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MAIDLOID (メイドロイド) is a Text-to-Speech/Phrase Editor synthesizer developed and distributed by StudioS, and it was released December 27, 2007.[1]


It is a voice synthesizing engine made to resemble VOCALOID, but it is made to create erotic sounds instead of singing. It can voice the 50 Japanese consonants along with several hundred voice clips and breathing sounds to sound like a recreation of an eroge. There are a few extras, such as the ability to insert customized special sound effects and a few BGMs. Acme Iku's voice was made to be used in games and animation and those works can be sold. However, it is illegal to distribute her full voicebank. There are exceptions with the Lite version.

On December 27, 2017, for Acme Iku's tenth anniversary, StudioS announced that there would be a new character added to the Character H-Voice Series named RIYONA,[2] and Acme Iku's page on DLsite was updated as well, adding contents from the physical CD extras to the MAIDLOID editor. Anyone with a valid purchase of her on DLsite can download the updated version for free.

On February 10, 2018, the new H-Voice character, RIYONA, was released onto the DLsite and DMM for 1,620円. Her files contained over 900+ new sounds and phrases, most of which consists eroge sounds. StudioS stated that RIYONA was made with the idea in mind of using her for not only H-Games/Eroge Games but also fighting games as well, with a whole folder of voice lines dedicated to those types phrases. RIYONA uses a brand new software built by StudioS just for her vocal usage, making her the first H-Voice Character so far to not use the MAIDLOID Editor.

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Some users have attempted to make the vocals 'sing' and even proved successful by importing the Japanese syllables into Vocal Synthesis Tool, UTAU. However, the H-Voice Characters are not meant for musical purposes and – like with the Macne Series – users would need to own the full versions of the software to legally be able to use this in UTAU, as the Lite version of Iku and RIYONA only provide a small number of Japanese consonants and cannot make a fully working voicebank.

The demo versions of Iku and RIYONA only include a small portion of their original libraries, their sound quality manually degraded to make the usage of the demo files less desirable, provoking customers to buy the full versions.

It was speculated that a majority of western UTAU users who had managed to secure the UTAU voicebank for their own usage do not own the original MAIDLOID product, and it was estimated that the number of users who owned it illegally was quite high, though Acme Iku was available for purchase and download from DLsite. Part of the problem was that because other UTAU voicebanks are shared freely, users presumed that this practice was the same for MAIDLOID, even though this was not the case.

When ported to the UTAU software and used for 'singing', the Lite versions of Acme Iku & RIYONA have poor clarity and quality due to the demo files' compression and is difficult for even native Japanese speakers to understand. Once bought, the full versions of Acme Iku's and RIYONA's voice qualities are much better.

H-Voice Series CharactersEdit


Acme Iku

Acme Iku (阿久女イク) is the first character of StudioS' H-Voice Character Series and uses the Flash made MAIDLOID software. Her voice is provided by the Japanese voice actress, Sayaka Keina (計名さや香; Keina Sayaka) and her illustration is by Shin.

Her concept is a housemaid android who is meant to be a lewd and cute character.

Her name Acme in kanji is the choice of corresponding pronunciation and has no valid literal interpretation. In katakana 'Acme' in Japanese literally means "orgasm." And Iku is a common erotic moan in Japan, meaning "to come, to orgasm." As such, her name translates into a sexual innuendo. Her name simplified in hiragana is "あくめいく".

Iku is featured as a playable character in the Japanese PC doujin game Super Strip Fighter IV (スーパーストリートファイターⅣ). Her voice bank is used, and some of her attacks consist of use of her hair, she is able to use her hair accessory and throw or swing it at her opponents.[3]
Age: 1 (officially) / Height: 145 cm / Weight: SECRET! (ナイショ! (NAISHO!) /
Vocal Range: Good vocal range, Lolita treble / Tempo: H-mode / Genre: Hentai, Ecchi

Knightroid Riyona

Princess Knight Riyona

Princess Knight RIYONA (姫騎士リヨナ) is the second and newest character of StudioS' H-Voice Character Series labeled as KNIGHTROID. She uses software made for Windows, which subsequently shall be referred to as the KNIGHTROID Editor. Her voice is provided by an adult game Japanese voice actress, Miki Honda (本多未季; Honda Miki) and her illustration is by Shin.

Her concept is a princess knight, meant to be proud and a strong ruler, but she's also more of an older sister figure, unlike Iku.

Not much is currently known about her as a character, and little is known about her voice provider other than her few roles in some eroge games.

RIYONA is featured as a playable character in the Japanese PC doujin game Super Strip Fighter 5 (スーパーストリートファイター5). Her voice provider provided the samples used, and some of her attacks consist of use of her using her sword as well as the ability to use lightning attacks.
Age: ??? / Height: ??? cm / Weight: ??? /
Vocal Range: ??? / Tempo: H-mode / Genre: Hentai, Ecchi, Game


  • In 2011, a Japanese producer by the name of Paraoka, created three songs using the software and released a doujin album, "Training Diary".[4]
    • The songs are Nightmaid, Slashmaid, and Chaosmaid, all of which can be sampled for listening on niconico.[5]



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