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This article is about the VOCALOID3 software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.


It is unknown when production switched from VOCALOID2 to VOCALOID3, however, it is known that even Crypton Future Media could not predict if this update would be for either engine. Use of the VOCALOID2 version can be found in Project Mirai.


Upon a resurgent interest in KAITO and MEIKO, Crypton Future Media began pre-production of potential updates to their respective voicebanks. Due to the elapsed time and changes in both herself and the technology, Meiko Haigou's voice was first tested to see how it fared within the VOCALOID2. The results, which satisfied Crypton, allowed new recordings to begin. According to Meiko Haigou, unlike the first VOCALOID recording, the new update was much more relaxed and she was not rushed to finish.


In early February 2010, Wat mentioned a desire to work on MEIKO and the children's choir, but was working on Rin and Len.[1]

In September, it was noted that CFM was considering updating MEIKO and KAITO to VOCALOID2 or VOCALOID3.[2]

In December, MEIKO and KAITO were confirmed for updates, but it was unknown whether they would be released for VOCALOID2 or VOCALOID3, as they were still being planned.[3] The two were not being developed as a pair, however.[4] Crypton conducted a survey of 8,000+ people, which confirmed positive views towards updating her from VOCALOID. Crypton made note that these opinions came from only core VOCALOID users and listeners. At the time of the poll, the planned development stages of the Crypton VOCALOIDs were MEIKO → Megurine Luka → KAITO.[5]

MEIKO V3: 2011[]

Wat confirmed that MEIKO was still in development[6] and her progress continued throughout June 2011.[7] Compared to KAITO's update, Wat was unsure what Appends she should have.[8]

In July, Wat reported that progress on both MEIKO and Luka was moving forward quietly.[9]

After a long interval, MEIKO's recording was resumed in November 2011.[10] A few days later, Meiko Haigou announced that she finished recording for MEIKO completely. Wat mentioned that MEIKO was a "new version", with a prospect that the entire V3 Crypton lineup was due for release next summer.[11]

MEIKO Append was heard for the very first time when OSTER project used her in Lollipop Factory, which was uploaded on December 1. It was stated in the video description that OSTER was able to use the voicebank via courtesy of Crypton Future Media. However, the version she used was the unreleased VOCALOID2 voicebank that was under development during that period.

Following the video, OSTER used the same voicebank in one of the songs in her album "OSTERさんのベスト" (OSTER-san no Best). This time, it was used in its more natural tone; replacing the vocals of the original VOCALOID MEIKO in the 7th track "ピアノ×フォルテ×スキャンダル" (Piano × Forte × Scandal). This was noticeably smoother and clearer compared with the original.[12]

Wat reported in December that MEIKO was still coming along steadily.[13]

On December 1, Wat tweeted that all previous demos were originally rendered with the VOCALOID2 engine and things were being redone for the VOCALOID3 engine.[14]

MEIKO V3: 2012[]

In February 2012, Wat discussed the differences between the CV, Character Vocal, series (Hatsune Miku, the Kagamines, and Megurine Luka) and MEIKO and KAITO. He also stated their updates were being adjusted by using editing techniques to achieve the results, whereas the CV series' Appends were done using acting performances.[15] Crypton was considering grounds for a MEIKO English voicebank.[16]

It was later announced that Crypton would make an English voicebank. A test version of MEIKO was produced in the month of March 2012.[17]

A "Dark" voicebank had been confirmed. Also, like KAITO, she would have a classic vocal with the same tone as VOCALOID MEIKO.

