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Merli (メルリ) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and is distributed by the Bplats, Inc., created in collaboration with i-style Project. She was released in December 2013 for the VOCALOID3 engine. Her voice is provided by a contest winner, Japanese female, Misaki Kamata (鎌田美沙紀; Kamata Misaki), and is a Character Voice type VOCALOID.[1]

Concept[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A contest was held to determine the name their second character known under the development name of "Project Second". i-Style noted that the chosen name did not have to have a surname at all and surname-less names would be accepted. "Merli" was chosen out of the list of suggested candidates by fans and became her official name.[2][3]

Merli (Meruri) is named after Merlinite (メルリナイト / Merurinaito), a type of stone known for its dual light and dark appearance. The stone itself being named after Merlin.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Much like her sister, Aoki Lapis, Merli is based off a "Magical girl" and is also a fairy. In contrast to Lapis', her design is darker.

Official profile[edit | edit source]

Merli is identifiable by 3 distinct traits to her over Lapis in her official bio;

  1. She is strong-minded and tsundere; a charming mysterious girl, who is innocent and expressive.
  2. If Lapis is "light", Merli is "Darkness".
  3. Though she is Lapis' older sister, she is also a rival to her,[4][5] making them the first protagonist and antagonist of Vocaloid.

As she is the same race as Lapis she shares the same concept. She is also from a fairy race, they are special people who can convert “songs” into “power”, and can only be seen by a subset of the human population.[6] Merli's power draws away the energy of living things; the opposite of Lapis' power.

Relations[edit | edit source]

For more on VOCALOID relationships, see the FAQ.

History[edit | edit source]

Marketing[edit | edit source]

Much like Lapis, a lot of the marketing around Merli has been centered directly on the fans.

For her release, a CD was also produced.[7]

Voicebanks[edit | edit source]

In contrast to Aoki Lapis, Merli is a darker more mature toned vocal and intends to convey the idea of being a fairy of darkness to her sister's "Fairy of Light" voicebank. It is capable of upper registers but has a lower tone.
Other versions
She also had a "lite" VOCALOID2 vocal released for iVOCALOID (iPad vers.).

Music featuring Merli[edit | edit source]

  • On this wiki, Merli is featured in 23 songs , 8 albums .
Merli logo.png
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Translation 闇の彼方 (Yami no Kanata)
Categories Original song
Satoimo originally intended for it to be for Lily, but instead challenged himself to use Merli, tuning her as though she was a dark or mature append of Lily.
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Translation 大きなセカイ (Ookina Sekai)
Categories Original song
This song was created for the iVocaloid Merli Launch Contest. This was the winning entry.
How many tears
YouTube logo
Categories Original song
DanierukunP's 38th work and and first work with Merli. Merli sings of light and dark, and how she cries for the war between the two.
Midnight Drive
Niconico logo
Categories Original song
"I just uploaded a song yesterday and I wasn't planning on doing another one for a week or so, but as soon as I heard this awesome track with the newly released Vocaloid 3, Merli, I just couldn't resist uploading it for everyone to hear!"
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Reputation[edit | edit source]


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Merli's iVOCALOID version proceeded to claim the no.1 spot in the music section of the iTunes Japanese App Store soon after release.[8]

  • Merli and Lapis are the first two VOCALOIDs confirmed to be siblings.

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