Mina.Ki (also stylized as MinaKi), also known as Lyre and formerly as SlightlyShredded, is an American producer known for his songs featuring VOCALOIDs such as MIRIAM and Tonio, and for Alter/Ego vocalists such as Bones and Marie Ork. He also wrote an official demo song for Bones.

He made his debut in 2013 and is known for electronic music. In 2019, he voiced and released an UTAU named Canary.

His birthday is February 2, 1998.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[sc][yt] "True Feeling" Tonio March 23, 2015 producer
[sc][yt] "Disappear" MIRIAM March 30, 2015 producer
[yt][sc][bc] "Cry" MIRIAM September 06, 2015 producer
[yt][sc] "Hidden Grudges" Tonio May 1, 2016 producer
[sc] "Scream" YOHIOloid June 22, 2016 producer
[yt][sc][bc] "Splitting Apart" AVANNA October 21, 2016 producer
[sc][bc] "Moonlight Nebula" Tonio February 8, 2017 producer
[yt][nn][bc] "Rainfall" MIRIAM July 26, 2017 music, lyrics
[sc][bc] "All My Life" Megurine Luka, Mina.Ki June 16, 2018 producer
[sc][bc] "A Swim In The Jellyfish Lake" MIRIAM July 01, 2018 producer
[sc][yt] "Still Here" MIRIAM July 1, 2019 music, lyrics, tuning, mixing, video



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
Independent "Shreds Of Who I Used To Be" Bones, Marie Ork, Ser0, MIRIAM, AVANNA, SONiKA, Tonio August 17, 2017 producer
Independent "I See Stars" Megurine Luka, Mina.Ki, Marie Ork, MIRIAM, Bones June 13, 2018 producer
Independent "MY PAIN EP" Mina.Ki, CYBER DIVA, MIRIAM October 31, 2018 producer


Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
ABCD Project and affiliates "The Lady and the Silver Circle" MIRIAM, MAIKA, LOLA, KAITO July 26, 2017 music, lyrics
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