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Series title
  • "ミスルトウシリーズ"
  • Mistletoe Series
Published July 10, 2015

The Mistletoe (ミスルトウ) series is composed by Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△, with illustrations by Suzunosuke. The PVs are made by TSO and VAVA. Yamashita Seiichirou first appeared as the narrator in the prologue song, Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi (Resting tree of the soul) and later in the novel's trailer.

Background Edit

Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi~, first uploaded on July 10, 2015 as the prologue to the series, and Mistletoe ~Tensei no Yadorigi~ are so far the only songs of the series. They are featured in Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△'s second major album Mistletoe ~Kamigami no Yadorigi~. Several videos to promote the album were uploaded, and it was finally released on September 30.

This series is set in a world where two kingdoms, GuiVermillon, ruled by the Scarlet Phoenix, and Blue Oak, ruled by the Bluebird, are in an endless dispute.

The Series Edit

ミスルトウ~魂の宿り木~ (Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi~)

Uploaded July 10, 2015 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ Main article ミスルトウ~魂の宿り木~ (Mistletoe ~Tamashii no Yadorigi~)
Lyrics Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△
Video Suzunosuke (illust), TSO and VAVA (video)
The prologue song to the series.

ミスルトウ~転生の宿り木~ (Mistletoe ~Tensei no Yadorigi~)

Uploaded October 29, 2015 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ Main article ミスルトウ~転生の宿り木~ (Mistletoe ~Tensei no Yadorigi~)
Lyrics Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△
Video Suzunosuke (illust), TSO and VAVA (video)
The second song of the series.

Characters Edit

Blue Oak Edit

  • Rin: Princess of the Bluebird
  • Miku: Queen of the Bluebird
  • Gumi: Maid
  • Luka: General, Queen Miku's mentor
  • Yuuma: Head of the Imperial Guards
  • Haku: Priestess of the Bluebird

Gui Vermillon Edit

  • Len: Prince of the Phoenix Order
  • Kaito: King of the Phoenix Order
  • Meiko: General
  • Gackupo: King Kaito's mentor

Viola Vischio Edit

  • Mizki: Guardian of the Oracle, Cardinal's mentor
  • Lily: Guardian of the Oracle, mercenary

Story Edit

Roughly 1000 years before now. The world was being governed by birds with the power of gods.

The place where the Kamidori (bird-gods) lived was a paradise in the heavens; Mistletoe. That is, it was an enormous lodging towering over the surrounding land.

The Kamidori kept and birthed the wishes and prayers of the earth’s humans in that lodging. Mankind’s first wishes were those of happiness. So, the gods harboring happiness birthed a bluebird. Thus, believing in the existence of these Kamidori, mankind offered up their prayers. Thereupon, at the mistletoe lodging, suddenly all the birds were assembled.

The Kamidori bestowed, upon the weaker beings living on the earth, their blessings and wishes in a form that had shape. The people called these wishes given form by the gods, “Elements.”

The Mistletoe tree was raised up and spread wide on the earth with “Human’s Piety towards the Gods” as nutrition. The lodging, from the very beginning, sucked up the pure wishes and delivered them to the Kamidori on the leaves in the far-off sky. The piety became food that kept the gods in existence. The Mistletoe tree, existing solely to tie together both humans and gods, continued the cycle of paradise beautifully.

Before long, time passed, the world’s population increased, and they welcomed an era of prosperity to the world. Receiving the various blessing from the gods, thirsting for even more “wishes”, unawares, mankind forgot its respect for the gods living in the heavens, and they became shamefully jealous and envious, and reached the point of wanting the power of the gods for themselves. The beautiful cycle of paradise began to crumble. Mankind stopped their faith, took weapons in hand, and began to reach their hands to the heavens. “God-hunting,” as it was called, widened the scope of mankind, and unfurled into a war between mankind and the gods.

In the face of the gods’ great power, mankind had no sort of technique at all.... and even that, they believed for only a brief time. At one point, the two most powerful gods in paradise had a breaking up. There was a trivial misunderstanding that had been born of their different ways of thinking, regarding the humans, and it further birthed a discord in their opinions on the existence of an interweaving world between gods and mankind.

The first bird of paradise, the bluebird who governed happiness, keeping faith that gods and humans could coexist, wished for a path of reconciliation. However, in regards to that wish, the scarlet phoenix who governed the endless cycle of destruction and rebirth raised an objection. The phoenix said, “It would be better if we were to completely destroy the humans that have come to despise the gods, and with their former purity, rebirth a new existence for all of them.” Both the quarreling birds, rejecting to concede to that option, began to doubt, persecute, and hate each other. In the meanwhile, the humans, who were steadily building their strength, began to defeat the weaker gods one by one. The Mistletoe tree had withered due to the drying up of mankind’s faith, and the birds, who had used it as food, began to weaken as well.

After a battle spanning a very long time, the birds who had lost the Mistletoe tree conceded defeat to the humans.

In this way, the Kamidori, along with paradise, fell to the corrupted earth. Having reduced the amount of Elements they had sent down to Earth, they had lost. The Kamidori’s souls gave up their human vessels, and now having fallen on the earth, they began to walk a new path. The influential leaders of the land all unanimously agreed eagerly that they should turn the gods who had become humans into companions of their own. By tying the gods’ blood to human royalty through mating, many kingdoms were born with the gods in the role of parents. Thus, the two birds who had discord... the grudge that had grown between the bluebird and the phoenix, still remaining after having fallen to the earth, caused them to split into two kingdoms: the kingdom of Blue Oak, ruled by the bluebird, and the kingdom of Guivermillion, ruled by the scarlet phoenix. Even after a thousand years, their dispute continues.

From the “Ancient Biography of the Kamidori,” in the records of the protector of oracles, Mentley.

Other Media Appearances Edit

A novel, written by Hitoshizuku-P with illustrations by Suzunosuke, was included with one of the Mistletoe ~Kamigami no Yadorigi~ album editions. A trial can be read in the Mistletoe page here.

Also, some editions include various products such as cards, a bookmark, sketches, posters, stickers, etc. These can be viewed in more detail in this site.

An upcoming sequel novel titled Mistletoe ~Yakusoku no Yadorigi~ is planned to be released in March 30, 2016 to be illustrated by Suzunosuke. [1] It will be the final installment to the series.

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