According to a late December report, MEIKO and other projects were coming along steadily.[18]

MEIKO V3: 2013[]

It was confirmed that an English voicebank would be included in the MEIKO V3 pack, exactly as KAITO's was.[19] MEIKO's provider was practicing English to prepare for the English voicebank.[20] Crypton was trying to find new ways of improving English pronunciation due to the strict sound recognition of English speakers.[21]

Wat spoke again about the "Dark" and "Power" vocals in May 2013, mentioning that he was to adjust the MEIKO voicebank to make it more balanced in favor of its payoffs.[22][23]

In June, Wat discussed changes that affected things between VOCALOID2 and VOCALOID3 as well as the impact on the databases in development, where he stated that he was thankful for the changes.[24]

Crypton's website was updated in July to include MEIKO V3 and Hatsune Miku V3.[25]

On October 7, it was announced that MEIKO V3's Japanese voicebank was having its final adjustments, with Meiko Haigou announcing it's completion by the end of the week.[26]

On October 12, the first demo of MEIKO V3 was heard at the NY Comic-Con.

On October 19, Wat reported that "Power" was having some adjustments made to it.[27]

On November 5, it was revealed on her official site that MEIKO V3 would be released in February 2014 and had two demos shown to the public.

MEIKO V3: 2014[]

In January 2014, Wat mentioned that the situation with MEIKO "Power" was similar with the Kagamine Act1 package. MEIKO's "Power" vocal was recorded in 2009 and did not produce good results on the VOCALOID2 engine, with the decision to shelve the vocal being made. It was brought out again in 2013, being re-added to the update as a result of the new V3 engine allowing the vocal to be possible. Based on this experience, Wat mentioned it may be possible to bring Kagamine Act1 back as well.[28] Futrhermore, Wat mentioned playing with experimental vocals he hoped to release at some point: these 3 vocals being KAITO "Light", Miku "Falsetto" and MEIKO "Hard".[29]

MEIKO went on sale with a "Vocaloid-P Debut Lite" set. This set contained the MEIKO V3 software, a Korg microKEY-25 MIDI keyboard, a TASCAM US-100 unit, and headsets. "Studio One Piapro Edition" was also included in the release.[30] An advanced bundle, called the "Invincible" set was sold as well. In addition to the contents of the "Lite" set, other things were offered: including a Peavey PVi2 Dynamic Microphone, a wind guard, a boom arm microphone, a music stand, an XLR-XLR microphone cable, and a pop guard. Cubase LE6 was included within the box as additional software and, instead of the TASCAM US-100 unit, the more advanced TASCAM US-366 unit was included. It is worth noting that both bundles are not built for a normal PC environment and producers interested would have to consider their set-up before buying, as it may not be suitable for these particular bundles.[31]

MEIKO V3: 2024[]

On July 1, Crypton announced that their virtual singer software product line would be repackaged as part of celebration of the company's 20th Anniversary of their singing synthesis software business. The DAW in the MEIKO V3 package was changed to Cubase LE.[32]

Product Information[]



逆襲のMeiko (Gyakushuu no Meiko) (Power) YouTube
A Certain Night (Straight, Power) YouTube
love addiction (Whisper) YouTube
My Goodbye (English) YouTube
Color (Straight) YouTube
千秋一夜 (Senshuu Ichiya) (Power) YouTube
CRUSH DOWN (Dark) YouTube
Witness feat. KAITO V3 (English) YouTube
ソラノカナタ (Sora No Kanata) (Straight) YouTube
ピエロプレイ (Pierrot Play) (Straight) YouTube
クリスティーネの写真 (Christine no Shashin) (Whisper, Dark) YouTube
Drown (English) YouTube
Guilty Rose (Straight) YouTube
Chu♪Chu♪Chu♪ (Straight) YouTube
Rafflesia (Power) YouTube
花に変わる (Hana ni Kawaru) (Power) YouTube

System Requirements[]

  • OS:
    • Windows: Windows 8 (32/64bit)/ Windows 7 (32/64bit)/ Vista (32bit)/ XP (32bit)
    • Mac: OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or more
  • RAM: 2GB or more
  • Hard Disk Capacity:
    • Windows:
      • More than 25GB (NTFS format)
    • Mac:
      • More than 21GB (HFS+ format)
  • Other: Sound device/ OpenGL 3.0 or later/ 1280x786px or higher display/ Internet connection (for activation)



Product Information
  Trial/Demo Vers?: Yes  Starter Available?: "VOCALOID5 Plus" promotion only[33]
Package details as noted:

MEIKO's VOCALOID3 voicebank is an update package for MEIKO, using vocal samples from her voice provider, Meiko Haigo. It will contain four new voicebanks as well as a "Straight" vocal which bares the same tone as the original VOCALOID. Just like KAITO's, this extension is not intended to be a expression of emotions like the CV series, and her vocals will contain a more natural singing tone. It also contains an English voicebank.

