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Mirai Komachi (ミライ小町) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed by Bandai Namco Studio, Inc. and distributed by YAMAHA Corporation. She was released for the VOCALOID4 engine in May 2018.

Her voice provider has not been revealed.


According to Bandai Namco Studio's (BNS) English product page for her, Mirai Komachi was "originally developed to showcase and demo BANDAI NAMCO Studio’s game development technology and cutting-edge technological research".

Mirai Komachi is described as a futuristic idol aiming to bring happiness to people around the world with Bandai Namco Studio's (BNS) technology.

According to BNS's website, her favorite things include cats and carrots. It also lists her birthday as February 22.

In 2019, BANDAI NAMCO Studios, in collaboration with Manga Hack (マンガハック), started the Mirai Komachi-chan Support Project (ミライ小町ちゃん応援プロジェクト), a campaign centralised on Mirai Komachi and her companions involving the planning, comics and illustrations for Mirai Komachi's background "story". A total of three Grand Prix events were held throughout the year where users could submit illustrations, comics and character settings to be reviewed with prizes including monetary value and Mirai Komachi themed goods. [2][3] During this event Mirai Komachi was given some additional background information and introduced three companions alongside her . It was revealed that Mirai Komachi is a researcher working at BANDAI NAMCO who appeared out of smoke after an explosion from one of Hakase's failed experimants. [4]


Traditionally, a Japanese surname is written in kanji and placed before the forename. However, when introduced, 'Mirai' was listed first in katakana, making it ambiguous whether 'Mirai' was her forename or surname. There was speculation that her name was written in Western order, as Ring Suzune before her had been, since 'Komachi' is written in Kanji instead which would normally signal such a case. Both "Mirai" and "Komachi" are feminine given names, with neither being a Japanese surname further adding some confusion.

It was later confirmed that "Mirai Komachi" is a nickname for the character and "Mirai" is neither her surname nor her given name.[5]

The name was chosen by combining Mirai (未来), a personal name meaning "future", and Komachi (小町), a personal name which translates to "Beauty" according to BNS. This can be interpreted as "Future Beauty".

On her Japanese official page, she is referred to as "Komachi". On her English official page, she is referred to as "MiraiKomachi".


Mirai's design was a collaborative effort involving Bandai's Visual Arts Team. The design is that of a young woman with orange hair and green eyes. Her outfit's theme is white and consists of a sleeveless jacket, thigh boots, and gloves. The jacket's front incorporates the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment logo of yellow and red shapes to make an orange overlap.[6][7]

A famous pixel artist named Mr. Dotman created a walking sprite of the character as bonus content with purchase of the voicebank.[8]


For more on VOCALOID relationships, see the FAQ.

  • Q-56 - Robot created by Hakase and fellow companion to Mirai Komachi.
  • QC-RO - Robot created by Hakase and fellow companion to Mirai Komachi.
  • Hakase - Companion to Mirai Komachi and a doctor who is the director of the BANDAI NAMCO research institute.



Users of Mirai Komachi's character and vocals should read and agree to the usage guidelines seen on Bandai's website.

Mirai Komachi has an official 3D model that can be used for Unity and VRM compatible applications.

In August 2019, her likeness was used for a robotics project by Furhat.[9][10]


Mirai Komachi
A experimental female vocal not originally meant for commercial release. She is confirmed recorded with the new VOCALOID4 recording technique introduced in the engine by Noboru Murakami from Internet Co., Ltd., meaning that while she has sacrificed a bit of ease of use, her vocal has more traits from her provider captured. As a result, she does not behave the same as other VOCALOIDs of her voice typing. She is a cheerful and clean vocal with one of the largest tempo ranges resulting in her being able to be used for a variety of genres of music.
In 2021, a text-to-speech talk vocal was created for use.[11]

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Translation Metoronomu no uta
Mirai Komachi
Music:ヒャクブンノイチP (Hakubunnoichi-P) Lyrics:Hakubunnoichi-P & Yukky Ilust.: シオコ (Shioko)
Categories Original song
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Mirai Komachi
agohiza (cover), Risshuu (original), KatyTheSpark (VSQx)
Categories Cover song
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Translation RIP=RELEASE
Mirai Komachi
walter van der wolf
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Mirai Komachi
Categories Cover song
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  • She had the least amount of marketing or general knowledge on her of any consumer released Japanese VOCALOID, having almost no marketing and being known to exist only on the day of her release.
  • First VOCALOID from Bandai Namco Studio, Inc


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