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This article is about the VOCALOID6 software known as voicebanks. If you are looking for the VOCALOID characters then click here.


On October 13, 2022, a DTM livestream was launched following the release of VOCALOID6. The livestream confirmed that a total of sixteen new vocals were upcoming at the time, all with their own color themes. Eight of the vocals (AYA, SAKURA, NAOKI, ASAHI, KENJI, SHION, YUKA, and HAYATO) had revealed designs, while four had revealed names (YUINA, KAZUYA, KANA, and TAKU) but no designs yet. The remaining four did not have a confirmed name or design and were simply represented as "???". It was confirmed that these products would be a variety of Japanese and English vocals that would be added as free updates.[1][2] Unlike the past releases of previous VOCALOID6 voicebanks, MICHELLE and LUCAS were not a part of the previously named vocals from the livestream, nor were their representative colors shown on the unknown "???" vocalists listed. It is unknown if the pair were a part of this announcement, or are new vocals entirely. It should be noted that TAKU's color was changed from blue to green in a similar manner, meaning this could be an intentional change.

On February 19, 2024, upon the release of the VOCALOID6 version 6.3.1a update, two vocals were added to the engine: MICHELLE and LUCAS, a male and female pair of English voicebanks.[3] They were also among the newest additions to the VOCALO CHANGER standalone program version 1.2.0 update, in addition to the previous set of released vocalists SAKURA, ASAHI, SHION, & TAKU.[4]

Product Information[]


English voice samples

MICHELLE: POP vocaloid.com
MICHELLE: POP (Accoustic) vocaloid.com
LUCAS: Synth Pop vocaloid.com
LUCAS: Synth Pop (Accoustic) vocaloid.com


  • OS: Windows 10 Version 21H2 (or later), Windows 11 Version 21H2 (or later), 10.15 (Catalina), macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS 12 (Monterey)
  • CPU: Haswell (4th generation) or later Intel Core series or Xeon series
  • RAM: 8 GB minimum recommended
  • HDD: At least 25 GB
  • Other: Audio device, internet connection (for authentication, deauthentication, software updates, etc.)
  • Monitor size:
    • Minimum operating environment: 1366 × 768

Note that the 2 only come with the VOCALOID6 engine, therefore have identical requirements to VOCALOID6 itself.



Product Information
  Trial/Demo Vers?: Yes  Starter Available?: Yes (Vocals are included with the VOCALOID6 Editor)
Package details as noted:

The two vocals acted as "starter" vocals and were acquired upon the purchase of VOCALOID6 from Yamaha's VOCALOID Shop following the version 6.3.1a update. This is the fourth time since VOCALOID5 a release was only available with a major engine release, though the third ones to only be included with the need to buy the engine once. The vocals would not be available through VOCALOID6 starter packs featuring other vocalists, such as the AI Megpoid starter pack.

The package was split between a pair of male/female vocals. These vocals acted as a new "Standard" for VOCALOID. As AI voicebanks, they have a natural flexible expressive that could be used to create a variety of singing voices.

Vocal traits as noted:
  • Potentially, the user did not need to buy any other additional voicebanks to get started with VOCALOID. This was different from past versions of VOCALOID, VOCALOID3, and VOCALOID4, where the engine came with no additional vocalists resulting in the purchase of further vocals.
  • As expected, the vocals' sample qualities were high, clean, and clear.
  • They worked well with all of the new VOCALOID6 features and their vocals could easily morph to demonstrate the styles and color options.
  • Users always had access to both the English and Japanese languages upon installation. This was the added bonus of allowing users to experiment and determine which language they felt most comfortable working with. Previously, the only way to experiment with both English and Japanese vocals was to buy separate vocalists in both languages or to buy bilinguals with one option being expensive to purchase, and the other option always having one language that was weaker than the other due to the second language being voiced by a non-native.
Software issues as noted:
  • Upon their release, Yamaha produced a series of informational videos on the official VOCALOID YouTube channel including a walkthrough of the VOCALOID6 engine[5][6], a video instructing users how to use the two vocals[7] as well as a video instructing users on how to use the new VOCALO CHANGER plugin.[8]
  • VOCALOID6, similar to VOCALOID5, poses the same issues with including them with VOCALOID6 editor as not every user may be able to work with languages they were not familiar with. This meant that the user may be left with a set of vocals that they never wanted or could not use beyond basic sound samples. However, with the inclusion of new VOCALOID:AI technology, VOCALOID6 voicebanks are able to be used to sing in Japanese, English and Mandarin Chinese within the same track, despite the vocal's native language.
    • For users of the other two languages VOCALOID produced (such as Korean and Spanish), potentially both voicebanks could prove to be not useful at all.

Individual Vocals[]

Product Information
Package details as noted:

MICHELLE is an English-capable feminine AI voicebank designed to be a "standard" vocal for VOCALOID6.

Phonetic notes as noted:

Using the "Multilingual" function, users can change the lyrics so MICHELLE can not only sing in English, but also in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Voicebank sample

Product Information
Package details as noted:

LUCAS is an English-capable masculine AI voicebank designed to be a "standard" vocal for VOCALOID6.

Phonetic notes as noted:

Using the "Multilingual" function, users can change the lyrics so LUCAS can not only sing in English, but also in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Voicebank sample



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