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This article is about the VOCALOID3 software known as a voicebank, dubbed Megpoid. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.


Megpoid English; 2012[]

In June 2012, Internet Co, Ltd tweeted that they had begun production on an English version of the Megpoid software, however they also confirmed it would take some time to produce.[1] They confirmed on the 25th they had started production.[2]

According to Noboru, recording for the data had finished in mid-2012. Noboru also stated that the database for the English voicebank is 5 times the size of that of the Japanese voicebank, and that they are following the standard build set by Yamaha for English voicebanks.[3] They hoped that the release of the voicebank would come in 2013.[4]

In October, it was mentioned the vocal was about 50% done.[5]

Early in December, Noboru commenting that it was time to focus on Megpoid English.[6] Mid December, Noboru commenting that the vocal's development climax would be determined by the amount of work needed to go into the database.[7] More information would be posted in early Jan 2013, but Megpoid English was getting better day by day.[8] Noboru commented that English GUMI sounded "cute".[9] Prior to the final release, Noboru had tweeted that they had released a small snippet of GUMI English singing "- I Love You", it was noted this is how GUMI sounded 3 weeks prior, the sample had been mentioned in November.[10][11]

Noboru mentioned in December that pronunciation problems were occurring because of the database being 5 times the size of the Japanese vocal.[12] Also, several demos were shown.[13][14][15] After one of the demos, it was noted any odd sounding pronunciations were owed to the vocal being a β.[16] It was noted on the 31st of December 2012 that Megpoid English would continued to be worked upon in the new year.[17]

Megpoid English; 2013[]

A demo test of the beta vocal was shown in Jan 2013.[18] It was mentioned more adjustments were to be continued to be made to the vocal.[19] A few days later, the official Megpoid English website was opened and more demos shown.[20] It was also noted that users who registered in Japan by the 31st of March 2013 would receive A4 size version of the Megpoid English illustration.[21] A special price was also offered for those users.[22] More demos were also shown.[23] They were also getting ready to sell overseas.[24] A special dictionary was going to be released to fix some pronunciation issues.[25]

Over 4,000 phonetic connections were being checked on their pronunciation against tempo.[26] She was show cased also at the NAMM 213 show.[27] Users continued to report bugs, Noboru found additional oddities in the software himself.[28] DTM also ran a interview on Megpoid English.[29] Noboru commented himself on the difference between the difference of Japanese and English vocals, and how the two are inputted differently.[30]

Later, a new illustration of GUMI's English design was shown, the direction of this version of GUMI took a notable different direction to past GUMI illustrations.[31] A free Vocaloid Music event was also held as a marketing event for Megpoid English.[32]

The English version was finally released on February 28, 2013, in conjunction with the "VOCALOID Trans-Pacific" with the aim to introduce VOCALOID to the United States.[33] In relation to her release, those who brought products directly from Internet before were given a discount and sold at ¥ 5,985, making her the cheapest possible English vocal library plug-in upon her release.[34]

In October 2014, Noboru mentioned that no new vocals for Gumi English such as "Power", "Adult" etc, were planned for her English vocal. When asked about vocals that were hard labour, after discussing CUL, Gumi English was brought up due to its size.[35]

Product Information[]



You Are The Reason
Beta vocal
Time After Time
Beta vocal
Happy New year SoundCloud
You Are The Reason (FULL Version) NicoNico YouTube
Secret Princess SoundCloud
メガネの向こうの世界 (Megane no Mukou no Sekai) NicoNico YouTube
Fragments Of A Star YouTube
LoveDroid NicoNico YouTube
サイバーサンダーサイダー (Cyber Thunder Cider) YouTube
Break my little world NicoNico YouTube
Miraculous Encounter NicoNico YouTube
Vocaloid Megpoid English - Singing Voice Synthesizer YouTube

System Requirements[]

  • OS: Windows 8 (32/64bit), Windows 7 (32/64bit) / Vista (32bit) / XP (32bit)
    • work in 32bit compatibility mode (WOW64) in 8/7 64bit versions of Windows.
  • CPU: Celeron Dual Core 2.1 GHz or more
  • RAM: 1GB or more
  • Free space of +400 MB or more 3GB: hard disk capacity
  • Requires a computer that is connected to the Internet environment to perform the DVD-ROM drive / sound device / activation process


Product Information
  Optimum Range: F2 ~ A4  Optimum Tempo: 60 ~ 175BPM
  Total Tempo (min-max): 115 BPM  No. of Keys: W ~ 17, B ~ 12, Total ~ 29
  Trial/Demo Vers?: Yes  Starter Available?: Yes  App vers.?: Yes
Package details as noted:

This is the English version of the V3 Megpoid - Native vocal.[36] The software gives GUMI the ability to sound fluent in English and produces high quality results.

The package also contains demo song data and illustrations.

The English version of the Megpoid software comes with its own custom default dictionary. This is designed to phonetically correct some of the issues presented with the VOCALOID voicebank. This can be downloaded. It can also be used with the trial version of the software, which otherwise does not include the custom library.

  • Note; when importing VSQ/VSQX files, the dictionary will default to the standard Vocaloid one. Users will have to custom edit each phoneme to get the dictionary to do the correct sounds.[37]
Vocal traits as noted:
  • Has been noted to be a very realistic bank which is fairly easy to tune and has a wide range, making her ideal as a medium voice to bridge other voices together.
  • Was made to match the vocal qualities of the V3 Megpoid - Native vocal and is compatible with the software, making switching mid-song from one language to another less noticeable.
  • Pronunciation is not clear on short notes.
  • Her expressive tones are widespread within the vocal itself. She is overall relaxed in tone and able perform in a wide range of genres, be it up-beat fast tempos or slower tempos.
  • Like its Japanese equivalent vocal V3 Megpoid - Native, the vocal lacks the annoyances of the VOCALOID2 Megpoid software.
  • NeutrionP noted that switching VSQ/VSQX vocals after importation of the files that have been designed for other Vocaloid to Gumi likely will not work. This due to Gumi's vocal singing style being different.[38]
Phonetic notes as noted:
  • When using the English bank users have stated that English Megpoid has many choppy transitions throughout her bank, mainly on her vowel to vowel transition and her consonant to consonant transitions. "-" can be used to fix this on occasion.
    • However, users must be aware that "-" will not always work and will often fail altogether. The failures of "-" re restricted to certain words and do not occur in every instance of the phoneme combination.
  • A known issue is from the word "Stop", the word must phonetically be written as [s th Q p], this is due to an issue with the phonetics [t Q].[39].
  • She produces a number of awkward pauses depending on a certain combinations.[40]
  • Sometimes words do not connect when they should do. User Hakuru. at Vocaloid Otaku Forums provided work around examples when he encountered word connection issues on the lyrics "Lie as only".
Voicebank sample