{{Infobox Producer |image =LuYurippe.jpg |producer =LuYurippe is a cover producer known for making Vocaloid cover songs using the various Vocaloids; though lately Utatane Piko.

Her notable works include Maji Love 1000% cover by Kagamine Len and Dixie Flatline's Just be Friends cover by Utatane Piko. |debut =August 2010 |currently =Present |genre =Cover |labels = |associations = |official = |url =Channel: YouTube Nico Nico |playlist = Nico Nico Douga List Twitter (2019): [1] |content= #"Alice Human Sacrifice" (Gumi, Gackpo, Luka, Rin, Len) (Aug.16.2010)

  1. "Can't I Even Dream?" (Miku, Luka, Rin) (Aug.24.2010)
  2. "Can't I Even Dream?" (Len, Rin) (Aug.30.2010)
  3. "Dango Family" (Yuki) (Sep.28.2010)
  4. "Matryoshka" (Iroha) (Nov.27.2010)
  5. "Bad Apple" (Iroha) (Nov.27.2010)
  6. "Dreaming Little Bird" (Iroha, Miki) (Jan.09.2011)
  7. "Dreaming Little Bird" (Rin, Piko) (Jan.09.2011)
  8. "Dreaming Little Bird" (Len, Piko) (Jan.09.2011)
  9. "The Lunacy of Duke Venomania" (Len) (Feb.07.2011)
  10. "Aitai" (Rin, Piko) (Feb.09.2011)
  11. "Higurashi no naku koro ni" (Miku, Piko) (Feb.20.2011)
  12. "Higurashi no naku koro ni" (Rin, Piko) (Feb.20.2011)
  13. "Alluring Secret Black Vow" (Piko) (Mar.08.2011)
  14. "Just be Friends" (Piko) (Mar.08.2011)
  15. "Hello/How Are You" (Piko) (Mar.08.2011)
  16. "Mousou Sketch" (Piko) (Mar.08.2011)
  17. "Promise" (Len, Piko) (Mar.09.2011)
  18. "Left Behind City" (Piko) (Mar.09.2011)
  19. "Two Breaths Walking" (Piko) (Mar.09.2011)
  20. "Two Breaths Walking" (Gumi) (Mar.09.2011)
  21. "Mozaik Role" (Piko) (Mar.20.2011)
  22. "Mozaik Role" (Len) (Mar.21.2011)
  23. "Piko Piko Burning Night" (Piko) (Mar.21.2011)
  24. "Tsugai Kogarashi" (Rin, Gackpo) (Apr.15.2011)
  25. "Tsugai Kogarashi" (Luka, Gackpo) (Apr.15.2011)
  26. "Panda Hero" (VY1, Miku) (Apr.15.2011)
  27. "Panda Hero" (Luka) (Apr.15.2011)
  28. "Panda Hero" (Len, Rin) (Apr.15.2011)
  29. "Uninstall" (Piko) (Apr.16.2011)
  30. "Uninstall" (Rin) (Apr.16.2011)
  31. "Uninstall" (Rin Warm) (Apr.16.2011)
  32. "Shinkai Summit" (Piko) (May.01.2011)
  33. "Shinkai Summit" (Gumi) (May.02.2011)
  34. "Shinkai Summit" (Gumi) (May.02.2011)
  35. "Akahitoha" (Piko) (May.02.2011)
  36. "Hirari Hirari" (Piko) (May.15.2011)
  37. "Hirari Hirari" (Luka) (May.15.2011)
  38. "Hirari Hirari" (Len) (May.15.2011)
  39. "Paradoxial Paradorigm" (Piko) (May.25.2011)
  40. "Unhappy Refrain" (Rin) (May.25.2011)
  41. "Unhappy Refrain" (Luka) (May.25.2011)
  42. "Tsuki yuki hana" (Piko) (May.27.2011)
  43. "Puzzle" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  44. "Puzzle" (VY2) (Jun.30.2011)
  45. "Puzzle" (Rin) (Jun.30.2011)
  46. "Trick and Treat" (VY1, VY2) (Jun.30.2011)
  47. "Hakoniwa no Shoujo" (Rin) (Jun.30.2011)
  48. "Tsuki Hane" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  49. "Dear You" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  50. "Tori no Uta" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  51. "Starduster" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  52. "Sakurane" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  53. "Shinkai Shoujo" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  54. "Ai Kotoba" (Piko) (Jun.30.2011)
  55. "Relations" (Piko) (Jul.19.2011)
  56. "Transmit" (Piko) (Jul.20.2011)
  57. "Calc" (Piko) (Jul.20.2011)
