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Image of "Miku FES'09 (Natsu)"
Event title
  • "ミクFES'09 (夏); 初音ミク 2nd Anniversary"
  • English: Miku FES'09 (Summer); Hatsune Miku's 2nd Anniversary
Publicized August 31, 2009

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Description: At the "Miku FES'09 (Natsu)" event on August 31, 2009, Miku's image was screened by rear projection on a mostly-transparent screen.
  • Concert date: August 31, 2009
  • Location: Shin-Kiba (新木場), Koto, Japan
  • Entry fee: ???
  • Playlist №: 25
  • Company: Crypton Future Media, SEGA
  • Associations: piapro

Song list[edit | edit source]

Japanese, Romaji English Singer Producer
01 みくみくにしてあげる♪ (Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪) I'll Miku-Miku You♪ (For Reals) Miku ika
02 電気の恋人-I am Programmer's Song- (Denki no koibito-I am Programmer's Song-) Electric Lovers - I am Programmer's Song Miku ika
03 HATSUNEtive HATSUNEtive Miku ika
04 私は人間じゃないから。 (Watashi wa Ningen ja Nai kara.) Maybe I'm not a human. Miku Deadball-P
05 とある娼婦の恋 (Toaru Shoufu no Koi) A Certain Prostitute's Love Miku, Rin (backup) Deadball-P
06 牛乳飲め! (Gyuunyuu Nome!) You Should Drink Milk! Miku Deadball-P
07 木枯らしの朝 (Kogarashi no Asa) Anyway The Wind Blows (Wintry Morning) Miku Deadball-P
08 筆おろし (Fude Oroshi) First Time Miku Deadball-P
09 既成事実 (Kisei Jijitsu) I Remember About You Forever Miku Deadball-P
10 恋スルVOC@LOID (Koisuru VOC@LOID) VOC@LOID in Love Miku OSTER project
11 ロミオとシンデレラ (Romeo to Cinderella) Romeo and Cinderella Miku doriko
12 恋色病棟 (Koi Iro Byoutou) Love Ward Miku OSTER project
13 Dear Dear Miku 19's Sound Factory
14 恋は戦争 (Koi wa Sensou) (Future Retro remix) Love is War (future retro remix) Miku ryo (supercell)
15 ファインダー (finder) (kz's DSLR Remix) finder (kz's DSLR Remix) Miku kz (livetune)
16 Far Away (Game Edit) Far Away (Game Edit) Miku kz (livetune)
17 Heart Beat Heart Beat Miku kz (livetune)
18 Crosslight Crosslight Miku, GUMI (backup) kz (livetune)
19 Packaged (kisk baker's yogamix) Packaged (kisk baker's yogamix) Miku kz (livetune)
20 Last Night, Good Night (mononofrog_4sk cutup edit) Last Night, Good Night (mononofrog_4sk cutup edit) Miku kz (livetune)
21 恋は戦争 (Koi wa Sensou) Love is War Miku ryo (supercell)
22 ワールドイズマイン (World is Mine) (The) World is Mine Miku ryo (supercell)
23 ブラック★ロックシューター (Black★Rock Shooter) Black★Rock Shooter Miku ryo (supercell)
24 初めての恋が終わる時 (Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki) When The First Love Ends Miku ryo (supercell)
25 メルト (Melt) Melt Miku ryo (supercell)

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