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Series title
  • "MR. SAD BOY"
Published 2016

MR. SAD BOY is a song series created by Creep-P. The series is currently ongoing, with several songs in the making, and is intended to be released as an album in the future.


The MR. SAD BOY series revolves around a theme of mental illness, and how it affects people both directly and indirectly (how others view and treat them, etc.).

This series takes place in a world in which beings are separated into two categories: the "monochromed" and the "brights." People who are considered "monochromed" are literally shades of black and white in coloration, and are seen as "normal and functioning human beings, while the "brights" are those who have any other color outside of the grayscale gradient.

"Brights" are considered such regardless of the type of color (tint, shade, intensity, saturation, etc.) or placement (body, clothing, etc.) on themselves. In this society, anyone who shows signs of color are quickly discriminated against and shunned by the "monochromed," no matter the relationship they might have had with the "bright." Thus, to avoid being cast out or harmed, anyone who notices they are "bright" must hide the colors well or risk becoming a pariah. Despite the prejudice against them, "brights" try to be kind, tolerant, and loving towards those who are different; however, even they can find it hard to do so.

Within this story, all colors are symbolic of mental illness. Thus, the "monochromed" are representative of people who do not experience mental illness, while people with colors represent those who do.

The focal setting of the series is a circus, named the CIRCO DE NEONS (Portuguese for "Circus of the Neons.") It is very bright and colorful, and full of many diverse performers and patrons—some of these characters are known from songs, some from the stories in the songs' video descriptions, and some have not been officially introduced yet.


Cry (Redux)

Crybaby redux
Uploaded 2017.03.11 Featuring Kagamine Len English
Music Creep-P (music), Prisma (tuning)
Lyrics Creep-P
Video deadmanjackalope (illust), KeiiPie (video)
The world of two different beings. The monochromed, and the brights. If you were in the shades of black and white, you were considered normal and a functioning human being. If you had any blotch of color on you, whether it be your clothing, your body, even a slight tint, you were outcasted. You were turned away, even from your family. The brights tolerate, and try to love. Emphasis on try.

That comes into play, multiple times, more then others. So, keep that in mind.

Colors in this series means mental illness. And it doesn't matter the colors... if you were colored in intensity of colors, from pastel to neons, light to deep saturation, you were turned away... unless you hid it well.

People bleed... so do colors.

We meet a boy named Willian. As life progressed, so did he. He knew that he was different, but he really didn't know how... until he noticed the patches on his neck. Slowly, they started to saturate, and get brighter and brighter. He could only hide it for so long. Unfortunately, he knew the circumstances that came with the fact of having anything of color on him.

And he was absolutely terrified.

One day, learning that he knew he was not going to be okay, Willian makes a drastic desicion: running away. Leaving everything and everyone he's ever known; the same way they would the moment they would find out that he was not alright. That he was not one of them. He was not just black and white, as well as not see the world in black and white.

With this decision in mind, after school, he ran off. He fled the scene, into the woods. He knew everyone would shun him. He knew everyone would try to hurt him. He knew this. Willian was far too aware of this... and man, he hated that. He also knew that running off would lead him to his death alone. So, in some context, you can say he was damned if he did, and damned if he didn't.

Running off into the forest, he struggled to get through. Clothes tearing, scrapes forming from the trees, blood oozing, and hope disappearing... eh, let's be real: it wasn't there in the first place. Rushing to find a quiet place he could find himself, he spotted a large tent, neon lights, and blaring circus music. Seeing and hearing this... he knew that this couldn't be what he was seeing.

Going up to the tent, he looked up at the sign. "CIRCO DE NEONS" was what was read, as well as the two clowns at the front of the tents... As he walked in, he couldn't really see their faces, but he knew that they were just... staring.

He didn't know if he'd regret walking in... but he's feeling something....


Uploaded 2016.07.24 Featuring Hatsune Miku English
Music Creep-P (music), Lucifer (tuning) Main article COTTON CANDY
Lyrics Creep-P, Ditsy
Video Lucifer (illust), Creep-P (video)
Veronica just wanted one thing. She wanted someone to love, and she thought she found it... she was dead wrong.