This package comes with Piapro Studio.

The software comes with the Piapro Studio Edition of PreSonus's DAW "Studio One ARTIST"[34], which includes various vocal effects and other tools. This includes also a resource pack with 200 virtual instruments. The inclusion of the complete packages of Piapro Studio and Studio One ARTIST means that anyone buying this release can get started in music straight away with no need to purchase any further software, and all will work together with each other without any problems.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • The vocals within this package are completely new recordings and are not taken from the original VOCALOID product. The need for a new recording was because the results would not satisfy the demands of VOCALOID users and fans.[35]
  • Unlike the previous KAITO V3 package, there are 5 vocals within the MEIKO V3 package instead of 4.

Cross-Synthesis as noted:

When imported into VOCALOID4, the cross-synthesis (XSY) function can be used on all 4 Japanese MEIKO voicebanks.

  • In total the package offers the equivalent of 12 additional voicebanks achievable via XSY. The total tone variation offered by the package comes to a theoretical 16 voicebanks in total.
  • Note that these vocals were not designed to be used for XSY originally as it was not part of the VOCALOID3 engine functions. Results may be rougher than VOCALOID4 XSY vocals for that reason.

  • From Ver.4.3.0 of the Vocaloid engine onwards, a XSY group "Meiko V3" was added to Vocaloid. All vocals within the "Meiko V3" group can XSY with each other. This vocal release is part of this group. If a User owns one or more vocal releases within the "AHS" group, XSY between them will open up.[36][37]
    • Currently only one release is found within this group MEIKO V3, making it a fairly limited XSY group.
    • The group has 4 unique voicebanks; "Power", "Straight", "Whisper" and "Dark"

  • Individual Vocals[]

    Product Information
      Genre: Rock, Metal, Alternative, Dance  Optimum Range: B2 ~ F4  Optimum Tempo: 65 ~ 180 BPM
      Total Tempo (min-max): 115 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 12, B ~ 7, Total ~ 19
    Package details as noted:

    DB 1 POWER is designed to have a strong clear tone.It was re-added to the MEIKO update package in 2013. The idea behind this vocal is similar to the Kagamine Rin Append "Power" and it acts as a forceful sounding vocal.

    Vocal traits as noted:
    • It has the biggest tempo capabilities of all the MEIKO vocals within the MEIKO V3 package.
    Software issues as noted:
    • Has similar traits to the Kagamine Rin Act1 and due to production concern owed to past experience with that package, is why it was pulled from the VOCALOID2 aimed update originally. This vocal was only re-added due to the VOCALOID3 engines capability. This is the only MEIKO V3 vocal confirmed to have only been possible due to the V3 engine.
    Voicebank sample

    MEIKO V3 Power

    Cross-Synthesis as noted:

    "Power" and "Straight" are pronounication controls are are meant to be used to control expression in the MEIKO voicebank and either one can act as the main vocal.

    The paths of expression therefore for "Straight" are;

    • "Power" ⇄ XSY ("Power" x "Dark")
    • "Power" ⇄ XSY ("Power" x "Dark") ⇄ "Dark"
    • "Power" ⇄ XSY ("Power" x "Whisper")
    • "Power" ⇄ XSY ("Power" x "Whisper") ⇄ "Whisper"

    "Power" in XSY also gives other MEIKO V3 voicebanks strength on higher notes and improves tension as a result allowing them to have a stronger treble range.

    Product Information
      Genre: Rock, Pop, Folk, Ethnic Tune  Optimum Range: A2 ~ E4  Optimum Tempo: 70 ~ 160 BPM
      Total Tempo (min-max): 90 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 12, B ~ 8, Total ~ 20
    Package details as noted:

    DB 2 STRAIGHT is designed to hold the same tone as the original VOCALOID1 vocal.

