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Series title
  • "The Lycieratia Series"
Published March 05, 2011

Background[edit | edit source]

The Lycieratia Series is an ongoing series, uploaded in a random order; the first song uploaded (track 8) "Lycieratia" was uploaded on July 2011.

It is said that the series will have around 12 songs; and those 12 songs will be released as an album "Lycieratia" later on.

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

These are 'words' or 'terms' used in the series along the way; (Note that this story uses first person 'I') they're very crucial to the plot of the Lycieratia series.

All descriptions of the words are taken from the Lycieratia Series' official site; in the words section. Also, it was first mentioned on the second track of the series Dideh o Shasta (a list of words / vocabulary in the series was seen in the video) and several other songs in the series.

A translation of several Old Language (a "mage up" language made by Nanami-P for the series) can be seen either inside the video / in the comment section of the video in Nico Nico Douga.

Lycieratia (リシェラティア)[edit | edit source]

Shortly, it means 'paradise' in the old language. The Goddess (El=Sirle) gave the name.

El=Sirle (夢紡ぐ女神) [Yume Tsumugi Megami][edit | edit source]

Someday somewhere a girl dreamt of 'Paradise' (Paradise = Lycieratia). It is the creator of the 'world', Lycieratia. Meaning El=Sirle is a goddess.

There are various worlds as hinted from Dideh o Shasta. Those who speaks of the unknown language may be from "the other worlds". For example, the chorus of the song Harmonia is said to be Megurine Luka. Although it's not revealed in the video / plot, she may live somewhere in Lycieratia (as hinted she was in a conversation in Hate no Mori no Memoria)

Yomi (ヨミ)[edit | edit source]

Yomi causes animals to die and plants to wither. It has no shape (invisible) though it produces a 'creeping sound'. People in Lycieratia is very afraid of Yomi; presumably everyone else who is outside of Lycieratia is afraid of them as well.

pha=Tella (ファ=テラ)[edit | edit source]

pha=Tella means "transmitter" in the old language. It holds a harp named phitoual, and like El=Sirle, is able to heal Yomi's destruction. Len/Leol is said to be a pha=Tella along with his father (and presumably the rest of his family as well).

Phitoual (フィトゥアル)[edit | edit source]

A phitoual in Memoria

A mysterious harp used by pha=Tella, "first" seen on Hate no Mori no Memoria. The phitoual's timbre, pha-Tella's spinning songs is able to heal Yomis' destruction.

In the song, Hate no Mori no Memoria; Len/Leol is seen with a harp, suspected to be a Phitoual. It's unknown where it took place, however, it proves that Leol is a pha=Tella because he holds a Phitoual with him (details on Leol for now is still very vague. If this is true then his father too is a pha=Tella; and so are the other victims of the fire). Whether or not he realizes the fact about Phitoual's power to heal is unknown.

ta Moorie o Entir (果ての森)[edit | edit source]

ta Moorie o Entir (Hate no Mori; the Forest's End), is a place where pha=Tella lived; Len/Leol's hometown. However, ta Moorie o Entir was destroyed on a fire "seven years ago". Currently ta Moorie o Entir is in ruins.

Leol is the soul survivor of the accident; thus making him an orphan, and the only pha=Tella known to exist in that time, also the only one to have a Phitoual.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Riahna (リアナ)[edit | edit source]

First seen on: Lycieratia Voice / Vocaloid: Kagamine Rin
Role: Main character

Riahna (Rin) a 14-year old girl raised in an orphanage. On her right palm there is a 'birthmark' shaped like a flower with 6 petals. Living in the orphanage, she wonders how the outside world looks like. She's a bright and cheerful person who looks forward and not back. In the journey together with Leol, she is shown to be a bit clumsy.

Riahna doesn't remember much before the orphanage; the same goes to her family. She's a sensitive girl who cares about others, and loves anything interesting. In health, Riahna grew up with boys in the orphanage, thus making her have a decent staminal; she's mentally very strong as well. Riahna's role in the story is to "witness" Leol's story / life.

Leol Sheza (レオル シェザ)[edit | edit source]

Leol Sheza.png
First seen on: Lycieratia Voice / Vocaloid: Kagamine Len
Role: Main character

Leol Sheza (Len) is a 14-year old boy who lost his father from a fire. He began a trip and found Riahna along the way. He is somewhat cold, but also has a blunt personality.

Unlike Riahna who knew nothing of his parents or family; at least Leol knew what his full name is Leol Sheza (Western order; his first name is Leol). He's an orphan whose father and mother died in a fire, thus him being a loner. He adores flowers and despise noises. Leol is physically very strong, however his heart is brittle.

Leol's role in the story is because "he is responsible for the world, Lycieratia".

The Songs[edit | edit source]

Do note that Nanami-P does not upload the song in order. It's apparently in a random order; or a decreasing order (Currently only track 8, track 7, track 5, and track 2 are uploaded; a short version of the prologue can be heard on the official site)


Uploaded Featuring Sung by Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len (chorus)
Music Nanami-P
Video website
This is the first track of the series.

A short version of the song is available in the Lycieratia website. Somewhere in the middle of the song, it has a similar melody to the song Dideh o Shasta. It may be a reference or so; however the song uploaded there is not complete.

A lonely voice sung, "Prologue" tells the tale, a meeting of two people; asking "who" (presumably El=Sirle and Riahna). Whispers saying "you are not alone".

Dideh o Shasta -十五の宴- (The 15th Banquet)

Uploaded Jan.12.2012 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Nanami-P
Video 7:24, Nanami-P
This is the second track in the series.

This is the song of beginning; where the series is introduced. Words / vocabulary used throughout the series are mentioned in the video; and a "new" word (dideh o shasta / デイデヮ オシャタ) is mentioned in the song.

