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  • Hello,

    Finished correcting the page. There are just few points to review...

    • first, deactivate Visual Editor. This editor is known to break several templates, including when some lyrics are merged towards the center of the table, it adds nonsensical code and breaks everything. Plus it creates horribly messy code on a single line and when you are an editor who is using the source editor (like me), it's hard to re-read behind X) To do, you can either do this per edit by clicking the arrow of the "Edit" button and select the classical editor, or you can change it in your preferences, third tab ("Modification", after mines are in French), the first menu you see is the choice of the editor and change it (either to classical editor, which is quite user-friendly, or source editor if you're at ease with wikicode, but at least, this one does 0 corruption)
    • once you get to the normal editor or the source one, depending of "how you feel with your level in wikicode", to help you there is normally a little menu in the right side of the editor which brings a list of pre-made templates. I recommend you to use these. Use Song box 2 with the right arguments order (otherwise when we link towards the producer page with the new system, the display is bugged out, it parses the arguments one per one and they have to be in order :/ ), and for external links, they have templates for each of them: Official and Unofficial. You can directly use their arguments, don't hesitate to look at the code of other pages. (note: when there are several VocaDB links, add "1" to the current argument, create another line for the other link and do the argument "vocadb2", then as argument, set the ID of the page, separated by a space then the text to determine which articles goes to which version. More info on the doc of the templates.
    • not sure why you created a weird table with English and Japanese at the same time XD CiRCuS MoNSTeR should have helped you for the lyrics formatting ^^" It uses English lyrics in one of the tabs of the tabber, and Japanese in the other tab with a normal tab. Note also English lyrics use a beacon for poem text. Don't hesitate looking at its code ;)
    • and don't forget the categories: in which language it is, if it's an original or not (99.5% of the time it's original songs) and who it features

    In a nutshell, observe well the codes of the current articles and try to learn how they're made so you can make quality articles

    Hope this helps ^^

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