MAIKA Original Song Contest was an official song contest hosted by Voctro Labs, S.L. in 25th, February 2014 to promote MAIKA.

Contest DetailsEdit

Producers had until the 19th, May 2014 to produce an original song using MAIKA and upload it to YouTube. As some producers might not have owned MAIKA, Voctro Labs also included a 14 day trial of MAIKA on their page. Winners were announced for this contest on the 1st, June 2014.


  • Other vocals were allowed to be included as long as MAIKA was the lead singer.
  • MAIKA could sing in any language.
  • Original compositions only, covers of existing songs would be disqualified.
  • Producers did not need to make their own art, however artists must be credited.
  • No submission limit, submission from different authors/collectives were also allowed.


A rating system was used by Voctro Labs to determine how popular a video was and hence determine the winners. The formula they will use is bellow :

rating number = (Number of views / 10) + likes * 10 + comments * 5

Rating for the videos were conducted on the 1st, June 2014, the same day the winners were announced.


  • Most Popular Video - Boxed version of Bruno & Clara as well as MAIKA.
  • 2nd Most Popular Video - Download version Bruno & Clara as well as MAIKA.
  • 3rd Most Popular Video - Download version of either Bruno & Clara or MAIKA
  • Voctro Labs Favourite Video - Boxed version of Bruno & Clara as well as MAIKA.

Winning EntriesEdit

Voctro Labs, as well as picking out the most popular videos, selected 2 favourites; one sung in Spanish and one for an international language.

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc. Award(s)
La Audición maubox (Ankari) MAIKA YT Most Popular Video
Fujoshi darkbluecat MAIKA YT 2nd Most Popular Video
Define Me nostraightanswer (Kenji-B) MAIKA YT NND 3rd Most Popular Video & Voctro Labs Favourite Video (International)
Tiempos YZYX MAIKA & Clara YT Voctro Labs Favourite Video (Spanish)

Voctro Labs Note-Worthy EntriesEdit

As well as the winners, Voctro Labs made a "Special Mentions" section for songs they thought were very well done although miss out on getting a prize.

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc.
Crazy Town ghostie MAIKA feat YOHIOloid YT


Yo te espero AlexTrip Sands MAIKA YT
~Past~ Laura Megurine MAIKA feat AVANNA YT
Quien va a perder Cyo Style MAIKA YT
Суддя Chie (DoNotCrossP) MAIKA YT
Hetaira ColorfulHorizonsP MAIKA feat Clara & Megurine Luka YT


Forever And Ever fealow MAIKA YT
Estamos Viviendo heart★breaker MAIKA YT
Bad Breakup i3orje MAIKA YT
Cerca de Ti VTMProjects MAIKA YT
Lunar lNahual MAIKA YT
Dulce Ironía Mac Beth MAIKA YT
Soft Water u2kushi MAIKA YT
Trading Sanity for Fantasy Venova (kassie2k4) MAIKA YT
Para Ti TSUtauSeries MAIKA YT

Other EntriesEdit

Title Producer VOCALOID(s) NND / YT / etc.
Shine Star, Magnifique IAJLC-P MAIKA YT
El tiempo sin mi padre Hatsune Dan MAIKA YT
Solitaria Agonía Jezoyam MAIKA YT
In:Sense Dan Dubinsky MAIKA feat Hatsune Miku YT
White Day Cyan Pluss MAIKA YT
Truth fchanc123 MAIKA YT
Vivir Cade-chan MAIKA YT
Não vou chorar Cla Factory MAIKA YT
DIN_DANtime Hidaomari MAIKA feat Clara YT
Bailen con Maika Yesi-chan(gaticaeitan) MAIKA (Chorus: IA & Kasane Teto) YT
The Beautiful World Musicnote4898 MAIKA YT
Benedictio Laudate Domini ImperialLeon MAIKA YT
Luz de Estrella Dait Doce MAIKA YT
Te l’imagines? Nil Casellas MAIKA & ONA YT
Vote Jessica Lee VocaGaburu MAIKA YT
Yo sueño Spikatto MAIKA & Clara YT
Desesperacion leonardorg2 MAIKA YT
Huntress MasuiyakuAnesthetic MAIKA YT
Closest Star TraInspud MAIKA & AVANNA YT
Te extrañare platiniox22 MAIKA & YOHIOloid YT (Old Version)

YT (New Version)

New Universe alexoualexoumusic MAIKA YT
Mirando al Cielo Kiriel C MAIKA YT
Hypochondriac JunsuinaOujo MAIKA YT
Bold and Beautiful JuuRokuChan MAIKA YT
De a dos Juan Ve Injusto MAIKA YT
Hilo Rojo digitach MAIKA YT
Fantasare EnigmaticAgitator MAIKA YT
Mapless Decay HarukaNiji MAIKA & AVANNA NND


F33L M3 TheVocArt MAIKA YT
Send My Love to Space Robyn IsANinja MAIKA YT
The Last Goodbye loki MAIKA & YOHIOloid YT
¡Y te quiero olvidar…! TheLuisGamer98 MAIKA YT
VUELA 飛ぶ FLY brayan montealegre MAIKA YT
Void of Despondency JunsuinaOujo MAIKA YT
They didn’t say JunsuinaOujo MAIKA YT
Vida Escolar  RoninYorch MAIKA YT

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