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MineK is a producer known for his songs pop / techno house with MEIKO and Camui Gackpo. His best known works are "Daydream Catcher" and "Dancing Love", both with over than 20k views.
STATUS:September 2008 → Present
MineK Icon.jpg
GENRE:pop / house techno
ASSOCIATIONS:Toyu, Kuppo2007, Kagome-P, kkkfff
URL(s)Muzie, Twitter, KarenT
Channel: Nico Nico YouTube
PLAYLIST(s):(Playlist / niconico List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Shooting Star" (Miku) (Sep.13.2008)
  2. "I miss you" (Gackpo) (Sep.22.2008)
  3. "Last Summer" (Miku) (Sep.23.2008)
  4. "Misty Sky" (Gackpo) (Oct.15.2008)
  5. "Destroyed World" (Gackpo) (Oct.19.2008)
  6. "full moon" (Miku) (Oct.28.2008)
  7. "Remember Love" (Gackpo) (Nov.10.2008)
  8. "Royal Flush" (Gackpo) (Nov.30.2008)
  9. "Take me higher" (Gackpo) (Dec.21.2008)
  10. "Heart of you" (Gackpo) (Dec.30.2008)
  11. "Crazy Love" (MEIKO) (Jan.03.2009)
  12. "Love Passion" (MEIKO) (Jan.12.2009)
  13. "Straight Feeling" (MEIKO) (Jan.19.2009)
  14. "Starry Night" (MEIKO) (Jan.26.2009)
  15. "Favorite Morning" (MEIKO) (Feb.03.2009)
  16. "I miss you '09rmx feat LUKA" (Feb.11.2009)
  17. "I miss you '09rmx feat MEIKO" (Feb.11.2009)
  18. "Eternity Love" (Gackpo) (Feb.23.2009)
  19. "Moonlight" (Luka) (Feb.28.2009)
  20. "Metropolitan Express" (Miku) (Mar.08.2009)
  21. "Daydream Catcher" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Mar.16.2009)
  22. "Still Love You" (MEIKO) (Mar.25.2009)
  23. "Destiny Love" (Gackpo) (Apr.06.2009)
  24. "Under the Blue" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Apr.16.2009)
  25. "Brain Striker" (MEIKO) (Apr.29.2009)
  26. "Nasty Night" (Gackpo) (May.17.2009)
  27. "Dream Chaser" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Jun.06.2009)
  28. "Lighthouse" (Gackpo) (Jul.04.2009)
  29. "ポイっちゃお?" (GUMI) (Aug.02.2009)
  30. "Summer Vacation" (MEIKO, GUMI) (Aug.14.2009)
  31. "Midnight Gravity" (Gackpo) (Sep.17.2009)
  32. "Missing Love" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Sep.27.2009)
  33. "Lost the Wing (Cover rmx)" (MEIKO) (Nov.05.2009)
  34. "Chiristmas with you" (Gackpo) (Dec.18.2009)
  35. "Cry for the Moon" (MEIKO) (Mar.01.2010)
  36. "Dancing Love" (Album Crossfade) (Apr.17.2010)
  37. "Dancing Love" (Album Crossfade) (Apr.17.2010)
  38. "Misty Sky" (Gackpo) (Apr.17.2010)
  39. "Chip Tears (MineK Remix)" (MEIKO) (Jun.01.2010)
  40. "UpsideDown" (Gackpo) (Jul.19.2010)
  41. "Dancing Love" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Jul.28.2010)
  42. "First and Last" (MEIKO) (Sep.23.2010)
  43. "Blindness" (MEIKO) (Nov.02.2010)
  44. "Spirit and Love" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Nov.13.2010)
  45. "Christmas Night with Me" (MEIKO) (Dec.22.2010)
  46. "恋のまみむめも作文♪ (Koi no mamimumemo Sakubun)" (GUMI) (Feb.04.2011)
  47. "Plastic Loser" (Gackpo) (Mar.24.2011)
  48. "音魂ノ調べ (Otodama no Shirabe)" (Gackpo) (Apr.28.2011)
  49. "Set Me Free!" (Gachapoid, MEIKO) (May.21.2011)
  50. "Make up Love" (Album Crossfade) (Jun.01.2011)
  51. "Make up Love" (Album Crossfade) (Jun.01.2011)
  52. "Lovely Diva" (Album Crossfade) (MEIKO, Gackpo) (Jun.17.2011)
  53. "Make up Love" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Jun.24.2011)
  54. "In the Night!" (Luka) (Jul.09.2011)
  55. "Summer Bright" (Gackpo) (Jul.23.2011)
  56. "Luv & Venus!" (Gackpo) (Aug.19.2011)
  57. "Speed Up" (Gackpo, KAITO) (Sep.02.2011)
  58. "Too much Love" (Album Crossfade) (Oct.21.2011)
  59. "ユメノチカラ" (Mew) (Nov.08.2011)
  60. "Too much Love" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Dec.10.2011)
  61. "Let's hava a Party!" (MEIKO) (Mar.11.2012)
  62. "幸せのかけら" (MEIKO) (Jun.21.2012)
  63. "Dive into U" (Album Crossfade) (Jun.24.2012)
  64. "Chu♪Chu♪Chu♪" (MEIKO) (Jul.01.2012)
  65. "Break Up" (Gackpo V3 Power) (Jul.30.2012)
  66. "U-Suzumi" (Gachapoid, MEIKO) (Aug.31.2012)
  67. "Wild the Day" (Lily) (Sep.11.2012)
  68. "Dancing Love - V3 Remix - " (Gackpo, Lily) (Nov.10.2012)
  69. "End of Love" (Album Crossfade) (Dec.02.2012)
  70. "Too Late" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Dec.02.2012)
  71. "Hug and Dance" (Gackpo, KAITO V3) (Feb.22.2013)
  72. "Chu♪Chu♪Chu♪ - DIVA mix -" (MEIKO) (Apr.04.2013)
  73. "Secret Dance" (Gackpo) (Jun.23.2013)
  74. "Side Out" (Gackpo, MEIKO) (Jul.05.2013)
  75. "Let's play the Music!" (Album Crossfade) (Jul.20.2013)
  76. "My Love to You" (Gackpo) (Jul.05.2013)
  77. "Rising Summer" (ZOLA PROJECT) (Aug.16.2013)
  78. "Stay or Leave" (ZOLA PROJECT) (Sep.17.2013)
  79. "J.D.D.S" (Gackpo) (Oct.19.2013)
  80. "Truth and Lie" (MEIKO) (Nov.02.2013)
  81. "Power of the Beat" (Album Crossfade) (Apr.05.2014)
  82. "Power of the Beat" (Gackpo, MEIKO, KAITO, Lily) (Apr.05.2014)
  83. "Koi no Manimani" (Gackpo, MEIKO, Lily) (Oct.24.2015)
  84. "Tabun#Kareshi Imasen" (MEIKO) (Nov.04.2016)