These are not Rin (Riahna) or Len (Leol) singing in the video. Notice their costumes, the background (they may be from another world, different from where Riahna and Leol lives) and how there are six Kagamines in the illustration shown. They're similar; though they're not the "same" people. A pair had orange eyes, a pair had blue eyes. Also, all of the Kagamine Appends: Rin and Len's Power, warm, cold, sweet, and serious are used in the song and takes turn on singing the song (Kagamine Rin/Len Act1/2 aren't singing. They've only sung during Lycieratia and Hate no Mori no Memoria)

This is not the "first" song (even though it's stated in the lyrics that its' the song of beginning), this is the second song.

The Old Language

  • Dere lis syphon mei ya!
  • Pha toe whe, pha toe wi, pha toe a, pha toe yeh』"To all of the worlds, and so, to the original."
  • Phisiea! Ryuea! Dideh o Shasta!
  • Phisiea! Ryuea! "Qui rai ryuer tous lif"
  • Tracier lis ryue mor ta curria do, ye tracier ta curria do tous lif.』"The more songs you sing to the world, the more will it be given to you"


Uploaded Nov.14.2011 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music Nanami-P
Video Marie, Mariwai, lifewithmiku
This is the fifth track of the series, parts of the songs here is based on the story's Chapter 1.

Rin said goodbye to all the people she loved; and wandered around at night. It was then when she heard a voice once nostalgic saying "Behind this forest, sea could be seen and there is a city. You grant it." It's unknown who she sang the song to (though it's hinted to be Len/Leol) "whoever" that was sang a song all alone.

As day passes by, "that person" slowly forget treasures he and Riahna had shared together. Riahna wanted to be beside Leol forever though knowing it's impossible; saying she should protect the village somehow.

In the end, even though Riahna was hesitant on leaving the village, she decided to go anyway; she wanted to let go of "that hand". She sang a song only she knew, a gentle song, and said "I love you" (To Len/Leol).

果ての森のMemoria (Hate no Mori no Memoria)

Uploaded Jul.25.2011 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Chorus by Megurine Luka
Music Nanami-P
Video Marie, Mariwai, lifewithmiku
This is the seventh track of the series.

The Old Language

  • Qui rai ryuer, emes ta chan lis "Lycieratia" frastec』As long as this "paradise" is at it's top, it will continue to sing.
  • "Tracier lies ryue mor ta curria do, le tracier ta curria da tous lif"』 "The more songs you sing to the world, the more will it be given to you"
  • "Dere lis celene riman ness?"』"That dream too, did it disappear?"
  • "Ne, di sorac ta sum chell you di ryuer dif"』"No, that song, I look forward to see that day."
  • "Naize les phitoual ryuec"』"The harp's timbre, it will be heard, forever."
  • "Ne siwec, ne li rima ta onch"』"That's way now, right here, here, so..."
  • "Naize vou ta lyne chell vou ci toe le ganen"』"You said so, and I nodded."
  • "Lycieratia"』"Paradise"


Uploaded Mar.05.2011 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Nanami-P
Video Marie, Mariwai, lifewithmiku
This is the eigth track of the series.

The song starts with Len singing of a tale from the forest and the wind, it crosses time. He wondered when 'the door' will be opened. He then heard a voice calling "You are not alone. Someday at the place you look back on, I hope I can be there with you."

In Rin's part, she sang of someday somewhere, was an unforgettable memory. It showed a garden of flowers with Rin (with long hair; the same person who appeared in Harmonia) and a blonde boy, playing. She wondered whose face was in that memory; and whose voice (Which actually is El=Sirle)

At the end of the video it showed Rin's hand which has a 6-petal birthmark.

Azure Oath

Uploaded Jun 21, 2015 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music Nanami-P
Video Marie, Mariwai, lifewithmiku

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first three songs uploaded of the series' title ends with the letter 'ia'. Nanami-P stated that it's unintentional, all of the four songs currently uploaded to the series
  • all have mentioned/featured/shows a flower, this could mean:
    • Between Len/Leol (for his love of flowers)
    • The wildflower mentioned by Rin/Riahna in Harmonia
    • The bouquet (depending on what Dideh o Shasta means)
    • The flower found in the garden of flowers as shown in the flashback on the songs Lycieratia and Hate no Mori no Memoria.
  • It's currently known that Riahna has a six petal-ed birthmark on her hand. Six means a lot of things such as:
    • Six is a symbol of completeness.
    • Six symbolize for beauty & high ideals.
    • Pythagoras symbolize it as a perfect number.
    • Six is a lucky number in dice.
    • Six is a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love.
    • Six in tarot is the card of lover.
  • When asked, Nanami-P stated that Rin/Riahna reminds her of the color soft purple, while Leol reminds her of the color blue.
  • Character trivia
    • Riahna
      • Her name came from "Ri" (リ) of Kagamine Rin.
      • She is female, 14 years old, and was born in late March. However, Rin's anniversary/birthday is December 27 (Act 1 and Append) and June 18 (Act 2)
      • Riahna's 'theme' is "Small but dignified flower"
    • Leol Sheza
      • His name from the "Le" of Kagamine Len.
      • He's 14 years old, and his birthday is late November. However Len's birthday is on December 27 (Act 1 and Appends) and July 18 (Act 2)
      • It's stated that he'll become more overprotective for Riahna as he too will develop feelings for her.
      • "The last survivor of an old family" is the original purpose Nanami-P made Leol.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Image len.jpg
Len in the Lycieratia Series as Leol Sheza
Image rin.jpg
Rin in the Lycieratia Series as Riahna
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