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Ms.Constantine91 was a VOCALOID producer who made original songs with English VOCALOIDs until 2012. She was given the producer name Miss★Constantine-P (ミッス★コンスタンチンP). She produced her own UTAU voicebanks called Nonsenseloids. She is no longer active under this name.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
Fr@cture Big Al June 11, 2011 music, lyrics, PV
Nomad Prima August 17, 2011 music, lyrics, video
[nn][yt] "Once Before the Fall" Tonio September 20, 2011 music, lyrics
Over You. Sweet ANN October 12, 2011 music, lyrics, PV
[yt] "Standoff" Sweet ANN Jan 10, 2012 music, lyrics, art
Pitch Black Refrain Big Al February 18, 2012 music, lyrics, PV
[yt] "Ephesus" OLIVER August 14, 2012 music, lyrics, video