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The Mobile VOCALOID Editor is a mobile version of the VOCALOID4 software.


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Mobile VOCALOID Editor is designed for both the iPad and iPhone. It comes with VY1 "Lite" as standard. Demo songs are bundled with the app. It has an improved working environment compared to the old iVOCALOID app. The app offers "DYN", "PIT" and "VIB" and handles 16 tracks of data and is overall much easier to use then the previous iVOCALOID app. It can do 999 bars of music, but, in comparison to the full VOCALOID4 editor, cannot do GWL or XSY.[1][2]

Despite being easier to use than iVOCALOID, the input entries of the app may confuse those who are used to the normal VOCALOID4 method of importing data. Most functions can be used with one or two fingers and it is possible to draw parameter lines with a single finger. Compared also to iVOCALOID, it can do the full C2~G8 range of notes.

This version can be bought from the iTunes Website.[3]

Vers. 1.1 added Bluetooth support for the app so information could be sent via this format.

Ver 1.12.3 was released in Jan 2019.[4]

Ver 1.13.2 was released in March 2021.[5]


Additional voices are purchased via the app itself, each voice is sold separately.

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