"MA¡KA" is a compilation original album by Vocallective Records, in collaboration with various guests artist. The album contains 7 tracks featuring MAIKA, along with Clara, Hatsune Miku and KAITO. The album's genres include metal/rock, electronic and acoustic. Many of the songs were also entries of MAIKA Original Song Contest.

HorizonsP's track, "Another Cliché" was removed due to a copyright claim by Virtual Riot.

The album can be bought on iTunes, Bandcamp and from Vocallective's website.

Released May 24, 2014
Producer Various
Price Name your price (BC)
$7.92 USD (iTunes)
Illust. KiremeKirai
Label Vocallective
Track list
1. Tiempos
YZYX feat. MAIKA & Clara
2. Fujoshi
darkbluecat feat. MAIKA
3. Another Cliché
Horizons-P feat. Hatsune Miku V3 & MAIKA
4. Define Me
nostraightanswer feat. MAIKA
5. Bad Breakup
I3orje feat. MAIKA
6. La Audición
maubox feat. MAIKA
7. Benedictino Laudate Domini
Aensland feat. MAIKA
8. Waves of Change
Empath-P feat. MAIKA & KAITO V3
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