Songs / Featured Works[]

Daydream Catcher

Uploaded 2009.03.16 Featuring Camui Gackpo, MEIKO
Music MineK Main article Daydream Catcher
Lyrics MineK
Video Toyu (illust)
First duet written by MineK and one of the most popular works.

Under the Blue

Uploaded 2009.04.16 Featuring Camui Gackpo, MEIKO
Music MineK Main article Under the Blue
Lyrics MineK
Video Toyu (illust)

Dancing Love

Uploaded 2010.07.28 Featuring Camui Gackpo, MEIKO
Music MineK Main article Dancing Love
Lyrics MineK
Video Toyu (illust), Kuppo2007 (movie)
One of the most popular works.

Set Me Free!

Uploaded 2011.05.22 Featuring MEIKO, Ryuto
Music MineK Main article Set Me Free!
Lyrics MineK
Video Miozaki
A MEIKO and Ryuto duet song.

ユメノチカラ (Yume no Chikara)

Uploaded 2011.11.08 Featuring Mew
Music MineK Main article ユメノチカラ (Yume no Chikara)
Lyrics MineK
Video Sutare (illust)


Uploaded 2012.07.01 Featuring MEIKO
Music MineK (music), Kagome-P (mastering) Main article Chu♪Chu♪Chu♪
Lyrics MineK
Video kkkfff


Uploaded 2012.08.31 Featuring Ryuto, MEIKO
Music MineK Main article U-Suzumi
Lyrics MineK
Video N (illust)

Give me your love tonight

Uploaded 2015.07.29 Featuring MEIKO
Music MineK Main article Give me your love tonight
Lyrics MineK


Title Lovely Diva
Dancing Love
Producer MineK MineK
Release Date July 29th 2009 May 9th 2010
Spirit and Love.jpg
Title Spirit and Love
too much Love
Producer MineK MineK
Release Date November 5th 2010 January 30th 2011
Title Dive into U
End of Love
Producer MineK MineK
Release Date July 8th 2012 November 15th 2012
Title Let's play the Music!
Power of the Beat.png
Power of the Beat
Producer MineK MineK
Release Date August 12th, 2013 April 26th, 2014
Koi no Manimani.png
Title Koi no Manimani    
Producer MineK  
Release Date November 14, 2015  

KARENT Singles[]

Title Feel so easily
MAMIMUMEMO Composition of Love
Producer MineK MineK
Release Date November 5th, 2009 June 26th, 2010
Title Summer Bright
Script Imager.jpg
Script Imager
Producer MineK MineK
Release Date July 29th, 2011 November 4th, 2011
Title Real Love Part2
Truth and Lie
Producer MineK MineK
Release Date November 5h, 2012 November 5th, 2013

Compilation Albums[]

  • White&Blue -Released: December 31, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: White&Blue, Christmas Night with Me)
  • Starry Bloom -Released: January 16, 2011
    (Song(s) featured: In the Night)
  • 暁 -AKA-TSUKI- -Released: July 08, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: Chu♪Chu♪Chu♪)
  • HaNaPoKo♨Labo -Released: August 11, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: Too much Love)
  • Night Groove 2 -Released: September 28, 2012
    (Song(s) featured: 恋に溺れて)
  • Night Groove 3 -Released: September 27, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: DancingMusicStar)