Miku Miku Voice is a program that allows the Vocaloids to "talk". It is used in conjunction with the Vocaloid software. It was originally able to be downloaded, but after VocaListener was set up, the project ceased to be downloaded. The only way to get the software now is to ask for someone to upload it for download.


Apart from allowing smooth tone transitions typical of speech rather than singing or vocalization, MikuMikuVoice allows a user to pre-program parameters of a VSQ file using a pre-recorded voice. It has to be a pure voice recording without any accompaniment whatsoever.

Its use is not limited to speech, as it can be used to capture precise pitch bends and tones that would otherwise take long to calibrate in the VOCALOID editor.


  1. It captures vibrato in a singer's voice and encodes it as pitch anomalies, and not in VOCALOID's builtin vibrato parameters.
  2. It only accepts kana as lyric input; attempting to use romaji or english letters will result in the "a" phoneme used instead. Extra work must be done to correct this.
  3. Beware that extra work may be needed to fit the voice into a DAW, especially if following a particular music tempo.
  4. DO NOT USE WAV FILES WITH MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT. Doing so will distort the results and may result with a glitchy pitch that will not serve its purpose at all.


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