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    Thanks for trying to fix the bot's issues, especially with YouTube API being a bit pesky due to limitations (it makes Tokikobot jump off many recent pages with YouTube links due to 403 errors, and for now there is no correction possible).

    However, by doing that, you are actually breaking the order of the arguments in the infobox. I don't think it's your fault directly, it would be an editor behaving badly.

    Try to edit with source editor (I know, it's not really user-friendly, but if it's just for the view counts, believe me, it's easy to find), change your preferences in your settings, when getting to the menu for choosing default editor, choose the source one. It will limit (or even make disappear) the chances of you breaking the order of the arguments/creating some corrupted code while editing, even if not on purpose. The order of the arguments in the song box is crucial since it is actually used for the "new generation" producer pages, that parse every song article linked to them. If an argument is not in an expected order, there are aberrant errors on the producer's page, so careful.

    Hope this helps!

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