    Vocal traits as noted:
    • In comparison to the past VOCALOID vocal, it is much higher quality to match the VOCALOID3 standards.
    • The results are much cleaner than the original VOCALOID vocal but maintain the ability to act as an all-round voice like the VOCALOID version.
    Software issues as noted:
    • With the use of newly recorded data comes a price; MEIKO V3 does not produce the exact same results as VOCALOID MEIKO.
    Voicebank sample

    MEIKO V3 Straight

    Cross-Synthesis as noted:

    "Power" and "Straight" are pronounication controls are are meant ot be used to control expression in the MEIKO voicebank. Of those 3 voicebanks, "Straight" is the main voice of MEIKO V3.

    The paths of expression therefore for "Straight" are;

    • "Straight" ⇄ XSY ("Straight" x "Dark")
    • "Straight" ⇄ XSY ("Straight" x "Dark") ⇄ "Dark"
    • "Straight" ⇄ XSY ("Straight" x "Whisper")
    • "Straight" ⇄ XSY ("Straight" x "Whisper") ⇄ "Whisper"

    Product Information
      Genre: Ballad, Jazz, Ethnic Tune  Optimum Range: G2 ~ C4  Optimum Tempo: 60 ~ 165 BPM
      Total Tempo (min-max): 105 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 11, B ~ 7, Total ~ 18
    Package details as noted:

    DB 3 DARK vocal is designed to have a deeper tone. Despite sharing its name with "Dark" from the Hatsune Miku Append, MEIKO V3 "Dark" has a different direction.[38]

    Vocal traits as noted:
    • As its optimum range allows it to go down to a tempo of 60, it is more adapt at slower songs than the other vocals within this back.

    Voicebank sample

    MEIKO V3 Dark

    Cross-Synthesis as noted:

    "Dark" is one of the two expression voicebanks in XSY and adds emotional tones to "Power" and "Straight".

    Product Information
      Genre: Ballads, Post-Rock, Electronic  Optimum Range: A2 ~ C4  Optimum Tempo: 65 ~ 150 BPM
      Total Tempo (min-max): 85 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 10, B ~ 6, Total ~ 16
    Package details as noted:

    DB 4 WHISPER is a gentle and soft "whispery" vocal which is intended for calmer songs.

    Voicebank sample

    MEIKO V3 Whisper

    Cross-Synthesis as noted:

    "Whisper" is one of the two expression voicebanks in XSY and adds emotional tones to "Power" and "Straight".

    Product Information
      Genre: Rock, Pop, Jazz  Optimum Range: B2 ~ B3  Optimum Tempo: 100 ~ 130 BPM
      Total Tempo (min-max): 30 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 8, B ~ 5, Total ~ 13
    Package details as noted:

    DB 5 ENGLISH, gives English capabilities to the V3 package and allows users to create better English results than using any of MEIKO's Japanese voicebanks for the same purpose.

    Vocal traits as noted:
    • Like "Straight" this is an all-round voice, intended to have a natural tone of voice and maintaining a natural singing voice.
    Phonetic notes as noted:
    • The [l] phoneme usually ends up being pronounced with the [r] phoneme. The [l0] phoneme is pronounced as usual, though.
    Software issues as noted:
    • Despite "Straight" being its closest Japanese vocal, there is a difference between range and tempo that may render imperfect transitions while switching vocals.
    • One of the biggest issues of the vocal is its tempo range.
      • It has the smallest tempo and range capabilities of all the vocals within the MEIKO V3 package.
      • Overall, its small tempo and vocal range put it as one of the least capable VOCALOID3 vocals and ties with Hatsune Miku V3 English on its overall capabilities and both cover a range of just 30 BPM. This vastly limits the vocals capabilities with the types of music genres.
      • At 100 BPM, this is the fastest minimum tempo range of any Vocaloid.
    Voicebank sample


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