  58. "Hacking to the Gate" (Piko) (Jul.20.2011)
  59. "Jenga" (Piko) (Aug.03.2011)
  60. "Jenga" (Luka) (Aug.03.2011)
  61. "Jenga" (Miku) (Aug.03.2011)
  62. "Jenga" (Miku, Piko) (Aug.05.2011)
  63. "Maji 1000% Love" (Piko, Len, VY2) (Aug.05.2011)
  64. "Maji 1000% Love" (Piko) (Aug.05.2011)
  65. "Maji 1000% Love" (Len) (Aug.05.2011)
  66. "Melodramatic" (Piko) (Aug.08.2011)
  67. "SheSawDay" (Piko) (Aug.09.2011)
  68. "Dolls" (Piko, Rin) (Aug.11.2011)
  69. "She Saw Day" (Rin) (Aug.13.2011)
  70. "Pierrot" (Piko) (Aug.15.2011)
  71. "Kawaru Mirai" (Piko) (Aug.17.2011)
  72. "Love is War" (Piko) (Aug.18.2011)
  73. "Shoot!" (Miku, Miki, Luka, Rin) (Aug.22.2011)
  74. "Time Machine" (Piko) (Aug.22.2011)
  75. "Love is War" (Rin, Piko) (Aug.22.2011)
  76. "Ah, It's A Wonderful Cat's Life" (Rin, Piko) (Sep.13.2011)
  77. "The Prince of Evil" (Piko) (Sep.14.2011)
  78. "The Servant of Evil" (Piko) (Sep.14.2011)
  79. "Regret Message" (Piko) (Sep.14.2011)
  80. "Re_Birthday" (Piko, Rin) (Sep.14.2011)
  81. "Pedal Heart" (Piko) (Sep.19.2011)
  82. "Just be Friends" (Piko) (Sep.26.2011)
  83. "Unhappy Refrain" (Piko) (Sep.28.2011)
  84. "Mousou Sketch" (Piko) (Oct.01.2011)
  85. "Mozaik Role" (Piko) (Oct.02.2011)
  86. "Aitai" (Piko) (Oct.03.2011)
  87. "Aitai" (Rin) (Oct.03.2011)
  88. "Alluring Secret, Black Vow" (Piko) (Oct.14.2011)
  89. "Meltdown" (Piko) (Oct.28.2011)
  90. "PONPONPON" (Piko) (Oct.31.2011)
  91. "Memoria" (Piko) (Nov.02.2011)
  92. "Kagaribito" (Piko) (Nov.04.2011)
  93. "Cat Food" (Piko) (Nov.13.2011)
  94. "Euterpe" (Piko) (Nov.15.2011)
  95. "Light Lag" (Piko) (Nov.22.2011)
  96. "Naraku no Hana" (Piko) (Jan.15.2012)
  97. "Elfina" (Piko) (Jan.18.2012)
  98. "Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman" (Piko) (Feb.11.2012)
  99. "Jenga" (Piko) (Feb.23.2012)
  100. "Coloring" (Piko, IA) (Feb.27.2012)
  101. "Cinderella ~another story~" (Piko, IA) (Mar.03.2012)
  102. "Yumezakura" (Piko, IA) (Mar.05.2012)
  103. "Let it Out" (Piko) (Mar.22.2012)
  104. "Renai Yuusha" (Piko) (Apr.15.2012)
  105. "Coloring" (Piko) (Apr.29.2012)
  106. "Yasashisha no Ryuu" (Piko) (May.02.2012)
  107. "Brella" (Piko, Rin) (May.21.2012)
  108. "Eyesight Test" (Piko) (Jun.14.2012)
  109. "Maris Stella" (Piko, Rin) (Jun.21.2012)
  110. "Seeds of Promise" (Piko) (Jun.25.2012)
  111. "First Love Academy ・ School of True Love" (Piko, VY2, Len) (Jul.01.2012)
  112. "Hello / How are you" (Piko, Rin) (Jul.13.2012)
  113. "Pierrot" (Piko) (Jul.15.2012)
  114. "Love Hero" (Piko) (Jul.16.2012)
  115. "Capriccio Farce" (Miku, Rin, Len, Gackpo, IA, Yukari, VY2, Piko) (Jul.24.2012)
  116. "Life Reset Button" (Piko) (Jul.26.2012)
  117. "Stone Cold" (Piko, Len) (Aug.08.2012)
  118. "Pinky Promise" (Piko) (Aug.09.2012)
  119. "Souvenir" (Piko) (Aug.11.2012)
  120. "Kagerou Days" (Piko) (Dec.03.2012)
  121. "The Transient Apple Salesgirl" (Piko, Rin) (Jan.03.2013)
  122. "Orenji" (Piko, Rin) (Feb.12.2013)
  123. "Keppekishou" (Piko) (Oct.10.2013)
  124. "Quartet☆Night" (Gackpo, Piko, VY2) (Oct.10.2013)
  125. "Dragon Rising" (Piko, Rin) (Oct.10.2013)
  126. "Checkmate" (Piko) (Oct.10.2013)
  127. "Outer Science" (Piko) (Oct.11.2013)
  128. "A Solution for Jealousy" (Piko) (Dec.12.2013)
  129. "Two Stars" (Piko, Rin) (Dec.25.2013)
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