Veronica went to the circus Willan ran off to, far before he was there. She was a regular... well, her and the love of her life. She could spell his name with her finger in the air. She would sing his name into the sky if she could, if she wasn't attactched to him. She remembered him so well... the things they talked about, the kisses they shared, and the smiles they showed.

Like that... it was gone. He never came back one day, after leaving her with a big cone of cotton candy. She stood there, the whole day, for him to return... which he never did. Veronica remembered that dreadful day. Malique told her to leave, and she begged not to... but alas, she was forced off the location.

Ever since then, she went to that circus everyday. She would order that same, huge order of cotton candy, and stand where he left her... just to know if he would ever come back. She never knew why he left... but the harsh truth of it was he wasn't coming back. He never did. But she didn't lose faith. She never did. But there was one thought in her head...

Can she live without him?



Uploaded 2016.11.23 Featuring CYBER SONGMAN
Music Creep-P (music), Prisma (tuning) Main article Tightrope
Lyrics Creep-P
Video Pancake, Disty (additional), RO☆D (additional), Nageko (additional), (illust), Creep-P (video)
Felipe was... different. But in the worst way possible.

As the tightrope walker, you would this he would constantly be in the state of concentration... you would be dead wrong. Everyday, before he'd get onto his stage, he's always have invasive thoughts. He never knew why... but he wanted them gone. He refused to accept what had been given to him. Felipe hated himself.

Felipe hated the fact he was gay.

Every night, those invasive thoughts would get worse, specifically in his dreams. He'd wake up in a cold sweat, and in complete tears. He'd be in the cycle of disbelief, and anger. Which, would explain how he treated everyone. Felipe acted very poorly towards everyone, especially grown men... even to the point he'd be repulsed by looking at them... for the same reason why someone would be attracted.

He was repulsed that he was attracted.

But, the one fateful day... he would make a grave mistake.

As a stunt person, Felipe did find ways to make himself concentrate. One of those ways, was removing the net under his tightrope as he practiced, so that if he fell, it would be to his death. He knew that the thought of death definitely trumped the ideas of men in his head. So, that's what he concentrated on. Only for that mindset to stay when the act came on, regardless of a net under him.

'Don't die. Don't look down. Don't look back. And don't turn around.'

As that fateful practice finished successfully, he had finally met... him. He... wasn't repulsed? He wasn't disgusted? But... a bit opposite. Because he knew this man. He knew who he was.

This man, was Malique, the ringleader.

Felipe knew he loved him... and for once, he wasn't repulsed! He was actually happy. Felipe trusted this man, and knew he would never get hurt by him. So, he knew after his performance, he'd finally tell him. Felipe had finally accepted it.

Felipe accepted he was gay.

...but within halfway in, he would know, he regretted it. Looking out into the crowd, he would see Malique. His cheeks would be pink at the sight of him. His heart would flutter for him... only to shatter at the sight of... well...

Malique trying to woo Mary.

Within that moment, he stopped. Balancing on his tightrope, staring at the altercation happen. He... he could believe it. He was shattered. He was heartbroken.

He misstepped.

Seeing that made him lose his focus. Everything he worked for, he failed. But, with the safety net at the bottom, he'd be safe, right? Wrong.

The net snapped, due to its improper placement prior to that act, due to lack of focus... thanks to Felipe thinking of what he would say to Malique.

His heart shattered. As did his back. And neck.

Felipe was dead on impact. Not before the words thats left his lips were said...

"I'm sorry I ever loved you."


Uploaded 2017.12.31 Featuring DAINA
Music Creep-P (music), GHOST (tuning) Main article Animalistic
Lyrics Creep-P
Video Kenta, DeadmanJackalope (illust)
Creep-P has stated that he will release the story about the character from this song at a later date in a Google Drive Document, with the other characters in the Mr. Sad Boy series.

Related SongsEdit


Uploaded 2016.04.24 Featuring Gumi
Music Creep-P (music), Prisma (tuning) Main article Cry/Creep-P
Lyrics Creep-P
Video RO☆D (illust)
This is the original version of the song "Cry," which Creep-P rewrote after he was inspired to create the Mr. Sad Boy series
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