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"Little Star" is a song featuring Hatsune Miku by Diatom Fox. Literally interpreted, it tells the story of a woman living in an area where the stars have suddenly fallen, and her journey rescuing a lone star and taking him to a place where the stars haven't faded, encouraging him upon arrival to trust in the one who made him if he ever feels like falling again. Its meaning could be interpreted in different ways, depending on whether the listener practices a religion or not: it could be about the intervention of a good friend in difficult times, or it could be the deliverance God provides in such times (given the producer describes herself as Christian on her social media). According to the producer, it was heavily influenced by pop musician Owl City, evidenced by the upbeat and synth-heavy style as well as the style of tuning and lyrics.


I peered through the window and, to my surprise,
The moon and the stars fell down before my eyes!

I couldn't figure it out if I wanted to. How could a sky so dark be so beautiful?
My oh my...

And as a star began to fall, I heard a call, a rubber ball
Bounced in time to the rhythm of the beating of my heart

(Darker by the hour) I'm trapped in a living space...
(Lower by the minute) ...that's falling apart.
(Blinded by the power...) Cause there is another face...
(...of the One Who put me in it)...among the stars!

Wake up, little star, it's time that we go far.
Let's go to another place where shining isn't hard!
Won't we see your friends in a place where the stars don't end?
Surely there's a place more bearable than this darkened space!

I'll take care of you, and all your friends too so
Just sit tight, don't you close your eyes!

I would fly straight into the sun just to take you home,
Instead of letting you slip and fall in a place unknown!

So here we are, it's been a long time since I
Saw the stars shine so brightly.
So little star, when you feel like falling down
Remember the One who put you in the sky and He'll
take you home...