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Megpoid the Music♯ (メグッポイド ザ ミュージック シャープ Megpoid the Music Sharp) is a video game created by ParaPhray (パラフレ) for the PlayStation®Portable.


It is the first game starring Internet Co., Ltd.'s VOCALOID, GUMI. Both a standard and limited edition were released on March 28, 2013.

Edition releases[]

Left: Normal outfit — Right: Tomboy costume

Both the standard and limited edition were released at the same date. Other than a price increase, the limited version also comes with two figurines – a petanko and puchikko mini figure made by Penguin Parade. The petanko figure features GUMI in her original outfit while the in puchikko figure she is wearing a new tomboyish costume made for this game.



  1. Up to 4 people are able to play at the same time.
  2. There are four difficulty modes: EASY, NORMAL, CHALLENGE and EXPERT.
  3. The scores achieved when hitting notes: "MISS", "FINE", "GOOD", "GREAT" and "BRILLIANT", with "Miss" being the worst and "Brilliant" the best.
  4. The grades for clearing a song: "BAD", "WELL", "EXCELLENT", "WONDERFUL"[1] and "PERFECT".
  5. The game utilizes 8 different buttons: ↑↓→←○×□△, the four arrows on the D-pad and the four face buttons. Notes will stream in from the right, from two to four vertical lines (depending on the difficulty), towards note markers on the left side of the screen. On the highest difficulty, players will push both arrows and symbols at the same time. [2][3]
  6. A "Groove Gauge" that will either fill up or decrease depending on how well played the session was.

GUMI Room[]

Like in the Project DIVA series, Megpoid the Music includes a GUMI Room where players can:[4]

  • Change her costume and customize in-game purchased accessories.
  • Read GUMI's diary (once certain conditions are met).
  • View illustrations and PV's.


See gallery for /Costumes

There are around 40 different costumes (not including items or accessories) revealed to be in the game. Different types of items include presents for GUMI, room decorations and rhythm-game play items. These can be bought using in-game points earned while playing the game or unlocking while clearing songs under certain conditions.

Those who pre-ordered the game in Japan received a DLC code for a "ParaPhray Pre-Order Bonus", a cheerleader costume for GUMI. Players also received an additional costume when ordering from one of three specified stores: Lawson, Animate and Sofmap.


Featured producers[]

Dios/Signal-P, rerulili, OSTER project, Hachioji-P, M@SATOSHI, otetsu, Aota Niina a.k.a Yuzuhiko, Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP, 40meterP, Noboru↑-P, YM, kemu, Yuuyu, takanon, cosMo@Bousou-P, 164, Umetora, Binio-P, Toku-P, Darvish-P × Silent Symphonia, buzzG, samfree, DECO*27, PIROPARU, maya, Peperon-P, monaca@10日P

Song list[]

Popular songs were to be expected. Famitsu, a Japanese video game magazine, dropped a hint that said to expect a popular song with over 4,800,000 views on Nico Nico Douga on October 11, 2012. The only GUMI song to have reached this many views is モザイクロール (Mozaik Role) by DECO*27, and was confirmed to be in the game on December 21.[5]

Japanese, Romaji English Producer
01 雨が降って。 (Ame ga Futte.) It is raining. rerulili
02 ロゼッタ (Rosetta) Rosetta monaca@10日P
03 恋はきっと急上昇☆ (Koi wa Kitto Kyuujoushou☆) Love is Surely Soaring☆ Noboru↑-P
04 ずっとこのまま (Zutto Kono Mama) Forever Like This rerulili
05 blue bird blue bird Toku-P
06 キリトリセン (Kiritorisen) Cutoff Line 40meterP
08 カーニバル (Carnival) Carnival otetsu
09 十面相 (Juu-Mensou) Ten-Faced YM
10 モザイクロール (Mozaik Role) Mozaik Role DECO*27
11 人生リセットボタン (Jinsei Reset Button) Life Reset Button kemu
12 エレクトリック・スター (Electric Star) Electric Star Hachioji-P
13 次咲く花の色は (Tsugi Saku Hana no Iro wa) The Color of the Next Blossom takanon
14 大空色のHi-To-Mi (Oozora Iro no Hi-To-Mi) Sky-Colored Eyes M@SATOSHI
15 EAT ME EAT ME OSTER project
16 レクイヱム (Requiem) Requiem Peperon-P
17 祭囃子 (Matsuri Hayashi) Festival Music buzzG
18 キッチンでカッパがタニシ茹でてる (Kitchen de Kappa ga Tanishi Yude Teru) Kappas are Boiling Slugs in my Kitchen Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP
19 ラッパ吹きの少年 (Rappa Fuki no Shounen) The Trumpet-Playing Boy PIROPARU
20 raid of glass raid of glass maya
21 ディストピア・ジパング (Dystopia Zipangu) Dystopia Zipangu cosMo@Bousou-P
22 カトレア (Katorea) Cattleya Aota Niina a.k.a Yuzuhiko
23 スリープ・スカイ・ウォーク (Sleep Sky Walk) Sleep Sky Walk Yuuyu
24 会いたい (Aitai) I Want to Meet You Dios/Signal-P
25 Happy × Shiny Happy × Shiny Binio-P
26 メグメグ☆ファイアーエンドレスナイト (Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night) Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night samfree
27 Holography Holography Darvish-P × Silent Symphonia
29 天ノ弱 (Amanojaku) A Born Coward 164
30 絶唱のカヴァリエーレ (Zesshou no Kavarieere) Singing Cavaliere Maiden Knight



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