS allows anyone to easily create loops using a variety of predefined synthesizer plugins, as well as external VST plugins. (There is a VST plugin version of the VOCALOID engine.) Effect chains can be added to almost any instrument through the use of LADSPA effects. The software also features the ability to import existing FL Studio project files.

Like the VOCALOID Editor, notes are entered using a piano-roll interface. For beats and basslines, LMMS also includes a transport bar similar to that of FL Studio. This editor can be changed to a piano-roll editor if more sophisticated beats and music loops are desired. LMMS can also sing if the experimental plugin Singerbot is installed.

Each instrument can be assigned to an "FX Channel". The FX Mixer provides a single area to change the volume and panning, as well as the effects chains, of all instruments assigned to a specific FX Channel at once. This works well for adjusting the master volume of a drumset (which is normally made up of several different samples, each sample corresponding to a different portion of the drumset; e.g., snare, bass drum, cymbal, etc.).

Included synthesizer pluginsEdit

LMMS includes various synthesizer plugins out-of-the-box. There are also a variety of community-developed presets for each synthesizer plugin, making it easy for beginners to pick a sound they like.

  • AudioFileProcessor provides a simple interface to use the piano-roll or beat editor with a sound clip. LMMS includes several instrument samples, as well as a variety of drum samples, represented as AudioFileProcessor presets.
  • BitInvader provides a highly customizable wavetable synthesizer.
  • Kicker is a kick/bass drum synthesizer.
  • LB302 Monophonic imitation of Roland TB-303.
  • Mallets synthesizes tuneful percussion sounds.
  • Monstro provides more advanced triple oscillator mixing
  • Nescaline emulates the Nintendo Entertainment System® APU.
  • Organic provides an organ-like synthesizer with adjustable "stop" levels for each virtual "pipe".
  • FreeBoy emulates the Nintendo Game Boy APU (audio processor unit).
  • SID emulates the Commodore 64 MOS Technology Sound Interface Device chip, with support for 6581 and 8580 variants.
  • TripleOscillator provides three versatile oscillators that can be mixed together in different ways to produce all kinds of sounds.
  • Vibed models vibrating string instruments.
  • Watsyn provides more advanced wavetable synthesizer
  • Embedded ZynAddSubFX engine with various presets.

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