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Image of "Luo Tianyi 2019.7.12 Birthday Party"
Event title
  • "Luo Tianyi 2019.7.12 Birthday Party"
Publicized July 12, 2019


  • Description: A live event hosted in celebration for Luo Tianyi's 7th anniversary and character birthday. Features her performing a small concert, interacting with the audience and giving away gifts, sharing a slideshow and messages from producers, and announcing news in terms of merchandising and marketing. It should be noted that OLIVER's vocals was used in one of the songs but he does not physically appear on the stage.
  • Concert date: July 12, 2019
  • Location: Shanghai World Financial Center
  • Entry fee: Unknown
  • Playlist №: 14
  • Company: Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Song list[]

Chinese, Pinyin English Singer Producer
01 I LOVE U I LOVE U Tianyi Atunemic, Cangshisan
02 异样的风暴中心 (Yìyàng de Fēngbào Zhōngxīn) Bizarre Eye of Storm Tianyi Sukita Akira, Hetianye
03 莎图温的裙摆 (Saturn de Qún Bǎi) The Dress of Lady Saturn Tianyi Tiaonan-P
04 三千世界鸦杀尽 (Sānqiān Shìjiè Yā Shā Jìn) Three Thousand World of Slaying Crows Tianyi FlowersRite, Weicai zhi Yi, Maomaochong-P
05 朝汐 (Cháo Xī) Facing the Night Tides Tianyi 7ZH_Qian Mian Yin Ye, Luo Li-P
06 蒲公英之路 (Púgōngyīng zhī Lù) Road of Dandelion Tianyi, OLIVER JUSF
07 为谁而为 (Wèi Shéi Ér Wéi) Tianyi COP
08 ピンクブルー (PinkBlue) PinkBlue Tianyi Ueda Takeshi, Peperon-P
09 夜行者们 (Yèxíng Zhěmen) Night Walkers Tianyi Naonao, Guimian-P, Ju Zhu
10 兔子先生 (Tùzǐ Xiānshēng) Mr. Rabbit Tianyi Xiao Hua A Xiao Hua
11 风萤月 (Fēng Yíng Yuè) Wind Fireflies Moon Tianyi Zoey, Da♂Gu
12 Unforgiven Unforgiven Tianyi st.k4n3, Mo Xiao You, Kao La Ji
13 Starlight Starlight Tianyi PoKeR, K_Lacid, Mianhua-P
14 hello&bye,days hello&bye,days Tianyi COP