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  • I live in Chile
  • I was born on December 18
  • I am Masculino/Male
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  • Is Adept-eX#8751 you on Discord? Thanks

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  • Hello,

    It surprises me but it's been years we said "no reprints" (at least the ones that aren't approved by the producers themselves, so when it comes from a company like demos it's fine), on whatever the page and the template (infobox, derivatives etc)... Not sure why no one else told you that oO

    So just telling you so you don't wonder why I had to remove the reprint you added for Donut Hole ; also for unofficial derivatives, even when one is private, it can't be kept.

    I know, the lists of original songs there are still reprints, but it's been a while I had to pause indefinitively the task because the titles are in English and it's almost impossible to find back the original uploads when people don't even bother taking them and just put reprints instead, that sometimes die :/ So unless Bunai resets the whole things, can't advance much without removing completely song names...

    You can ask the other admins if you want, also asked them to leave you a little word about it... Because honestly you should have been warned about it... Like... 2 or 3 years ago or something?

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  • Hello :)

    Little headup to tell you the template Derivatives is obsolete, Bunai changed it to Derivative instead. Clearly, replace the yt_id by links = yt (same for all other platforms), add a "s" to "singer", replace "author" by "producers" and "category" by "categories".

    Normally the full documentation is on the template's page itself. I guess there was a little communication issue and you are the only admin who isn't aware about the change ^^"

    I would have told you to ask Bunai for more info, but since she is in pause, you can ask to Viper or Meerkat instead, who are pretty active :)

    At least now you are aware :D Also please be careful, we changed as well the formatting for producers and albums's pages, just in case ;)

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