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  • Hey there, I just wanted to give you some tips on how to properly edit on Notable song lists pages. 1. The Notable template should be set up like so

      |color       = 
      |thumb       = 
      |title       = 
      |translation = 
      |producers   = 
      |links       = 

    2. We tend to have the lists go in upload order from earliest to latest
    3. Be sure to include an icon image from the song that is cropped and lengthened to 100x100 pixels.

    That's about the best tips I can give, hope this helps.

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    • Rouge also forgot, but quit VisualEditor. This editor creates very messy code, adding to this it also breaks some templates (hopefully on the page you edited it didn't break anything, it just did a bunch of messy code).

      Go on your preferences page, on "Modification" tab, go on the first menu. It selects the editor per default for editing. You have three choices: VisualEditor (the one per default for all new users), classic editor (or rich text editor) and source editor.

      I first advise you to begin by classic editor. It does less code corruptions. The only thing it may do, it's just turn <br> into <br /> (we rather the 1st variant), but it's the most user-friendly. Otherwise you can directly go with source editor, which guarantees a total absence of unwanted code changes, but possibly requires you either to know wikicode very well, either to have a manual next to you ^^"

      Hope this also helps :D

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    • @Jeaustinnunes - Please take notice of these messages. Your edits are starting to become a hindrance the more often this is done and no improvements have been made each time.

      We don't want to have to take action against this, but it will eventually be considered spamming and unproductive editing. At that point, blocks will take place.

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    • You're still adding very messy code for others to clean up. Please take note of Tokina and Rouge's messages in regards to this. Quit VisualEditor as it pretty much just breaks the templates and makes a mess.

      Please take the time to look at the release dates of each song because these pages are sorted in release date order.

      This is the second time you are receiving a notice from an admin. Please read these messages and apply this feedback to your future edits. Failure to do so will be considered spam and unproductive editing.

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